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Specna Arms / Rock River Arms Licensed CORE Series M4 AEG (Model: / Black)

21 Customer Reviews

by James S. on 12/17/2022
"Really great gun for the price the pdw has a really nice build i really like it a lot for the price
by Owen W. on 10/23/2021
"Love this gun 100% recommend for newbies or pros

the oly thing bad is the orange tip is a pain in the ass to take off without the right tools
by Michael M. on 10/14/2021
"Specna Arms SA-C06
Out of the box, a great, lightweight M4. Tough for being an all-plastic gun, runs great with a 7.4 or an 11.1, but if you spam the trigger a ton on semi-auto with an 11.1 the electronics may lock up for a second or two. The stock being plastic on a plastic buffer tube has a bit of the classic M4 wobble, but it is easily corrected with some well-placed electrical tape. Battery room is adequate, make sure you run a Deans, as the supplied adapter can make for a snarl of wiring that can make collapsing the stock challenging. The pop-up sights are great, all metal and adjustable front and rear. Remove the inner dust cover or you will have to hold the charging handle back to adjust the hopup.

I bought two as loaner and trial guns to see how they did for the sub $200 gun category and they are great intro guns. I just converted one to HPA with a Redline N7 Milsim and apart from a minor bit of grinding in the gearbox shell (wire guides by the trigger assembly) it is quick and relatively easy, and you can keep the safety!

If you're looking for a great, inexpensive M4 this is a solid choice
by Gabriel R. on 08/20/2021
"I’ve been researching for a _$200 AEG for a while and finally landed on the Specna Arms Core series. I purchased the C011 and it has been great for me. I have yet to field it, but I have fired at least a 1000 bbs and it has done well. Now to the pros and cons.

-Metal hand guard
-Metal Mock Supressor
-Pretty good rate of fire
-Mine came with an X-ASR mosfet (I’ve heard some dont, but I’m not sure)
-Can hit a human sized target pretty consistently from 130-150 feet
-Not heavy

- High cap magazine would stop feeding after 3-5 shots and was very wobbly (easy fix with a bit of electrical tape wrapped around it)
-Loud like a nail gun (can be a pro)
-May have to purchase other mags preferably mid caps like I did

Overall, great aeg and I hope to field it soon!
by Daniel G. on 07/18/2021
"I did a lot of research looking into budget aegs and ended up purchasing this in the sa-co9 model. I was not disappointed and would highly recommend.

The rifles performance is not exceptional but feels clean and tight. very good quality internals Make this an ideal aeg to upgrade as you see fit. I was also surprised when my rifle arrived and I found a mosfet in the battery compartment.

Externally the rifle is extremely well made. I am a fan of plastic replicas but finding a good quality plastic can be tricky. This is the best I've seen by far. Thick durable plastic much like a g&g for most of the construction. Fiberglass infused polymer body looks and feels firearm grade and aluminum for grip adds a nice feel. This is not an abs replica and I would say it's even a step above nylon polymer. the rifle is a very good weight and feels solid and tight.

Over all what attracted me to the specna core was the emphasis on quality and durability. Again on receiving and playing with the rifle I was not disappointed. This is a high quality and a very affordable replica packed with surprisingly premium features.
by David G. on 04/16/2021
"Perfect rifle for a beginner I got the Sa - C09 and it's one of the best gun I currently own
by Nathan B. on 04/15/2021
"I just ordered this (still waiting) but I’m very excited to get my first airsoft gun:)
by Clay S. on 03/18/2021
"I got the SA-C01. Great external build quality. Even though everything except the barrel is plastic, it felt like metal. I never had the chance to test fire it because I replaced literally everything inside of the gun as soon as I got it. Just be ready to clean out your hop up chamber and barrel because they put too much oil on it.
by Aimee Cameron W. on 03/07/2021
"I purchased the M4A1 tan version on sale for $89. Although I actually got the M4 SBR black version when it delivered, which I like more, it preforms very well out of the box. The trigger response and range/accuracy performance with a 9.6v NIMH is great! The externals and internals alike are very solid. The gun you get for the price is superb, you also get a lower power spring to switch with the standard one using the quick-change spring guide. Highly recommend for any air softer!
by Alex R. on 01/19/2021
"I bought the C12 and I love it so far, great gun.

- Spring so you can change FPS
- Shoots amazing
- Overall great gun

- Stock is uncomfy
- A little bit heavy
by Derek Q. on 12/27/2020
"Gun works great! Externals feels nice, solid, and hefty, .25 bbs hopped all the way up fly practically straight and the gun is generally just awesome! I haven't got to using it on the field though. The stock and magazine do wobble a bit for me and some bbs drop out after a mag is taken out. The stock wobble should be an easy fix but I'm not sure about the mag wobble.
by Lincoln G. on 12/03/2020
"Great starter gun. I run a 11.1v and it shoots well and can handle the voltage. Not all mags fit but most m4 mags will. When I got the fun it came with a fault mag, however, Evike replaced it and it shoots fine now.
by Gilbert N. on 11/09/2020
"I have had this gun for about a year now and have had zero issues with it. Even used it in the winter at about 24 degrees with no issues. It is all polymer but still can take a beating. It’s been slammed into a few trees during play. This is my go to gun when my much more expensive guns give me trouble, which seems to be often. I am pretty impressed with the overall quality and would recommend as a good solid starter gun.
by Noah L. on 01/27/2020
"Trying to set all emotions aside when write reviews but stock, this replica is excellent. With the original spring I was hitting man sized targets no problem at 100 ft without touching the hop-up. The only thing I found as a problem was that I could not get it to feed hi-cap magazines. I ended up using Echo 1 mid-cap mags and they’re perfect.

Downsides to this replica are that it has a polymer upper/lower receiver and buffer/stock tube which worries me a little. For a beginner, this gun is great.

Pros: works better with 11.1v LiPo batteries vs the 9.6v NiMH that IS INCLUDED.
The weight of the CORE is almost perfect For CQB. It gives the weight feel for replica accuracy

For how much effort specna puts into their licensing, that extra effort could be put into material quality such as, at minimum, aluminum receivers. They put stickers and what look like fake QC sheets in the box. If you’re willing to look past those things, definitely a solid replica!
by Devin P. on 01/14/2020
"my core series m4 is great! i would definitely recommend to any new airsofter that may be looking for a rifle to start with. the only cons is that evike doesnt tell us that the gun indeed comes with a 9.6v nimh battery and standard wall charger, it doesnt come with the red dot sight seen in the pictures, but it does come with a vertical foregrip, so you can attach it if you want. i dont use .20g bb's, you can get 0.25g bb's and theyll work just fine. i was trying to manipulate the rear sights because there seems to be two rear sight pictures, but it is really tough to do because the sights are metal. you get a 300rd high cap magazine, but if you want to play more, you might want to get a couple extra SA branded midcaps or highcaps. the gun is full metal and ive actually scratched my hand on the buffer tube a couple times but the gun is very afforable and practical for us beginners