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Matrix Match Grade 6mm Glow-in-the-Dark Airsoft Tracer BB (Model: 0.12g Green 1000rds)

33 Customer Reviews

by Scott M. on 01/19/2021
"Great tracer and match grade, use these for all my long shots now. Highly recommend
by Jeffrey M. on 12/08/2020
"Nice and bright quality bbs.
by Jeffrey M. on 12/08/2020
"Great tracer bbs. Nice and bright.
by Zander A. on 07/28/2020
"Great tracer bbs. The red is not as bright as the green but thats ok because they still work
by Felipe E. on 08/03/2018
"I haven't used any other brand of tracer bbs but man these things fly straight and fast out of my KWA RM4a1 hopped for. 030 gram bbs and they stay luminescent for a long time about 2 minuets by my calculations, not bright but dim but bright enough that you can see them on the ground at night after being shot. They are very bright coming out of the at1000 I have they are visible all the way through the flight path of the bb even after they drop off.
by Edmund O. on 03/12/2018
"Astoundingly wonderful bb's that shoot straight and appear a lot brighter than their Blaster counterparts. No jams or issues whatsoever in conjunction with an Acetech tracer unit and definitely gives me confidence in a game with any weapon. Highly recommended for any CQB game.
by richard c. on 09/27/2017
"better then the Valken. I noticed only 1/3 of my valken bb would glow, so I asked my local shop to order these for me. Ran them thru my G & G tracer unit, and booom. Perfect. Light up nice and bright. 100% of the BB. Felt pretty good and shot well as well. For some reason I squeeze all my BB with pliers before using, and they held up same as Elite Force tracer if not better.

I recommend these for tracers. Great product.
by Victor N. on 08/02/2017
"Great "OTHER COLOR" in additional to the green! Me and my group had a night game, semi-automatic, with these bbs being the sole way of distinguishing which side you are on and boy it was awesome!!

The green tracers are brighter than the red, but there are definitely pro and con to both. I can't wait for Matrix to release blue color tracers!!
by Jack M. on 09/19/2016
"Of all the different brands of tracer BB's I've had the best experience with Matrix. They feed great, they have a nice smooth finish. They fly straight, and they are definitely the brightest tracer I have ever used. They show up great on camera
by Brett T. on 12/18/2014
"The Good:
It actually comes out as a pretty bright red/orange, and has a pretty consistent flight path. I haven't had any issues with these BBs so far.

The Bad:

The Ugly:
They shatter on impact normally. To me that doesn't scream high quality. I wish Evike sold a Heavier weight bb.
by Daniel C. on 06/01/2014
"Bought these along with the Eagle Force tracer unit. They worked great. We play in an old school house that is now a makeshift CQB field with lots of dark rooms. They light up a decent area around them as they travel as well. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with how well these turned out.
by Robert N. on 01/30/2014
"These tracer BBs are great. They are beautiful at night. I have not tested them in the day time yet. During night they are a very bright red/orange color, and I can see them from an acre away. I prefer seeing this color over green. Red is my personal taste. I have always seen real tracer rounds in that color so that was the cause of my decision to get Red. Although I did not fire them yet in day light I did drop a few through my Xcortech tracer silencer and they showed up pretty bright. Exactly how far they would remain visible under the same conditions I do not know. In conclusion I like what I am seeing in low light-night environments.
by peter b. on 03/09/2011
"ordered these bb's, when i got them my first impression was,.............. WOW! they were very very good quality get them!
by Eric T. on 08/20/2010
"Bright Tracers!

0.12g: you mix these with your regular bbs for cost efficient
0.20g: for 350 FPS and under.
0.25g: for 350 FPS and more.

I fire these using the Matrix tracer unit and it is super cool, something you must try.

Besides the light show, tracer units are used by real military units for tactical advantages.

It allows you to see where you are shooting in the dark / at night. (For this purpose, mix 30% tracer rounds with your regular bb.)
by Hong L. on 06/01/2009
"Perfect diameter
Perfect smooth finish
Geat accuracy
Never Jam in my tight bore barrels!
Great Price!

Matrix bb is the way to go!