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EMG NOVESKE Gen 4 w/ eSilverEdge SDU2.0 Gearbox Airsoft AEG Training Rifle (Model: Infidel / Kryptek Favlos)

24 Customer Reviews

by Nicolas guillermo G. on 02/04/2021
"excellent product a phenomenal rifle I took it out of the box and had 410 fps after that I made some changes per hopup chamber for a maxx model, maxx model cylinder head, maxx model cylinder head, maxx model nozzle and a maple leaf rubber when the crone gave me 438 fps in short it seems to me an excellent replica, very good fps, the construction is perfect
by Donald Y. on 11/23/2020
"I got the bazooka green shorty version. I have been very impressed with this gun. Out of the box, it’s a pretty good gun to go to field and play. I did have to add a shim to the hop up wheel to help prevent the wheel backing off. Other than that it’s been pretty solid. The hi cap mag isn’t the best. I did have some misfeeding issues with it. Wound up swapping to mid caps. The selectable fire modes are pretty awesome at this price point. I tend to use the single/3rd burst option the most. Although I did not order the 350fps version my shoots close to that with .20. I tend to shot medium distance so I use .30-.32. It shoots 265-285 FPS with those weights. Max range is around 180ft stock.
I did a couple upgrades. I added a Maple leaf bucking and nub and an Angel Customs 6.03 tightbore. It’s shooting around 215ft now. Getting ready to swap out for a M140 spring. So far I’ve put around 20k rounds through it with little to no issues. Running a Titan 7.4v I can play all day without swapping batteries. Fit and finish is pretty solid. No wobble between the upper and lower.
Overall I would recommend this gun to someone looking for a gun to go out and play and a good start for a M4 build.
by Michael M. on 06/16/2020
"Just got this, and I am really impressed with the trigger response and the overall feel. I am new to airsoft so I may not be the best judge yet, but of the friends that I play with this is probably the best gun on the field. If anything changes I'll update this review but for now really glad that I got it here.
by Sam C. on 06/15/2020
"I got the Bazooka Green Pistol Model.
This thing dominates! Never found a use for the programmable fire modes yet because the trigger feels so good with the perfect sensitivity but airsoft technology is only getting better and more compact as the years go by, so I've just accepted it. I put in an EMG F1 mock bolt plate to add a little more realism and it improved the feel of the gun even more for an $12 extra dollars.
Sounds amazing even when standing down range. It gives a great POP sound but I personally am looking for a motor that is a little bit more quiet than the stock one it came with (taking suggestions please), not a big deal its just my personal preference.
The Noveske hi cap mag sucks but the KWA mid cap mags feel and sound like sex when you reload with no wobble for a low price.
DROP STOCKS DO NOT EXIST FOR THIS GUN! The only thing that could make this even more sexy would be the ability to put on a drop stock, but Noveske kept things a little bit too realistic around the buffer tube(no complaints).
Buy the KX3 tracer unit not the KX5, along with some M-LOK rails and you are all set.
Buy this gun! Don't watch it go by. I buy a lot of guns and this one is the one I'm most happy with out of the box.
by Chris W. on 12/30/2019
"I recently got this gun for Christmas and externally and internally I am very impressed. The trigger response is great and the surface color finish looks awesome as the hype on the net. I am glad I got it here at Evike instead of oversea websites as pricing and shipping time are both superior (Thank you Evike!)

I haven't taken it out to a game yet, when I do I will write another report.
by Patty G. on 12/29/2019
"If I could think of one word to describe this gun, it would be that it is solid. The gun is weighted really well and feels right in your hands. This is a 5 star quality gun with awesome furnitures, full metal, accurate, feels amazing, awesome color and good FPS RPS right out of the box. Overall, I would recommend this gun for any field players out there or for any CQB players. Hope this helps!
by Kevin R. on 12/28/2019
"This rifle is both impressive internally and externally. The QD spring change gearbox is very easy to work on without having to deal with the spring tension is like a night and day experience. The trigger response is good and rate of fire is great with 11.1 that I use.
Externally the rifle is not your normal receiver with marking, but the unique latest Noveske type and I got the Bazooka green one just like my real Noveske and it looks awesome and amazingly. The real thing is Cerakote but this Airsoft version had a 99.9% color match! Gerat job EMG!
by Sam N. on 12/28/2019
"This is my own personal experience with this gun. I got it a few weeks ago, but I will go ahead and say my experience with this rifle isn't bad at all. The metal is nice, it takes a beating, and let me tell you, this thing is remarkably realistic.

Te positives are definitely the look and feel of the rifle, the internals work very well and quite reliably.

I got this rifle because I was looking for something new. I own a lot of AEG and I can vouch that this rifle is a solid shooter.

Thank you again, Evike! You guys are a cut above the rest!
by Bryant R. on 12/27/2019
"Solid gun for the price. Comes with deans connectors so make sure you get the deans battery, much better performance with deans anyways, otherwise, get it without hestitations!
by Baran J. on 12/26/2019
"I have used it for one day and I love it. Stock out of the box the rounds per second is around 20. One downside though is that you have to use a buffer tube stick battery for it besides that it's a great gun and you can change to a crane stock if you want. I would recommend buying it if you are a fan of Noveske like I am. P.S. The Bazooka green color surface treatment is awesome! It looks like Cerakote!
by Jason C. on 12/25/2019
"This gun looks awesome and is the latest EMG release so I got it without seeing very much reviews to be the first on the band wagon, and I am glad I did! This M4 is not like anything i Have used, very awesome. The electronic trigger provides fast trigger response, the finish on the gun makes it look real, and I have put over 5000 rounds thru it in the last two games I attended and it performed well.

Surface treatment is superb and professionally done
Good trigger response
Good rate of fire (I use a 11.1V 20C)
Looks like a real Noveske!
Best M4 I have used!

No cup holders
by Cameron M. on 12/23/2019
"Gun came in perfect condition and has an amazing weight/feel to it. A solid well performing M4.
by Charles C. on 12/19/2019
"Bought this gun as my first EMG and was over all very impressed by the performance out of the box

The rifle has zero stock wobble
No shooting troubles at all while in combat for the last two weeks with the gun
Good trigger response and full auto is pretty decent with an 11.1 Lipo in it

9.5 out of 10 for a gun under 300 bucks
by Larry D. on 12/15/2019
"Cool rifle, would recommend. Get a KX3!
by James F. on
"So, I got this gun a week ago and I gotta say, it's a very solid gun.
I would gave it a 4.9 star because I had to get a deans type lipo battery but as it is logical to switch over to deans in my opionion for long term planning it is not that big a deal, but that would be my only gripe really.

-looks AMAZING
-good RPS with an 11.1v lipo
-good build quality
-works every time I use it
-consistent shots (chrono'd around 375-380 fps with .20's)
-solid internals
-pre-lubed and upgraded with 8mm bearings
-good trigger response

-Can't think of any at the moment

Hope this helped :)