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EMG Helios Angstadt Arms UDP-9 Pistol Caliber Carbine G3 AEG (Color: Black / 10.5")

8 Customer Reviews

by David S. on 08/07/2022
"By far my favorite gun, the small mags don't matter when you beam every shot on point. I have a can on mine and it's whisper quite, Noone knew it was coming. Distance is great
by David S. on 06/26/2022
"Great compact size, absolutely spews with an 11.1 titan. Got this in a box of awesomeness and it's my new go to, replacing my aps m4. Shoots straight and I can't say it enough, fast. I run a g&g arp9 drum mag with electrical tape and it works pretty well, small tap here and there to reseat it and your gtg. Heavier than you would think looking at it, but it's a comfortable weight of quality.could use a buffer tube extension tho titans are a tad long for the end cap to go on
by Jameson M. on 05/13/2022
"This replica is a very nice addition to any collection. It’s hefty but easily maneuverable. Chrono’d at around 390 out of the box with a 3-4 fps change between shots. Very snappy trigger responses on 11.1v 1100 batteries. These are a tight fit but go in with out much trouble. Wired to deans T connector the battery cap can be a bit of a pain but once you work it a bit it comes off and on easily. The only problem I had was the stock screw (exactly the same format at a M4 buffer tube set up) loosened and the QD spring guide popped and launched everything off the back end. When you unbox it make sure to check the guide and screw is seated correctly. Still giving it 5 stars.
by Mason R. on 07/27/2021
"This AEG performs very well, if you are in the market for a PCC I highly recommend this!
by Matt A. on 07/20/2021
"This gun rips definitely hits 30.2 rps out of the box on 11.1 lipo
by Kevin L. on 06/30/2021
"Keep in mind that I'm a fairly amateur player, I own and maintain a few airsoft guns so this is from my perspective.

The gun is great, its durable and light because its aluminum all around. It fires fantastic, better than any guns I have ever owned. It shoots pretty good w the included .23g, clocking at 370~fps (.25g at 390~). The polymer grip feels great, its very sturdy and got this texture that grips nicely. The hop up is easily accessible like typical in M4 platforms, and adjustable with the wheel. The charging handle doesn't lock back unfortunately. Ambidextrous fire modes are easy to switch around. The battery compartment is very easy to access, simply by pressing the flushed button and removing the cap on the back of the stock. Speaking of the stock, its not for everyone, but I find it comfortable for myself. It is very slim and designed for mostly for CQ fights. The magazine is straight up plastic, but very light, which can be a good thing for long term travel. However, these are mid caps so they won't hold up many BBs. In fact, loading them are a pain in the rear. There's no quick way to load BBs unless you have a speed loader. Other than that, they feed very well.

The whole rest of the package comes great with the Evike 32" bag that can hold two guns, and enough accessories for them. I can fit nearly everything I needed in the bag. It feels great and the fabric doesn't feel cheap. The batteries included are great too, the charger was able to charge them extremely quick. The package does come with 2 additional mags so its nice that they're included. Finally, the Red Dot, its decent and will get you by.

Brief List
-Gun is impressive w very good ROF and FPS rating. Nearly full aluminum construction from handguard to low profile stock.
-Included Evike Bag, Battery, Extra Mags, Charger, and BBs.
-Battery Space is enough.
-Good top RIS room for most optics.
-10.5" MLOK Handguard has enough room for most accessories.
-Good Trigger Response
-Magazines Feeds Well. Mag release is on the right, and magazine exits easily.

-Magazine feels cheap but not that fragile, kind of hard to load BBs.
-Charging handle doesn't lock.
-There's tiny wiggle room in the mag well.

Overall, its a pretty decent deal if you want everything in one set with a good AEG.
by Juan R. on 08/02/2022
"I got this gun in a box of awesomeness, which is cool because my son (13 YO) was looking for a CQB rifle. The gun is well made, all metal receiver and front M-lock grip, and seems durable. Gun is also fast, at a bit over 25 RPS. Out of the box, it was shooting 320 FPS with 0.20g.

I did have some issues with the gun, though. I have to point out that the gun was not new in box, so YMMV. I had feeding issues (gun comes with 2 midcaps, both had issues). Additionally, the charging handle spring got all distorted the first time I opened it to adjust the hop-up. This meant the plate that covers the bolt was stuck open.

No big issues. I tech my guns, so opened her up to put a new spring in place. Lo and behold, more issues... Nozzle hole was drilled in, bolt plate was twisted and hop-up spring was also ruined. OK, not happy, but no biggie to fix (decided not to open the gearbox because there was a game next day, so left the nozzle as it came). Well, take the gun to the game, feeding issues got worse, and all of the sudden the gun jams.

Go back home, open the gun and gearbox. Turns out, the stock bolt was overtightened, which put pressure on the tabs of the spring guide (there is a gap between the stock and the guide, just 1mm or so, but enough to allow prrssure buildup), and one of them broke off and got wedged between the cilinder and piston. Luckily no damage to the teeth or the rail, so piston is still usable. But looking at the gears, one of them was not meshing properly and creating friction. Closer inspection revealed not all gears were of the same brand, which is why there was a small bind. New sector gear solved this. Still have yet to try out the put together gun (only have Ver 3 nozzled in stock, so waiting for a Ver 2 to close the gearbox), but I also think the mag springs are worn down and will need replacement to fix the feeding issues.

Overall, I have to say the internals of this gun are of good quality, and the gun fits great to my son's CQB playstile (and size wise, it is a good fit for him). I am happy with the gun (which, considering all the issues, is saying something!), but I have to say I feel a bit cheated that the gun was not only used, but also worked on (and poorly at that) without evike checking or mentioning this. I bought also a mistery box a while back (a sniper rifle, that tine), and it aldo required a trigger block replacement prior to being able to play with it, so it seems this is a common occurrance with this type of items.

TL;DR: Gun is a great CQB option, but evike dropped the ball on my order. I recommend the gun, but do not recommend the Box of Awesomeness unless you are willing to fix issues (in my case, I sold the other M4 that came with it, which made thus gun worth it despite the issues).
by Paul C. on 04/16/2022
"Flimsy construction, not right to repair friendly, mag well tolerance very substandard.

Shoots fast, is very light, generally a cool gun