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HFC M800 Fully Automatic Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol w/ Gun Case

10 Customer Reviews

by Seth H. on 04/23/2018
"Very comfortable to hold and shoot. that little curve at the top the grip really gives you a solid grasp of the gun. Trigger pull is long which is the only con I'd give this gun aside from it being a bit gas inefficient on full-auto but its clear that setting is mostly just for fun. I'm not even sure why this gun has full auto but it seems like all of HFC's beretta guns have the option. the m800 seems to be based off the Beretta 8000 series.

Definitely a good sidearm that is accurate enough for the distances you'd expect to use it at.
by George B. on 09/03/2009
"i bought this gun a while ago and ive had much fun with it

- rof
- fps
- sturdy build
- all metal(almost)
- easy take down

paint scratches off after a while but not a prob
after a long time of shooting my hop up bucking ripped

looking for a good gun at a great price? u found it

PS can anyone tell me where i cood find a new hop up bucking?!?!?!
by Jon F. on 02/01/2009
"i love this gun, i got it for my birth day, and godddd it kicks assets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i love the feel of it, blowback power, and of course the look of it! it's like a m9 except it's slicked and feels like holding a reall gun

Here's my orders to you,


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah that's right, you better do what i say

*****five stars all the way *****
by Susana T. on 01/08/2009
"just got this gun yesterday. ITS SO ****** COOL! i mean its shoots really hard even on automatic. i was suprised to see how fast the ROF was.

PROS. all metal (except the hand grip that has the web logo)
shoots hard
heavy weight
high ROF
good buy
comes with a durible gun case
and dont forget full auto!

CONS. saftey switch a little hard to move
not as much kick to it as you might think
small mag capacity ( might want to consider extra magazine)

over all its a good buy and a very fun, reliable, accurate little gun that is not to be underestimated by its size. good gun . recommend buying it when looking for a side arm.
by Jason B. on 12/26/2008
"This is my first gas blowback, so I wasn't sure what to expect... my only other gas gun is the KJW MK1, a non-blowback. I'm surprised, in several different ways. First off, It's pretty much full metal, apart from the grip cover. Just lifting the gun from the case surprised me. Second, it's very comfortable; the indent on the back of the grip makes the gun feel natural. Third, the blowback is nice, and it won't throw off your aim. Fourth - this is a negative - it eats up gas like there's no tomorrow. Using the same amount of gas that would let me fire 25+ shots with the MK1, I got 13 on full auto (I didn't do the suggested 3 seconds) with this. I will have to look into propane. Finally, the thing I like best about it is the easily-removable orange tip. It's threaded, and is the only way to have a silencer on it.
I love this gun, but am displeased with it being a gas guzzler. I'd recommend this to anyone with a decent supply of gas!
This gun is also called the HFC HG160, so type that in on Youtube for better reviews.
by Forest A. on 11/25/2008
"This is one of the best Gas Pistols i have ever fired and had the pleasure to own. It has a smooth action and is all metal. The grip feels great and sometimes you'll just hold because it feels so natural.
by Travis R. on 11/17/2008
"GREAT GBB PISTOL! Almost all metal, feels great in hand, selector switch locks in place very nice. Very good blowback feel. Great ROF for a pistol.


Selector Switch Locks Nicely In Place.
95% Metal
Nice Blowback
Insanely Accurate

None that I can think of...

I left out a lot of PROS and just for some extra info, it has a 14mm Anti-clockwise flash hider. It is removable.
by Warren F. on 08/19/2008
"great gun, awesome blow back, good feel, very reliable, fast good shooting, looks and feels great, great gun overall. Rating: 100/10
by Andy H. on 07/24/2008
"This gas pistol is nice! Very compact but fits great in your palm. Very ergonomic so the initial feel and look is top notch. If yo are looking for a full metal gas blowback that shoots full auto, this is one of the 3 available out there that is worth buying. (KWA G18C, HFC M9 and this).

The advantage of this over the other two model is it's compactness, it's uniqueness (the other two models are flooded) and if you like the cougar look, this is the one! You won't be disappointed.
by Joshua C. on 02/07/2013
"This is not the HFC M800! It is the off brand HG-160 by keymore! Owning the HFC before I thing Isn't such a bad thing because they are almost identical. The HFC's safety was very easy to switch and forget, meaning you have an issue if someone picks it up and pulls the trigger. The Keymore version of it has a safety that is more difficult to move making it secure! Out of the box shoots about 260 to 270 fps. If you are looking for a good gun for a good price this is it.

Secure Safety
Full Metal

Not the HFC model that you think you are ordering!