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Spare Pressure Switch for Airsoft Electric Winding Drum Magazines

5 Customer Reviews

by Ryan S. on 10/29/2018
"Got this for the box mag on my A&K M249 Mk2 after the sound control broke. This cheap and easy solution really saved my bacon. I would highly recommend buying this if you have a M249 box mag, A&K produced or not, even if the sound control still works. The sound control will almost certainly fail on u eventually, and its just better to have this ready to roll when it does, rather than being in the middle of a game and suddenly finding your super cool box mag just became a big green paperweight. I'm ordering a second switch just in case the first one breaks or gets lost.
by Gail H. on 09/13/2010
"Got this for my A&K M249 SAW PARA. There is a terminal for pressure switches in the botom of the SAW's box mag. It works very well allows me to control the winding better. If you want to, you can also drill a hole in the bottom-right corner of the plate that fits on the left side of the boxmag and feed the pressure switch in to it when your not using the mag. Just be carefull with the actual switch part because if you twist it too much then you might break the wireing. Over all very good purchase for box mags.

(also, it's 13 in. long)
by Matt J. on 07/11/2008
"Wish i knew about these sooner, my G36's mag well cracked and dropped my King Arms drum mag and snapped the wires right out of the pressure switch and broke the 3.5mm plug in half. Took the mag appart and wired it together in a jurry rigged way, but now I'll resolder everything back together and get this. Seems to be the exact same one as what comes with the KA one.
by John B. on 11/17/2020
"Overall good quality switch with a satisfying click-type pressure switch that gives you that crucial tactile confirmation when you press it. Solid, right angle plug so it tucks out of the way on the rail or box mag. Heat wrap housing around pressure switch, and solid feeling, larger diameter wire. No adhesive backed velcro strip included, so you'll have to get your own to mount the switch. Main gripe I have is that Evike's description states it works with the G&P GP959 PEQ laser, which it absolutely does not. Right diameter, but G&P switch has 3 contact points; this one has 2, and turns the PEQ on permanently the instant you plug it in. That was my reason for buying it, but if you're replacing your box mag switch, this is a quality item.
by John Harry H. on 09/18/2015
"Doesn't fit in my FMA peq15, but I can use it for something else. The actual pad part on my switch is smaller.