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Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed (Length: 275.5mm)

13 Customer Reviews

by Erin J. on 08/14/2019
"I installed this in my Ak-47 dsg that shoots 350 fps. I paired with a G&G green bucking I am able to place headshots at 200 ft.
by al l. on 07/15/2018
"Easily the best upgrade for any rifle. I put one in my vfc 416, the gun is otherwise, internally stock. Came in under the fps limit for OPX milsim game, but i couldnt believe the range and accuracy! Cant shoot anything under .30's without overhopping, but I generally use at least .3's. From now on, when someone asks what should they upgrade on their guns, I'd say the rhopped barrels and dont worry about anything else!
by Kris C. on 01/11/2018
"Amazing barrel, can reach out to 450 ft with it
by nicolaas b. on 12/20/2017
"Just put one of these in my stock Krytac trident SPR, and it easily increased my effective range (9out of 10 hits on torso sized target) from 150ft to about 180ft. it also increased my effective range by a noticeable amount, and while i have not measured the distance directly it appears to be reaching well beyond 200ft. the R hop paired with a flat hop bucking gives a noticeable improvement to the feeling of consistency, over the stock hop. Though i have put no more than 50 rounds through this barrel at the time of writing this, I can already say that I would recommend these barrels to anyone looking for consistency in their play.
by Langley W. on 12/16/2017
"Very consistent using a Modify flat bucking and a custom eraser M-Nub. Using .30s I was getting hits in the 240-260 foot range. You MUST use heavy BBs to get the range you want/need. Transitioning to .32s.

Performs excellently out of the box, but must be constantly cleaned (I play in the desert). After a few hundred rounds, it kinda "settles" and gets just a smidgen inconsistent, but you can still get the same range and accuracy.
by Daniel P. on 09/27/2017
"I also have a Barrel by Z-custom works and the quality is perfect!
They should do Blue patches for winter conditions.

10/10 would buy for all future builds to save the headache
by David A. on 09/08/2017
"I was reluctant to order this because the pictures that Evike has display what looks more like an Sugru style R-hop, but I've heard goods things about the barrels anyway so I decided to order one. I installed this on my KWA SR10 with the stock hop up and 50D sorbothane nub and I have to say that the accuracy on this is amazing. Shot per shot consistency in semi is almost spot on at 150' and full auto varies by no more than two inches in either direction. Another thing I noticed is that the new barrel added about 15 FPS to my rifle, pushing me from ~395fps to ~410. I removed the teflon tape I had added to seal the bucking to the barrel ( I used the stock KWA bucking) and the fps settled at exactly 400 with no more than a +-5fps variation between shots. I wholeheartedly recommend this barrel. At $75 after applying a 25% off coupon, its a steal even if it were just for the Prometheus barrel which is the best I've ever used. Coupled with the R-Hop pre installed by Umbrella Armory, this has to be hands down the most bang for your buck barrel on here.
by Cylix The C. on 08/13/2017
"Added this 6.03 407mm barrel with the 107mm silencer extension on my Ares Amoeba, just the barrel change ended up pushing my FPS to 417 fps where my original 6.03 300mm barrel was only getting me to 398 fps. I put this barrel to the test yesterday in an all day game and was really out ranging a large majority of the other players on the field. Also, accuracy and shot consistency was spot-on. After a full day of use, I feel that this is a VERY reliable barrel, it is nice to finally hit the other players that I can see instead of just lobbing bb's near them hoping to hit someone!! Also just as an FYI I was using this in conjunction with a Baton Ryusoku Flat Hopup Bucking & nub, and Prowin hopup. Combined with the 20% off coupons EVIKE always has, this is defintely WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
by Jorge N. on 04/04/2017
"Super happy with this upgraded.
This is perfect for Krytac SPR owners works just like it's suppose to. Awesome that my AEG has the touch from umbrella armory
by Andrew R. on 11/19/2018
"The is a great product & I run Prometheus barrels in almost all of my guns. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because the first time I ordered it (the M14 version) I got an M4 version. When I contacted Evike I told them they sent me an M4 barrel. They asked for pictures. The response I got was "Yeah, that's an M4 barrel". TF am I supposed to do with that?! I just said fuck it and threw it in an M4 and ordered it again & the second time I actually got an M14 barrel. The product itself is five stars all the way, but Evike is a 3 at best. They seem to mess up every single order.
by Daniel R. on 12/30/2016
"I ordered this to go in my ares amoeba am013. Evike says the stock barrel is about 300mm. Its really about 314. I ordered the 300mm barrel because this is "close enough." Well wouldnt you know this barrel isnt 300mm either. Its actually about 290mm. So therefor I lost about 24mm. Thats almost an inch of barrel length btw. So far the barrel seems nice. Havent been able to do a true accuracy test yet as i also bout a madbull hop up (which doesnt fit at all!) So other than the length problems seems like a solid barrel.

Pro- strudy, well made, thick material, better than stock
Con- not exactly the right length.
by Isaiah P. on 08/06/2020
"I've had actual techs do work on my guns and have had R hops built for my gun...

In short Yes this is a real R hopped barrel. The concept is the same it works and delivers the consistency I was looking for there was just a couple of problems.

The first was that my patch was miscut resulting in the area pressing onto the bb being "sideways" meaning my hop direction was sideways, It was damn consistent in being hopped sideways and after a bit, I rotated the barrel itself and was able to get a little bit more of a consistent pattern. That being said by doing that I lost the consistency I was looking for at least in comparison. I went back to my stock krytac barrel and bucking with a "M" nub installed and now Im happy with my range and consistency

Now the barrel quality itself is excellent with a mirror shine and I think Its a really solid barrel I was just dissatisfied with the R hop itself
by Nicholas w. on 12/13/2019
"Did not see a difference really from stock barrel