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Guarder Aluminum Slide for Tokyo Marui, WE, KJW HI-CAPA 4.3 Series Airsoft GBB (INFINITY)

4 Customer Reviews

by Ryan P. on 09/02/2018
"Very high quality.
The finish is very matte, but doesnt contrast very much from the "satin" finish of the Marui frame.

Everything dropped right in and fits well.

Only problem i ran into was when i would fully tighten the rear sight screw the loading nozzle will get stuck in the retracted position. My solution was to apply blue loctite to the screw and not tighten all the way.

Follow the instructions provided and you should have no issues!
by Brendan L. on 03/19/2017
"I bought this slide for my tm 4.3 expecting some sort of fitment required. To my surprise there was actually none. The only con is that the blowback unit fits very tight inside and does not "drop in" - you need to push hard to get it in and to remove it again you need to knock it out from the top of the slide. I tried both the stock tm blowback unit and a uac lightweight blowback unit and they both fit tightly. The rear sight dropped in perfectly and the front sight obviously required some sanding like all aftermarket slides. I have previously owned "higher quality" airsoft masterpiece slides but for the $75 price point guarder is not a bad choice. The slide fits perfectly on the rails with little to no wobble and has a nice matte black finish.
by Ty C. on 11/30/2016
"This slide fit my KJW kp05 without any modification, the fit is near perfect with very little play. It did not fit on my WE MEU however (the rails on the we were too wide and a little tall).

Blow back units require modification to fit (thus the four star rating)
Also rear sight did not swap over from my KJW, which may be something to consider if youre going to buy this.

Very satisfied with my purchase.
Would recommend to people with KJW hi capas
(so long as they have the skillset to modify their blow back unit and modify their rear sight)
by Josh M. on 07/14/2016
"Just got this on and shot it.
Before I begin: I do know that guarder slides require fitment unlike some other brands, and because of that I knew what I was getting into before buying it and so will not take stars away.
I know this slide will not crack, so I'm doing an immediate review upon a first shooting/fitment.
All shooting was done with a tokyo marui 4.3 magazine, using propane and charged for about 4-6 seconds.
Finish:matte black, flat finish and feels amazing, exactly what I was hoping for.
Weight: pretty darn light, when I was doing some test shots my gas consumption was little to no change when seeing how much shots I could get.
Fitment: immediately upon receiving I slid it back and forth no problem without a blowback housing (BBU). However when I did put my BBU (stock tokyo marui) is when the problems began. Whether it was just mine or for all 4.3's I didn't have the part that needed to be cut off. You may want to lightly file the inside of the slide, and then file the bottom left of the BBU (if looked at with the front of the BBU facing away from you) with that being said, when I put the slide with the BBU on immediately I had a fitment problem. I instead jammed it on a few times, and what you'll need to do is lightly file the outer parts of the rails on your lower frame (at least that's where mine was making contact) or just keep racking it and eventually it will loosen up.
Mine still is a bit stiff, but when fired it does not affect shooting performance and will probably work itself out.
Sight fitment: due to my BBU's screw being stripped I did not put my sight on, I did try to fit it on anyway for the sake of this review.
I'm not sure if I was doing it wrong, but it's almost impossible to fit the rear sight inside. As for the front, it is easy but you may just need a little force. I was able to fit it in with both of thumbs pushing on the sight.
Recoil:a lot more than my plastic slide, of course. My arm actually flinches a bit with this slide, but I'm also using a atronger spring that basically short strokes the gun.
Overall virdict: if you have worked on pistols before, or have a lot of patients to take apart, file, put it back together, repeat. Know how to fit sights correctly, and want a beautiful slide and don't mind doing a bit of work. I highly recommend this slide for your 4.3.
I only took a star away because I did have BBU fitment issues, which I did not expect to happen and is why I warned of it in my review.