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Systema M4-A1 MAX PTW Professional Training Weapon.

6 Customer Reviews

by lyndon w. on 01/31/2010
"my firend has this gun oh god its sweet i want it but dont have the money dang
by mark j. on 03/26/2009
"aaaaaaawwwwome. this is an amazing weapon. it's so accurate to the real thing i get confused if i am playing airsoft or is this real. basically the best gun on any website and cheapest on evike. don't hold back press "add to cart" now!
by John L. on 02/05/2009
"Guys, guys, guys...the main purpose of this gun is it's a TRAINING weapon for military and law enforements. I'm not saying it's not for airsoft events or skrimish but there is no need to spend that much money. If you got money, great for you. Yeah, you'll be the only guy in the field with this gun and impress other players but when it breaks, don't think about crying. I rather get 15 Jing Gong AEGs at $100 each and abuse it to the max without having to worry so much. Airsoft is to about team work and your weapon is only a TOOL to help complete your objectives. For the new players, don't get too attached to your gun. Stick with less expensive high end AEGs like G&P, etc.

Overall, it still get 5 stars!
by Brandon N. on 01/27/2009
"This is a great buy! Love the realistic dimensions and its durability. There are a bunch of reported cases on the 08 MAX models of their guns chopping BBs, and the bodies of the guns breaking from being disassembled/opened too many times.

It is awesome! Buy it, and pimp it out with all the accessories
by jacob h. on 12/14/2008
by Davis B. on 06/16/2008
"The PTW is probably the one Airsoft gun with the best finish and reliable internals.

To keep it short, its "something else" because it is not really a Marui system. But it is no doubt a reliable, powerful and accurate Airsoft rifle.

The only problem with this gun is it's price and not having a hi-cap magazine. For certain applications these are not problems at all. In practical training 120 round is more than enough. But in a random Airsoft pick up game you will need a lot of magazine. Most large ops require only mid-cap nowadays.

All and all, if money is not an issue, this is the best Airsoft gun and it deserve the highest rating. The external finish on this gun is flawless.