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G&G Custom Blowback M4 CQB-R Combat Machine AEG w/ Mock Suppressor (Package: Black / Rifle)

16 Customer Reviews

by Santiago A. on 02/23/2012
"This gun met all standards in being a great enough gun to not use a secondary on the field, had it for about 6 months now, nothing has gone wrong with it.

Pros :
Great ROF
Dependable Stock Magazine, [I bought another one for the sheer fact of having more bb's on my person]
Mock Silencer
Crane Stock_3
RIS Rails

Cons :
Overheats if continuously fired on auto
Mock Silencer came a tad loose in the box, but nothing a few twists couldn't fix

by michael N. on 11/05/2011
"TO start off with this gun is absolutely amazing, once you take it out of the box you know that you have made a great choice.

really good rate of fire......(use a 9.6 tenergy 1600 mah pack numchuck)
420 fps with point 2 using 25
comes wit crane sock
comes wit rail covers
comes wit free built in silencer
It is accurate just bye point 23 or 25
parts G&G armermant built bye evike i think....
Cool logos on both sides of the gun
Weighs like five pounds..

the onley con i have is it shoots way to hot for cqb im using it for out dorr feilds....its even to much for oudor feilds so you should bye point 25 or get a different spring...
by Nick P. on 09/07/2011
"When I first got this gun the only thing I could say was, "Yes."

This gun is amazing! Here's my Pros and Cons.

-Good accuracy
-Lightweight, good for additional RIS accessories
-Plenty of room on the rails
-Great fit, very ergonomic
-Very distinct look, great for impressions
-Good power
-Distinct blow-back, doesn't through off aim, makes sweet noise

-My mag which came stock didn't fit correctly, but I changed it out for a standard G&G mag and it looks great with the tan gun
-No sight (whatever)

This gun is great! I love the gun with a passion and I have TONS of guns. Some good attachments would be my personal favorite G&G Ergo grip and I think a Coyote tan 1 point sling. Tell you the truth, half the time I don't even need a sight on the gun to get my 7 kill-streak!

by maxwell e. on 08/16/2011
"This gun is very good gun I just bought it.

nice magazine
Sexy look
Very good abs plastic
Good fps
Not to heavy

The only thing I had a problem with was trying to get
the battery into the crane stock

Other than that this gun is a very good gun for the price and if
it does come back in stock it is worth buying :)
by stacie b. on 01/12/2011
"just baught this gun with about 100 dollars of upgrades, and shoots like its work 400$ for the base gun. INCREDIBLE GUN.

Great CQB look.
Great Range 100-150 feet right on the dot.
FPS(chronoed at 389 with .23) and rate of Fire is amazing with a matrix 3000, about 900-
1000 rpm!
nice ABS plastic, Metal internals, metal barrel, etc.
Silencer looks sick.
Overall 5/5 easy.

every gun has it, but mag wobble (almost unnoticeable)
by Derek L. on 01/08/2011
"Just got this gun and so far I love it. the look of it is awsome and I got alot of compliments on it. Fired great and accurate. So far everything about this gun is great, no cons.
by colin d. on 12/26/2010
"Just an over great gun in my opinion.

-great ROF
-comfortable stock
-looks cool
-Sweet blowback

-hard to find battery
by Rudy B. on 12/04/2010
"I got this rifle a couple months ago, and it is great! There is nothing wrong with it, except for the front of the gun(only in some places). It doesn't have an orange tip at the front. Also, the magazine that comes with it broke almost a week after I first used it. That is just a minor thing wrong with it though. For the price and the quality I would say go for it! It's the best airsoft rifle I have owned.
by Jacqueline H. on 11/05/2010
"This gun is amazing I just got it and it is running fine. Also it looks good. I would recommend this gun if you want a good working gun at a good price.

price :)

by connor w. on 10/07/2010
"This gun is amazing! I got it about a week ago and have played twice since and i have had no complaints about it so far, especially for the price. When it first came in something was wrong with it so I sent it back but it was most definitely worth the wait. They fixed it for free and refunded the shipping fast too!! I recommend this gun to everyone. The only thing that could really be done to this gun is a tighter inner barrel.

1. Feels great in your hand
2. Comes with upgrades (silencer and rails)
3. Crane Stock (could be a con depending on your preverance)
4. Good accuracy
5. Very good fps (a little much for CQB)

1. Crane Stock (could be a pro depending on your preverance)
2. Shoots a little hot for CQB
3. I had to send it back but I probably just got a lemon
by Christine k. on 09/23/2010
"i cant wait for this gun to come!! looked like a very good deal!, i will write a review when i get it
by Patrick C. on 09/23/2010
"Great gun. Amazing feel to it, VERY REALISTIC. When I got it, It didn't have an orange tip. Be warned, it does not come with a battery, Make sure you get the CORRECT battery, or it will not fit in the stock, you need the round double nun-chuck battery. I didn't get the right one, and while testing it, it hung out of the stock pipe, it pulled a wire from the motor, and now I have to get it fixed due to my own fault, So, Make sure to get the correct size battery.

Other than that, it was good. The gun doesn't come with sights either, but I really don't mind. The overall feel of the gun is remarkable, It has a beautiful realistic blow-back to it, and the stock is great, the back of the stock is rubberized, so it doesn't slip off your arm.

Just buy a red-dot scope, or iron sights for it, and you're good to go!

Overall I give it a 8/10.

8 being because it doesn't come with sights, or the battery; Other than that, it's a beautiful machine.

It's not full metal, but It's made from a very hard sturdy material; and it has a FULL rail system on the top, and bottom.

I'm getting a scope for it, and a new battery tomorrow, and also getting it fixed!

Get this gun! you may have to pay a bit extra for attachments and battery, but it's freakin' worth it!
by sean c. on 09/15/2010
"Please email me the answer!!!! At [email protected]
I want to know if I can upgrade this gun so it shoots 400-450 in I want it really high fps. Please email me at this website because I don't no how to see if you answers my question.

by Joshua B. on 08/21/2011
"I had boughten this gun a few months back. I was impressed with it. I had gotten a bit of people out with it. The range is acceptable, the FPS is good, but what really hit me was the Rate of Fire. I was quite dissapointed, I was thinking It would be high speed like my classic army AR-15. But, unfortunatly not. But it looked great, it was blowback, which i absolutley loved, and overall was just totally awesome. I could have upgraded the motor, but that would also require high speed gears too, and could break the gun if i did so. So i just left it the same.

Good FPS
Looked awesome
Preformance was great.
came with mock supressor which would be around 30+ $$

Rate of Fire wasn't all that great.

I give the gun 8/10 overall. Good gun. (:
I reccomend this gun to anybody, this was the second best gun i've used in a long time, besides a KWA.
by Kyle S. on 01/15/2011
"This gun isnt to bad for the price the ROF is decent and it comes with a pretty sweet RIS and mock silencer and the crane stock is nice and comfy but the downsides to it are the plastic hopup and the accuracy (but keep in mind its made for cqb) and i would rather have a metal body but thats just me. Overall i give the gun a 4 out of 5 because of the plastic hopup and the inaccuracy of it