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USMC Style C.I.R.A.S. Type Force Recon Tactical Vest (Color: OD Green)

106 Customer Reviews

by Marcus S. on 06/03/2020
"Since it is not discussed anywhere I wanted to inform potential buyers about the size option for this PC.
I am a big guy. 6’4” and 340lbs. Chest size is 56” and gut it 52”.
This fits me well and I would say that chest-wise it will probably cover a 60” circumference chest with the cummerbund attaching acceptably. The inner stretching band will NOT fit around anyone past...I would guesstimate 40” of gut circumference, but can just be tucked away on the back part of the PC.

One negative I found is that the MOLLE webbing is not as wide on the outermost strip in some areas, leading to a hard time using some of the outer MOLLE strips with a standard pouch, mag, etc.
by William K. on 05/02/2020
"This is a very good best for the price, though I've only used it twice both times were for very intense Milsim games. I will provide updates to this review as I continue using it but thus far it's great.
by Payton K. on 08/26/2019
"I have had this rig for about a year and I have moved just about everything off to something new accept for the main rig by now and Id say its a solid buy for anyone looking for a style like this. It's very easy to put on and is just fun to have.

- Very nice out adjustable it is, most vests with airsoft you can't usually adjust them to your liking and you can do that with this.
- Great deal for its price, seriously, you get 5 double stack m4 mag pouches, a large radio pouch, a general utility pouch, 2 mag pouches that can fit 40mm shells, and a 2 slot admin pouch. This would normally run you 150+ on any other vest.
- Plenty of space on the back of it for farther modding.

- Even though you can stack 2 M4 mags into one of the pouches it is a REALLY tight fit. That being said the standard m4 mag is about the only mag you can double stack in them. Any other m4 mag that is any bigger won't fit and will most likely rip if you try and force it.
- The stitching is kinda weak so after about a years use, the threading will start to break and fall out. This really isn't an issue though because by the time its happened you will either have gotten a better vest or bought new pouches. This really only happens to the pouches though and the vest is really sturdy.
- The general use pouch is not the best, the zippers are weak and I would highly ill-advise that you try and stuff it to the max with items, it would most likely break the pouch.

The cons seam pretty strong but they really aren't that bad for the price. 8.5/10 would recommend.
by Ian F. on 05/05/2019
- Feels solid, high quality materials
- Fits well on me (I'm a relatively bigger guy at 5'11", 255lbs), comfortable
- Looks great.
- Lots of room for more MOLLE pouches, especially if you're a GBB player like me and you need more mag pouches (30rnds)
- Interfaces well with my Condor hydration pack and pouches
- The included radio pouch fits a dummy radio /radio case perfectly.

- Not a big problem, but the pouches come attached very loosely. I imagine this is a feature so that you can reorient them however you want easily, but it means you will have to spend some time reattaching all the MOLLE pouches before you try it out on the field.
- The tan color is a bit misleading – it is far closer to coyote brown, which is perfect for me since all my other gear matches well with it.
- The mag pouches are advertised as doubles, but I am having a hard time fitting two mags in at a time. This may change as I wear it more and the material loosens up a bit, but for now (after having it for about a month), I am only running one M4 style mag per pouch.
by Josh M. on 02/13/2019
"Received this yesterday. At first glance, i liked what i saw. Color definitely isnt tan though. 100% coyote brown. Which isn’t a big deal at all. Quality is nice. Though theres some sharp pieces inside of the vest that scratched me slightly. So id suggest checking all of the stitching/fabric inside for anything sharp. Fit perfectly out of the box without any adjustments. (6’0 230lbs). Vest has some weight to it without anything packed into it which i really liked. Mag pouches are advertised as double mag pouches which isnt the case. I was only able to fit 1 mag (Evike brand BAMF mid caps) in each one. Maybe after wearing in some 2 will be able to fit. And speaking of pouches. They come very loosely attached. Be sure to remove and reattach properly. Overall, im really satisfied with this vest.
by Roger H. on 10/17/2018
"This is a 4 year review of the item. I have two. One in woodland and one in coyote.

- stood strong after years of use. Running through sagebrush, rolling down hill, and just over all use in socal.
- the stitching has held up on it's own after years of use
- will serve you right if taken care of
- plenty of molle space. You can even secure a battle belt to it for even more space if needed.
-the pouches that are included will last just as long.
- easy to adjust.
- can fit a variety of plates. Real, foam, or hard.

- the m4 pouches do need to be stretched to fit two gi mags.
- some vest may have frayed stitching, if so send it back for another or sew it right with kevlar thread.

Overall this best has served me through hundreds of games and has not failed me yet. To be honest almost as good as my real vest.
by Matthew B. on 07/22/2018
"This is my second review for this vest as I just bought a second one! Yes, this plate carrier is so good that I ordered a Tan one for my new multicam loadout. Not much has changed, however after owning this vest in Marpat(digital woodland) for a few years now I feel that another and more descriptive review is necessary.

I recently decided on doing a new multicam loadout where multicam is needed, like Milsim West. I knew I wanted a tan plate carrier to along with it. I shopped and shopped and kept coming back to this vest. So I just went ahead and bought a second one. And once again I am more than satisfied. The amount of adjustability and customization you can add to this vest is awesome. It comes with a decent amount of pouches for a beginner for a basic loadout. But I currently run mine with a Viper Tactical modular backpack, milsim west baofeng uv5r radio pouch, a condor dump pouch and the admin pouch, 6x mag pouch, and the general purpose pouch that came with the vest. And there is still a lot more MOLLE real estate to add more if I wanted. This vest just rocks in every way.

I have read some reviews about the mag pouches not truly holding 2 mags. It is a tight fit, but I can carry 2 mags in each pouch. Just easily force them in there and let it sit for a little while in between game plan it stretches them out just fine. All of the MOLLE spacing was once again spot on with this vest.

-MOLLE everywhere
-comes with good pouched right out of the bag
-easily customizable to make it you own and different
-good weight, not to heavy or too light. (differs depending on your loadout)

-Adjusting the size can be a bit of a pain
-You don't have one, seriously buy this thing!

by kohen r. on 04/05/2018
"Very comfortable and a lot of storage.

5 m4 magazine pouches and 2 pistol mag pouches
medkit pouch
radio pouch
velcro spaces for patches
lots of molle space

Difficult to adjust

I run an ak and the pouches can fit an ak mag but it's pretty snug. Over time as it gets stretched out i'm fairly certain it can fit 2 ak mags in one pouch.
by pierce r. on 03/16/2018
"Love this thang grate product buy it now
by Jake B. on 09/14/2017
"plate carrier is great. saves time and money considering how many pouches it comes with. its highly adjustable for many sizes. my only complaint is some of the buttons where the mag pouches are get unclipped but only sometimes, that and every now and then you will get a random string to pull out but its never a big deal. overall if you dont feel like searching for what pouches to put on your rig and you want a plate carrier then get this one mine lasted a year and a half so far and still is sturdy.
by Patrick D. on 07/09/2017
"i have ran this carrier for 2 years now and it is still holding strong. i run a Lm4 with 5 mags in it and 3 pistol mags all at the same time. why i'm saying that is because the mags are heave and the molly has not pulled a stitch. on top of it i'm dropping to the dirt really quickly. all in all 10/10
by Aiden A. on 05/29/2017
"I bought one awhile back and even put Level 3 plates in it and it holds just fine. Amazing quality and easy to put on and adjust.
by Vance S. on 05/26/2017
"You can't beat this for the money. I liked the quality - good and heavy . Looks great and ships fast.
by Laura B. on 03/23/2017
"This vest fits for me, but otherwise if you can fit medium to large you'll probably enjoy it. Stuff like this can be very expensive on other sites. It doesn't weigh that much either.
by Keith K. on 03/20/2017
"Bought this vest set up so I could start air soft. Has room for your mags and pistol clips, medical supplies and CAT. After slight adjustments it fit fine. Would recommend to anyone.