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SRC New Version Full Metal AK47 RPK AEG Rifle w/ Drum Magazine

8 Customer Reviews

by rob l. on 09/10/2009
"my friend has one of these and it preforms well enough to impress me. i was wondering though if the echo 1 super hi caps sold on this site will fit the gun and keep up with its rate of fire.
by Timothy P. on 03/08/2009
"What bbs do you guys reccomend for this gun. SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS. By the way, what type of battery would work well with this.

Webmaste: Highly recommend Matrix bb. They are the best bb in the market today in terms of quality and value. This AK I would recommend getting a 2300mah nun-chuck battery.
by christopher c. on 11/25/2008
"No dude you'r just a dush weebler. anyways back to topic..does anybody know about the airsoft rpk that's on sale here and what's the fps if I place a tanio kova twisthop barrel??I got 2 size 509's I got from redwolf since they'r the only ones to sell it and if you got any knoledge about this barrels would be cool.. hope I get some feedback so I can put it on my christmas list..

P.S:please be someone that owns one of these, and please dont need to know anything about real weapons since this item is not. peace
by Victor H. on 11/21/2008
"Ok time to clear things up

is a Light-machine gun based of the AK 74
Ak 74 based off AKM
AKM based of off AK

Then there is the AK 10x series like the AK104 and the AK108 which hardly anyone knows exists.
The AK 10x series came out in 1994, making it 30-50 years younger than the AK 47-RPK same time as the M4 carbine, it is just as old but less popular. idk y though I like them more

This is a machine gun, it is not a AK 47 with a long barrel
It is more like an AK 74 with a barrel length longer than a M16, This is pretty much a SAW

Don't challenge my AK knowledge It R Sup-ear-e-or

Anyway I am considering getting this, the VFC AK-105, or the G&G AK 104 EVO
by Kevin m. on 07/17/2008
"Technically a RPK is a long barrel AK with the RPK stock and bipod. So yes, a SVD can be easily converted into a RPK. However, you want to make sure you get the whole set of wood furniture at once so they all match up in tone / shade / finish.

If you don't already have a SVD, just buy this RPK, the SRC RPK is full metal and it is a very good deal, going to be much more affordable, simpler, more reliable than buying a SVD then converting it.
by jared w. on 10/02/2008
"no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not even try to convert it.first it'll cost you a ton of have to be sure the drum mag fits.if the guns spring its take you forever to unload 3000 rounds.either way you will get pissed off if you have to take off all the parts off you'll loose something.
by German P. on 01/20/2009
"Victor H.

The RPK is an AK-47 that has a longer barrel (RPK-47) or an AK-74 with a longer barrel (RPK-74)
There is no provision for barrel change so operators are trained to shoot in small bursts. It is not a Light Machinegun nor a SAW (which is defined as a weapon that can provide support using sustained fire) The RPK can be compared to the L86A2 Light Support weapon in that both don't have the provision for barrel change (thereby not being able to provide sustained fire) and that it can't use higher capacity magazine/drum magazines. Soviet Light machineguns are more in the league of the RPD.
by tyler b. on 11/13/2008
"how long is the inner barrel i would want to put in a tightbore and make it more accurate cause there is no way this shoots straight for more than one game.