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Cybergun SoftAir Licensed Full Metal MP40 Airsoft AEG Rifle

4 Customer Reviews

by Andrew G. on 01/22/2011
"I had this gun for about 2 years now. It still works great, the only thing is that the mag broke and the battery is now old and barely holds a charge. It would be wise to get 4 mags and a new battery. The battery is a small type 4.8v NIMH
Long Lasting
High Power
All Metal

comes without sling
goes through mags very fast
mags break over time
mags are expensive (18 bucks on evike)
battery starts to die after about 500 rounds, (I think its just cause my battery is old)

Conclusion: Well worth the price. I use it for ww2 reenacting and everyone thinks im carrying a real mpp40. Great gun, Great buy
by Kyle Y. on 12/29/2008
"This is a great piece. Most of the gun is constructed of well finished metal with the acception of the replica bakelite grip panels and sides. It has a good gearbox and is suprisingly accurate in both semi anf full. The underfolding stock could have been made a little better but functions as it should. It features a historically inaccurate selector switch and safety(they do not exist on the real steal). the only real downside to this beauitiful replica is the small battery, which really isnt a big deal, and that there are no aftermarket high capacity magazines available. Overall I am very pleased and was worth my money.
by Peter L. on 02/04/2010
"Currently I'm using this gun, now I didn't get it from evike mind you though.

The first thing I'll tell you is that get a new battery, seriously it sucks, the first game I used it in, my battery died after about an hour and a half and my charger was a complete no go later on. Get a 9.4 volt and you're good to go.

Another thing is that since TOP doesn't make the high caps for this baby you'll have to lug around ammo. 55 rounds a mag is ok but you'll waste ammo in no time. I'm using seven mags at the moment but that's because I have to pouch for them. I'd recommend carrying about three as it'll last a pretty good amount of time unless you spray.

I've had a few jams here and there but nothing big, just take the magazine out and put it back in no prob.

But here's a quick overview

-Pretty good fps, gets about 320-340ish for me
-Actually rather accurate, I have a thompson but it's rubbish at hitting anything
-Feels great, looks great
-reliable to a degree
-Hits pretty good for a smg, not as good as thompson but at least the mp40 can hit anything

-Jams sometimes if not cleaned well(I haven't cleaned the gearbox yet so maybe it's just me)
-flimsy butt piece, it's meant to be so
-low mags

Overall though it's a good gun, I use a WW2 german kit so I usually run this or the MP44, sometimes both. A good gun if you like collecting, though you can't go wrong with the AGM model, I just hated the all black look on the agm model so I got the cybergun one here.

Oh and by the way the agm clips work fine for this baby, don't bother buying the cybergun clips as they are rather pricy...and I though the d-boys kar98k shells were a rip off lol.
by keelan h. on 04/24/2010
"Hey I bought this gun a while ago and it is OK.

Looks great!
Full metal
still has not broke (i am very abusive)
OK rof

hard to find mags (not very populouse)
No hicaps
weak wobboly stock
BAD FPS! (its like 320 on mine (stock) )
Semi weak internals

you can find better if you look hard!