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EMG Strike Industries Oppressor w/ Built-In ACETECH Blaster Rechargeable Tracer (Model: 14mm Negative / Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by CHAD M. on 12/23/2021
"This thing is awesome. Gurthier than I thought it would be, but looks great on rifles
by Corie B. on 12/03/2021
"I love this tracer muzzle device its amazing
by John Y. on 12/02/2021
"Another great tracer unit! It looks awesome on my Cybergun M249E2 SAW, plus the flames are really memerizeable when getting shot by it. The green tracer is extremely bright and lasts long enough until the bb hits something!
by Jerad P. on 11/08/2021
"this is my second tracer unit, my first was the brighter c , and this one is wayyy better. Muzzle flash is cool trace down field is strong quality unit.

Nice and bright
adds realism
looks like your shooting lazers
helps with your aim

gives away position easily
is huuuuge and would look stupid on some guns.
by William H. on 10/15/2021
"This is the first tracer unit I have ever owned, so I don't have any direct comparisons to other models, but I love the look of this unit and am very happy with it in general. The tracer unit ignites the bb's very well and is simple to use. It has three modes tracer only, tracer with muzzle flash, or muzzle flash only. It emits a bright orange led to imitate the muzzle flash, in the dark it looks cool. It is on the larger size and may not fit within your handguard due to the diameter, may require your barrel to slightly surpass the hand guard for fitment or need a barrel extension to reach beyond the handguard. I was pretty surprised though that even though the bb's are intensely lit when they leave the tracer unit their glow dies off very quickly! I am sure this actually has nothing to do with the tracer unit itself but what ever compound is used in the bb's to give them their glow. From the time they are fired to the time they hit the target and then the ground, by the time they have hit the ground they will have easily lost 85% of their glow! I tried putting some bb's under a very bright 9000 Lumen Olight flashlight as well as a laser to charge them and the effect was the same, very intense and quick die off of light emission! I was using some Biodegradable EMG tracer bb's. After firing in near dard or dark the bb's are still difficult to find and are dimly lit soon after firing. All in all though the unit looks great and works just as well, not the cheapest tracer unit, but one of the best looking in my opinion.
by Ian A. on 08/20/2021
"This was a lot bigger than I was expecting.

That's my only gripe with it, since it means that it won't fit some ARs with handguards that go a little over the threading. Would not fit my Ronin T10, but that's not what I got this for anyway. Fits very well on my LCT AK, and gives it an even more brutal look.

$90 is a lot to spend, but you get what you pay for.
by James F. on 08/02/2021
"Honest to God, probably the best money I've ever spent in airsoft. ACETECH really does make the best tracers and the blaster is no exception. The flash is amazing and attached to my VFC GBB MP5k it is mind blowing.

The exterior is extremely high quality and has great finish and trades.

Overall I can't see how this product could be any better.

by Robert L. on 08/18/2022
"It works. But the bbs dont glow for very long. I tried 2 different makes of bbs. Same result.