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Flip up Front Sight Tower for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles

8 Customer Reviews

by Chanwoo M. on 09/16/2020
"Its pretty hard to tuck it in in the first time, but when that happens, try using small tool to open up the hole a bit while pushing it in. I expected lower quality but it is actually much nicer that I thought it would be.
by Joseph H. on 10/03/2019
"Obtained this Front Sight Tower on Oct 6, 2019.
Initial impression: finish and colors are much nicer than the photos on the purchase page imply. The sling mount points are a lighter silver color which looks nice.
Installation: was simple enough given that it doesn't have to fit the screw holes of the barrel. It just tightens right on to the barrel instead. My Matrix M4 CQB's barrel was a tight fit. It reached a point where the Front Sight Tower wasn't going on any further but I eventually got it into place and tightened. It is deceptively sturdy and will be unlikely to turn out of alignment.
Verdict: I would recommend this item if you like having options with your AR. You can use the flip-up front sight or install another one directly onto the rail. It's really convenient. The price is fair.
by ruth m. on 02/18/2014
"I hate the triangle sights on m4s so i replaced it with this. This sight/ gas block is great i have a delta ring on my m4 so i needed a new gas block when i took off the triangle sight and this thimg works great its cheap and you get more than your money's worth.

easy installation
flip up

screws are a weaker metal and can be stripped easily ( as long as your not constantly screwing and unscrewing the screws you should be fine)

Great for the price go buy it!
by Darlene W. on 08/07/2013
"I think that this is a great front site / gas block. It can fold up and down, and when you fold it down, you also have a functional rail for any other front sight you may want to put on.

Sturdy quality
Folds down into a rail

A bit of a softer metal, so when you have to pound it on with a mallet, it dents (granted I should have used a rubber mallet instead of a metal one)
by tyler f. on 02/14/2013
"this thing is amazing it works with almost and m4/m16 its study looks brilliant and compliments a spec ops look

pros:sturdy,versatile,looks brilliant,easy installation

cons:none,none,none,and none
by Peter B. on 02/17/2012
"This front sight is perfect for what I needed! I had a free float rail system installed on my M16 so the standard front sight had to come off. I bought this sight and it works flawlessly with my carrying handle/rear sight. It's all metal and has a cool trademark on the front of it. Screws on with an allen key. If you're in a similar situation or you want an alternative to the standard m4/m16 front sight, get this one.
by Joshua A. on 04/19/2014
"So the sight is nice, doesnt have a actually locking mechanism to keep the sight in the up position which kinda sucks. Mine showed up without any mounting hardware so i hade to find some screws that would fit. It didnt fit on my g&p steel outer barrel so i had to file the inside of the sight down to get it to fit. Looks and works nice now that its on my barrel.
by Brent R. on 02/24/2012
"This is a cast sight and the finish is not great. The biggest issus is the poor hardware. First time I mounted the sight the screws stripped. Mixed overall opinion on this sight, the fact that is was only $20 is the only saving grace.