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King Arms 47 Style 110rds Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG (Package: Single Magazine)

21 Customer Reviews

by Josh V. on 06/02/2019
"Efficient. Bought two of these, lost the cap to one of the springs but that was my fault. The other works just fine.
by Beaufort A. on 06/30/2017
"These will not fit in a Game Face AK, even with sanding. Neither will the M4-to-AK mag adapter, so the problem is probably Game Face's.
by Eddie S. on 08/22/2016
"No problems with these. They feed well but are sturdy and cheap
by Matthew P. on 03/20/2016
"Having these for about a year, I feel I can finally give it a good review.
First off, out of the box, you may have a slight disappointment. The mags are plastic/polymer/whatever isn't metal. Which is to be expected. But just how they are made, when tapped together, they make an absolutely annoying clacking sound, but, you learn to get over it. As for functionality, they work flawlessly, at least AFTER you break them in. During the breaking in process, you will have several feeding issues and what not, but again, is to be expected. The only long-term problem I have with them is the bbs will occasionally get stuck in the feeding tube, but that can be fixed by removing the spring and using duster gas or a long screwdriver to free the blockage.
As a sum up:
- work fantastically after you break them in
-fit in the mag well very well, if they don't, a file or electrical tape can fix that easily, depending if they aretoo big or too small
- hold almost exactly what they say they will, 110+- 5 rds
-virtually indestructible (trust me, after a year of use, none of them have a scratch)
- aesthetically pleasing, beyond a little shimmer in bright light
- bane-of-my-existence clacking sound, until I got used to it
- occasional jam inside mag, have yet to have one I couldn't fix in under 2 minutes
- the seam down the middle could be a deal breaker with those that get annoyed with that stuff

Overall, great buy, if I ever plan on getting another AK, I will definitely use these or get more.
by Anh H. on 02/08/2015
"These mags are good. I use them on my G&G combat machine RK-47 and it fits perfectly!!! It fits on snug and has no wobble when I put it in (also like it was made for my gun). It even works better than a full metal mag that came with my gun. They are also cheap but they do feel cheap.

feeds well for my gun
no wobble (again on my gun)
holds ~110 rds (I
by Natalya B. on 07/18/2014
"These mags are very good for the price.
Solid feel
Feeding well
Fit nice and snug.(E1 Red Star AK47)
Mid cap!

I really can't find one...
Buy one or go buy an M4.
by David W. on 04/07/2012
"Great mags they feed very well if you don't over fill them.

no rattle
110 rnd

Will jam if overloaded
by Beth Ann F. on 01/30/2010
"bbs nvr jam. fits most if not all aks and its a great price. all around good mag. buy it mike.
by Terry W. on 12/09/2008
"No they are not full metal, they are full plastic (not counting the spring obviously). Yes they do work in Echo1, TM, CYMA, and CA series Ak's, but DON'T work so well in VFC series Ak's. But with a little modification, you may be able to get them to work.

Mid cap mags
110 rounds a piece
5 per box
Great finish

Will work with most, but not all, Ak series AEG's

Other than that, no problems what so ever. BUY EM!
by donovan e. on 07/02/2008
"Yes they are and they work great but i'd recommend cleaning them with gun lube before you use them.
by Andrew E. on 08/20/2017
-Great quality
-Loads good
-No winding required

-Weird loading system
-Plastic, but it's pretty nice plastic
by Joseph R. on 05/16/2015
"Nice and reliable verses a hi-cap.

Solid out must be good!
Fits the ECHO-1 RPK!!!!!!!!!!

Not true 110 bbs, more like 80-100. I got different results in the three I bought.
Plastic block feeling, you tap them on each other it sounds like ice blocks or something.
The magazine spring port (do not turn it without compressing the button while turning or spring will fly out, learned the hard way first time noob. Recommend putting tape to keep it sealed)

You do not have this item lol
by Edmund C. on 11/18/2014
"These magazines are solidly built and easy to maintain.
I purchased these for use in my CYMA AKs. So far, I've been able to fit and feed these in Classic Army and Matrix as well.

I believe these magazines double-stack when loading, which has led to some feed issues in the past. Proper lubrication and a break-in period is highly recommended for new magazines.

Overall, highly recommended and worth the price. Snatch them up!

Light weight nearly universally compatible magazines for use in AK-47, -74, -100 to 105, and AKM pattern AEGs.

Internal design and possible double-stack feed system has led to frequent jamming in new, unlubricated magazines.
by will g. on 06/03/2014
"They work pretty good a few missfeeds here and there. It took awhile for them to get use to my cm035 but there alright.
by Aleksey Y. on 01/28/2014
"Took a bit of filing to latch properly into my DBoys RK05, but worked great after that. Fed without hiccups. Wish they made this in the AK-74 style though.