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ICS Full Metal 450rd Hi-CAP Magazine For M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG

6 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas m. on 03/11/2010
"I'll try to keep this short

it works
450ronds!! its about 3/4" longer then 300round mags(your probably only gonna notice the diff on a L85)
no feeding problems
strong(drop it on the road and did not put a scratch on it)
ics trade marks on bottom
fast and smooth winding
has nice pinch welds on the seems(adds to look)
probably already put 10,000 rounds through it and held up very nicely, i wish my jg m733 would have done the same
had the mag for about a year now

very minor wobble, just about all airsoft mags do so no real cons
by Michael J. on 11/09/2008
"I winded this magazine all the way and it can fire 300+ rounds before I need to rewind again! Nice!! Get it! Probably the best M4 hi-cap out there!
by Nicholas m. on 06/23/2008
"I got this mag a month ago and I haven't ran into any problems yet, Iíve gone through at less 2,000 bbs though the mag and I had no jams. I dropped it once on the road and it didn't even scratch it. The mag is a little longer then regular mags but you wonít notice the difference once you put it in your gun. On the bottom of the mag it says ICS then a serial number CAL.6MM and so on. Over all this is a great mag I would recommend it to anyone who like to spray or just shot a lot and donít want a big bulky c-mag or drum mag.
by William m. on 05/18/2008
"This is probably the best mag I have ever owned. It feeds tremendously well and winds quickly. I would recommend this mag to any M4/M16 user it is well worth the $32. this mag also works great on the Tokyo Marui Type 89. If you are looking for a new high cap mag you really should buy this one.
by Brendan V. on 03/05/2009
"Bought four of these mags, 1 of them, the teeth on the feederwheel had broken off and has a hard time feeding now and the other one has a slightly hard time going in but as time is passing it is getting easier and easier to got in. No mags will ever fit your gun better than OEM mags in other words, if your gun is an echo1, buy echo1 mags, same for Systema, G&G and every other brand. Id buy them again. recomended Buy It, Shoot It, Love It!
by Andrew R. on 05/28/2008
"I recieved two of these mags with my ICS gun and they don't feed unless i hold the mag in. However they work great in my JG M16