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Hakkotsu Iron Face Cheek / Mouth Protection for Airsoft / Paintball (Color: Black)

45 Customer Reviews

by Gino T. on 01/22/2018
"The Iron Face Mask was very good, as I had to cut in order to fit perfectly but al went well with it.
by Anthony L. on 10/30/2017
"I love this mask it's cool looking, it's functional, it doesnt make your goggles fog, and it fits with a fast helmet. The only the that suck is that it'll stop a bb from hitting your face but it hurts like a crazy if its close range.
by Russell G. on 05/25/2017
"This is what you want. If you've come here to buy a low profile mask, this is what you want. If you've come here because mesh looks bad, this is what you want. This goes great with a FAST helmet and googles, this is what you want.

This is what that cool kid wears at your field and you came here because you like it, this is what you want.

Only cons:
-When it comes out of the box it looks boxy, bend it a bit, put your FAST helmet straps under it, and your're good to go as it will round out over time.
-Is a bit short and opens up some chin exposure for those with rectangular faces.
-Puts some pressure on the bridge of your nose.

10/10, ladies and gents once again; THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT!
by Luke L. on 04/14/2017
"Great mask if you don't have the money or don't want a mesh mask.


Ventilation holes
Rubber inserts for comfort
Straps are adjustable for many heads
Very low-profile


Rubs against the ridge of your nose and around the ears without a balaclava

Buy this mask!
by Christopher B. on 12/19/2016
"Been running the Iron Face mask for 6 years now. If you want solid protection on a budget you have no better option, I've never had a BB slip past this mask. I wear this with a MICH 2001 and Wiley X goggles, I don't fog and they seal together completely like my head protection is one piece instead of 3.

-Can take hits from anything, at any range.
-Works well with your other head protection
-Can be modified easily using hair dryer and dremel if you need to change the fit or make it more breathable

by Ethan K. on 03/01/2016
"Great mask, it fits well, comes loose but easy to tighten.

Cool Style
Breathes Well
Fits Great
Holds but not much moisture

Holds but not much moisture
Not actual Iron.

I thought it was going to be made of some kind of metal but it didn't.

Overall the mask if perfect, keep a note of the mask is plastic but it is still worth buying. I got mine on sale for $15. If it still is for you, it won't be something you regret, you should buy it.
by Justin D. on 05/07/2014
"I LOVE this lower half! Other lower halves have many cons, and they are way bulkier/heavier. The Iron Face is COMFORTABLE! Everyone is saying that it "pushes down on nose", it doesn't do this for me, but if it did, nothing some foam can't solve! This half is a 10/10, do not hesitate to purchase!
by Patrick H. on 01/25/2013
"I have the tan version of this and absolutely love it. I have tried the wire mesh masks and always ended up with somebody else's. So I said enough is enough and bought this.
Helmet compatible ( I use a mich 2001 style helmet.)
Ability to use sights/optics

A piece of padding is falling off of mine (the glue stopped holding Krazy Glue fixed that though)
retains a lot, and I mean A LOT, of condensation.

Other than that I love this product. This is one of the most important investments you can make in airsoft, besides eye protection.
I give this a 12 out of 10.
by Emerson G. on 03/08/2012
"very good to have just put it on first then your goggles it would be a good idea to tighten it
out of all its the best cheap mask you can get
you cant even feel the bbs hit your face if you get shot on this
by Skyler B. on 10/25/2011
"I bought this mask awhile ago, and while it takes a little time for the looks to grow on you, it does its job very well. I used it in a skirmish the day after it arrived in the mail, and it deflected 3 powerful shots to the face that would have otherwise hurt pretty badly. The straps on mine are a little loose, and I still haven't figured out how to adjust them, but if you push them at a diagonal angle to the top of your head, the mask becomes more taut and comfortable.

Low Price
Breathes alright

Collects moisture from your breath
A tad loose
Doesn't cover your ears

by Susan N. on 06/08/2011
"This mask is amazing it fits perfect on the flakjags

Pros: Comfortable
good straps
stays on your head

Cons: Hard to breathe in but not that big of a deal
by Joshua C. on 06/01/2011
"This face mask is awesome!! Really light and flexible. Conforms to the face very nicely and after adjustment it does not interfere with shooting glasses. Great buy!!
by Justin R. on 05/26/2011
"i love this mask it completely protects you and allows you to get down on your gun to use iron sights and flexes it could be a little more comfortable but not an issue. The huge problem i have with this isnt a con with the mask but with jericho airsoft. if you are a minor you can not where any thing other that a full face mask. and they specifically say iron faces and full seal goggles are not allowed so the mask is great but be aware of stupid rules at different places
by Kyle B. on 03/22/2011
"If you are looking for some lower face protection for a low cost while providing maximum protection this is it. The straps on the goggles are fully adjustable and hold the adjusted lengths easily because of the two adjustment buckles on both the top and bottum strap. The area of the mask that rests on the nose has two relatively stiff pads for comfort that also create space to prevent the mask from rubbing too closely on the face. There are holes on and around the nose and mouth to allow circulation into the mask, but really the fact that the mask has some space between itself and the chin allows much more ventilation to come from below the mask.

To test the mask I used three different weapons at around 1-2 inches away from the mask while being worn by myself with another shooter assisting. The first item I used was a 520 FPS spring powered sniper rifle using .20g bbs. The second test I used a CA m15a4 on full auto shooting around 400 fps with .20g bbs. The final test I used a WE 1911 (chrono unknown) with .20g bbs. In all three tests the mask preformed perfectly, I barely even fealt a hit as well.

Great Protection
Easy to adjust for a snug fit
Keeps the fitting adjustments well
Solid Construction
Did not block line of site through optics like paintball style masks

Difficult at first to find the right way to wear with existing goggles (should try this product out with your goggles at home before first wear at the field to alleviate this)
Mask may be uncomfortable to those not used to wearing masks (yet again wearing this at home before the first use will alleviate this)
by Brandon K. on 03/05/2011
"First this mask is very good. For $12 its unbeatable. Very protective and comfortable for young kids also! (i am 13). Lets start out with some pros and cons:

Very protective
Durable plastic
easy to adjust (just pull the 2 buckles away from each other on top and bottom)
Barely feel anything when a 400 fps bb hits you from 50 ft away
Doesnt get bothered by your goggles

VERY HOT in summertime! (i live in florida)
When i got it it hurt the bridge of my nose but i put a peace of Dr. Scholls moleskin on it nd worked perfect

nothing other than that for $12 this mask is amazing! Buy Now!!!