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EMG / Maxx Model CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Model: ME - PRO / EMG Blue)

10 Customer Reviews

by Gage M. on 09/10/2021
"Super easy to install, even for someone new to airsoft. Put this in an Avalon Saber Gen 2 and it was a breeze. Good quality, and a worth while upgrade. The viewing window, and BB latch are nice touches as well.
by Quaylon R. on 08/09/2021
"impressive increase in accuracy. super easy to install. and overall looks very professional. Strongly recommended this as one of the first things to upgrade .
by orrin r. on 07/07/2021
"Absolutely Phenomenal! i get 2x better accuracy with this chamber than with the cheap polymer your gun normally comes with
by Alexander S. on 05/17/2021
"I purchased this Hop up as a replacement for the misfeeding Hop up that was originally in my Elite Force Flat Top CTAR Tavor. The one I bought was the ME model, so it has the feature of being able to retain BBs after removing the Magazine, which I think is awesome.

However, I ran into some issues. The Hop up would not feed due to the latch not opening when the mag was slotted in. I had to cut roughly an inch or more inside of the mag well, where the Hop up sits, that way the hop up was able to open/close but was still going to be sturdy. After I got it all fixed up, the gun fires like a dream. I am experiencing no issues with feeding besides the magazines being loose, which is an easy fix with JB Plastic Epoxy or something less permanent like tape or Velcro.

I am very impressed with the build quality of this unit. The CNC of the 6061 Aluminum screams quality and durability. The built in R Hop in the unit is just icing on the cake. I plan on buying two more of these units for the Classic Army DT4 I have.
by Ryan B. on 03/31/2021
"I have used this in both my G&G ARP-556 and my Krytac Trident SPR. This is a great hop up unit. Feeds flawlessly, has increased the accurate range on both AEGs, and hops any bb i decide to use in my guns. I highly recommend this hop up to anyone for CQB or Outdoor use.
by Jimmy L. on 11/04/2020
"Absolutely amazing unit. Feeds flawlessly. My only major con is that kwa ms120 and ms120 variable capacity do not work with the unit.
by levi b. on 10/24/2020
"Put this and a Prometheus tight bore in my ICS CXP and it bumped my FPS from 300 to 360 :) super easy install.
by Noah H. on 10/11/2020
"Lately I’ve been dipping my toe into airsoft upgrades. Swapping out my hopup chamber seemed to be one of the easiest upgrades. I wanted to get the best chamber I could find, and all the research I’d done had led me to Maxx. Long story short, I got it and am not disappointed at all! The quality is great. The materials fell very durable, and I love the color! And the bb latch is a nice touch as well. Nothing super fancy but it keeps bbs from going to waster. I also enjoy the numbered dial. That makes adjustments way easier. So far I’ve paired this with a Maple Leaf 75 degree Marcon bucking, a maple leaf nub, and an Angel Custom 6.03 tightbore inner barrel. Needless to stay my gun is WAY more accurate than it was stock! The quality and the performance are amazing. I can’t recommend this product enough!
by DONOVAN K. on 06/13/2020
"Busted the barrel clamp on my Krytac hop unit so I bought this. I was at 10 to 11 on Krytac, with this Maxx I'm at 4 to 5 with same bucking. It does curve ball a bit sometimes but rarely. It holds the bbs after your empty and I love that feature worth the money for that alone. I paired this with a Prometheus 6.03 and using Krytac mags with evike .32 bbs feeds great full auto, but pin point at 150ft.
by Bryan A. on 10/29/2020
"Nice look, easy install. Sight glass and numbered adjustment dial is a plus. I like that it comes set up for R-hop but also includes add. Arm for standard and flat hop applications. This hop-up unit is known to cause feeding issues on some guns, usually caused by weak tappet spring or type/brand of bucking ( maple friendly ).