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Poseidon Punisher M4-Styled Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ M-LOK Handguard (Model: Tan / 14" Rail w/ Mock Suppressor and Standard Stock)

7 Customer Reviews

by Adrian M. on 02/04/2021
"Very good gun for the budget!
by Glenn M. on 01/19/2021
"This is an amazing gun, however if your going to upgrade it then I don't suggest getting it. Out of the box it is amazing and honestly i thought about returning all my upgrades. I decided to just do it since I finally had the parts. The bolt catch will stop the top receiver from coming off, so you need to cut it out. Then the grip screws are a little on the cheaper side. Everything else was amazing and I was able to fit A buffer tube style lipo in the battery are without a cap, its meant for brick type. This being said, it got a 5 star review from me
by Adam O. on 12/14/2020
"This gun is an insane deal. I have been playing airsoft for many years and have tried many different types of guns. When I received this rifle I was very impressed with it's bone stock performance of it. It is spot on performance wise with my buddy's Novritch ssr15 which is triple the cost of this rifle. The only upgrade I would maybe suggest for this rifle is a good high speed motor and maybe 16:1 gears other then that right out of the box it shot 340 with .32s.
by Michael D. on 12/09/2020
"Tan Traditional Stock 14" no suppressor
Only run with .28g and an 11.1V Lipo

The Good:
- Light
- Excellent Anodized handguard (Especially on tan - Matches many other anodized accessories)
- Digital quick trigger response (No lag compared to G&G)
- Consistent (Clean barrel out of the box and is accurate.)
- Included Magazine is extremely premium.
- Easy to remove inner orange tip
- Fire selector switch is smaller but travels very well with a strong feedback.
- Rotary hop-up

The Meh:
- Wobbly stock (Very, but perfect for a piece of Gaffer's Tape)
- Expensive spare matching mags where found.
- Programming confusion (No quick reference card, manual is hazy)
- Lacks sling attachment points. (No QD/Loops on receiver nor handguard)

Notes: Really happy with this, will be replacing my Cyma Sport SR-16 as primary.
This is a great replica for objective based outdoor play with great range. Also great as a loner for newer and younger players.

For me, this is just such a great AEG. The handguard is beautiful and matches up with so many accessories that are also anodized tan. This AEG serves as an excellent tan platform to turn heads with.
by Jacob R. on 11/27/2020
"So I just want to write in regards to the pros and cons that I have seen for more information for people.

I have to say from buying 300$ guns to having a custom built gun worth 1,300$ that this is by far the best for the price beginning gun out there. So on to the review and I always start off with the bad.

FPS IS WAY HIGH! Out of the box this sucker was shooting around 420FPS which in my opinion is very high.
ETU had restrictions when first developed. If you upgrade this rifle and it still shoots 15RPS you got the earlier model and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for you.
The Screws. At first the screws in the pistol grip seemed legit until I got to the second one and it shredded like a pine cone in a tree chopper. Horrible quality on some of the screws.
The magazine/ magazine well has some wobble to it but this is not a major issue. Some velcro tape on the trigger side wall will firm up the grip on the magazine.
The nozzle is releases compression from the rifle. Simple fix is buy a nozzle with a seal this one does not come with one.
The storage for battery. While the back portion of the cover can be removed the space is still a tight fit for a stick battery let alone risking a block battery which I prefer over any stick battery. Id say go no bigger then 105mm with size. My 115mm can not fit. If you use a 7.4 lipo your trigger response basically becomes a rental gun response. 11.1 lipo is where it is at.

The rifle is not heavy allowing good movement.
The Aluminum front rail is great for attaching items.
The price for the flat trigger ETU system is unbeatable.
The price is amazing for the quality of the rifle.
The mid cap it comes with feeds very well.
Trigger response is good with a 11.1 Lipo battery at 20C
Shoots consistently with basic internals probably within a quarter size diameter at about 50ft.
Provides a deans to tamiya converter.
The stock can hold a spare magazine if you know how to use it.

Overall the rifle is amazing. I am making budget DSG's with them and honestly can not be happier with the performance of the rifle.

***NOTE***: The hop up is NOT METAL and was not advertised as it was but some people have been commenting it is. It is NOT stock out of the box.
by Jalen S. on 10/21/2020
"Before reading this I highly reccomend you read Earnes M's review as his is spot on with what im going to add.
This rifle is made extremely well and feels super high quality, as earnest said it needs an 11.1v lipo, the 7.4 is just to slow however once you go to the 11.1 its over...this gun is a beast. The difference between my review and Earnest M's review is that i got the 7" alluminum rail with no supprssor so i dont have the issue with the last few spots on the mlok rail, I mounted a short handstop on the very end of my rail since i hvae long arms so it just feels natural.

-very consistent groupings (ive had a few bbs go through the exact same spot)
-beautiful gun
-great build quality
-threaded 14mm ccw under flash hider
-has pretty solid shimming ootb
-the trigger system is a literal clone of the Gate Titan

-as with most pdw type stocks the battery space is buns
-most of the hex screws are soft (pot metal) so strip easily

I would most definitely take this over any aeg out of the box and would reccomend this to anyone looking for a great gun.
by Ernest M. on 10/14/2020
"Solid Build, Great Performance and a few quirks.

The Punisher is a great system with an extremely well made gearbox and integrated mosfet. After 2 weeks of using it and getting used to it, it will certainly be replacing my CYMA and King Arms M4s as my go-to, but there are a few things about it I feel the specifications really don't handle well.

From worst to best

1. It NEEDS an 11.1v LiPo, 7.4s slow down the cycling a great deal and really decrease the trigger's ability to "snap" quickly. The 11.1's it needs are SMALL PEQ batteries, because the buffer tube/stock housing is extremely small and they didn't conceal the rail system the stock itself uses to expand and contract, meaning wires can get caught in it and be damaged if you aren't careful. With an 11.1v though, it performs like an absolute beast with great trigger response and high speed full auto/quick trigger press in semi.

2. the programable trigger system isn't useful, other than the minimal trigger pull mode, the rest are all ranging from "Not useful" to "Completely stupid and pointless." 3 shot bursts exists for people that can't zero and full auto is for bad movies and other people who shouldn't be trusted. "Sniper Mode" is the worst though, as I cannot for the life of me figure out why you'd want a 2.5 second delay on your weapon's response time.

3. the suppressor on the platform is way too big for the handguard, you will not be able to put ANYTHING using the MLOK on the rifle on the last 5 inches, as it WILL 100% scratch the suppressor, which isn't made with high quality metal or paint, requiring a repaint

4. The "Channeled" inner barrel is incredibly underrated. This thing shoots incredibly flat and consistently. It might actually be the best feature on the platform. I tried it with a Maple barrel and was amazed at how much better it worked than the vaunted Canadian pot-metal straw

5. Its just so pretty while being very ergo. The platform itself feels really good in your hands, the only thing that comes close in airsoft is the EMG F4 carbine, which costs more and has less impressive guts.

I can say I would take this over almost any AEG right now even with the quirks because what it gets right it does emphatically and the quirks with it can be solved with just a little heads up.