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Systema M4-A1 MAX PTW Burst Professional Training Weapon.(3 Round Burst)

5 Customer Reviews

by Heidi D. on 09/24/2010
"This is the best gun I've ever handled. There are no words to describe the performance or feel of it. I know of real m4s that cost lower than this gun ($800 lower), so thats saying something

nothing to really say about it. add all the pros you have heard about a gun and thats this list.

really dug a hole in my wallet. Definitly worth it for me becuase I can replace that many very quickly, but for some other people in college or younger, this is not the gun for you
by Matthew B. on 09/29/2009
"Recommended by the U.S. ARMY Rangers for training purposes.
by donald n. on 02/18/2009
"This is a great AEG... the best in the world but i have had mine for several months and use .25 bbs for accuracy without problems. the instruction manual states to use .20s but seeing as this is just a better more well built electric gun and as it uses the same principles as a regular gun i cannot see why .20 bbs would provide any difference in longevity or performance
by nicholas r. on 01/10/2009
"airsoft feilds wil NOT allow an m150 cylinder (red) because fps is too high (near 500-550), and to fix it he got a m130 cylinder, which lowers the fps to about 400-430 (gold)...

Pros: full metal, 3 round dead accurate burst, bolt catch pops up when mag is emty, able to accomidate a rail interphase system (ris. primarily utg...), full metal internals, great color and textured paint.

Cons: not able to accomidate other aeg mags, big battery, hard to open upper receiver (requires a smack which could damage the locking mechanism), fires only .20g bbs (highly reccomend systema .20s), charging handle does not open dust cover, and hop up is inside the magwell but needs a tool to adjust...

Overall i would have to say; top of the line aeg, yet is actually compared by airsoft reatailers to be a tad bit less accurate than the KWA KM4S with a prometheus or mad bull tightbore barrel installed.

5/5 stars...No wonder the U.S army uses these as practice weapons... HOORAH!!!!!!!
by Ryan O. on 04/15/2010
"I've had mine for nearly a year, and I have mixed feelings about it. It's super accurate, has great range (even with the M110 cylinder), looks and feels great, and has an amazing trigger response. It also burned out the motor after about 4 months of heavy use, has to use magazines which jam and have magazine followers which pop out all the time. It's also 1500 dollars.

If you want the ferrari of airsoft guns this is it, but get ready to pay for it. It has features and realism you can't get in any other airsoft gun, but it isn't perfect.