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AK SKS Type Real Steel Two Point Tactical Rifle Sling ( AK SKS M4 MP5 )

9 Customer Reviews

by Austin M. on 07/14/2015
"This sling is both cheap and good. The leather rings are not the most sturdy, but as long as you're not trying to hold an lmg they're fine. It's very close to world war/ post war soviet sings. It should last awhile if you take care of it.
by Tony B. on 04/21/2014
"Sorry for bad english, I am of russia.

Sling work good on gun with sling holder of rectangle shape.
Leather part is not high quality but is AK quality, will last cold war and half.
Fabric is good.
Buttons are making me of nervous, but hold tight on gun like putin and soviet union.
Button make of break but is easy replace.

Get sling, fight fascists.
by Khalil A. on 10/25/2016
"I bought this sling before an Op A while ago because I just got a new folding stock AK and I am a sucker for more vintage equipment. The webbing sling itself is of great quality but the pins that held the sling endswere cheap and broke off. However when I got home I simply put some nuts, bolts, and washer though it and it worked just fine through man other games.

*Has that good, old school look
*Fits most AKs and SVDs

*Pins are cheap pot metal but can be replaced and easily fixed
by Ian B. on 10/05/2013
Looks very old style and cool

Hard to connect
Broke for me because button on it fell off, crashing my gun to the floor
The buttons that hold the sling together are crap
by Alex E. on 01/17/2009
"I like this sling, alot. I bought it with my E1 AK-74u. It fits nicely to the rear sling mount, and keeps it from making too much noise when banging against the metal stock. However, it cannot fit to the front sling mount. So I had to take a part from another sling I had lying around and attach the Russian sling using that. It works, but it no longer looks 100% Russian. However, the green is a nice, dark, green, and the leather is solid. It is a bit of a pain to take on and off, but I think it will get easier after the leather wears in a bit. It looks very authentic, with the exception of the part that is used to attach the front of the sling. I plan on buying another part so that I can attach this sling directly to the front sling mount. Great buy, you cant go wrong for only $10.
by Gabriel G. on 07/12/2015
"I don't if its just the one I got or if I'm doing something wrong but this sling was terrible. I put it on my AK and the green "screws" that hold it together came apart. I screwed the pieces back together and it held together for a while until I was in the middle of a game and had found that the screws had once again come undone. I found one half but lost the other and i'm working on finding a solution. My advice would be to put some loctite on it. Otherwise the sling does its job well if you want to carry your rifle over the shoulder.
by Mac O. on 03/29/2015
"I've always run Ak platform weapons and used to buy surplus slings all the time. I figured I would try this aftermarket sling from Evike since it was only $10.00. It was not quite what I thought it was going to be. The canvas sling is great and comparable to the military surplus slings, however the leather mounting loops are very thin and I am hesitant to use them to support my rifle. You have a feeling that if you move wrong that the leather loops would simply tear apart. Still for $10.00 it's not bad. I replaces my leather loops and it works fine. In addition the sling is not very long. If you are a larger player or wear a lot of gear keep in mind that it may be awkward to sling across your body.

-Cost effective
-Sturdy canvas

-Weak leather loops
-Can be too short for some players
by Tyler F. on 06/10/2017
"I bought this sling and it broke the second time I used it in a game. Not very reliable.
by Dylan N. on 06/07/2016
"This sling is very poorly made. Two of these broke at a milsim event carrying my smallest AK. The buttons that held the leather together snapped in half. I'd recommend getting a different sling for any weapon that weighs more than four pounds.