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King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Grey & Blue / M-LOK)

54 Customer Reviews

by Aidan T. on 03/24/2022
"Best PDW gun I've ever owned. Strong competitor for very cheap compared to other guns. I've done some modding to this gun (inner barrel, hopup, bucking, handgaurd, outer barrel) and it shoots better than ever before!
by Anthony M. on 03/01/2022
"Bought this at tac-city with a 20$ upcharge if I remember correctly.

One of my favorite guns I own. Love the overall body and how tight it feels pulling around corners.

Sure the quick mag release was extremely tight day one, but with some normal use it evened itself out.

Definitely my go-to indoor gun.

*1 minor detail* it does jam every once in a while, firing at the ground for a quick full auto burst clears it right away. Not sure if this is a mag feeding issue or gun issue. Either way it's an easy clear! Let's be frank gun jams just makes it more realistic!

Overall 10/10 purchase
by Alec S. on 08/04/2021
"Recently got the loundencer/MLOK version for a pretty good deal. It has yet to be properly fielded but I put a few hundred rounds through it so far.

-Good range and accuracy out of the box
-The construction is mostly polymer but has no wiggle and feels likes a solid replica with a bit of weight behind it (the MLOK barrel, charging handle, and outter barrel are all metal)
-I have some old metal magazines from my ICS MP5 that fit very nicely with this, I haven't had the issue with wiggly mags like some others have. It's a pretty tight fit but isn't an issue.
-The built in MOSFET paired with a 11.1v battery makes for a decently snappy trigger and solid full auto ROF

-The buffer tube and stock. I wish the stock went out a bit further, but I'm also a taller person so this is a niche issue. As for the buffer tube, it is almost big enough to fit my titan 11.1v, but not quite both sticks. I'll probably file part of the bottom out to allow this. For reference, I haven't had issues with other M4 style replicas.
-The inner barrel only extends about half way through the mock silencer and has no support where it opens up into something like a soup can.

DISCLOSURE: I have yet to chrono this. Based on the meters per second tag that came with it, it will be legal for US outdoor fields (_400fps), but may be above indoor field limits (_350fps). Shooting so far has been done with .28g BBs.

Despite the minor flaws, I'm extremely excited to put this replica through its paces at an outdoor field. It's an absolute bargain that will perform well, especially if you catch it on sale. Future plans include an r-hop, buffer tube filing to fit my battery, and basic tuning to keep it as a reliable workhorse. It's stylish, it's good out of the box, and it's different than the field of M4s you'll see at every field.

When taking into account the price range that you can buy this at, I rate it at a light 5/5 purchase.
by Kody J. on 06/10/2021
"This gun has everything I want for a fairly low price tag. The trigger feels very good and the full auto is a very good medium speed. The included loudencer makes a great pop sound but I took it off and put on a tracer.

This gun is surprisingly accurate and when you put on a good red dot on it, it makes this gun super fun to shoot.

Definitely a 10/10
by Kyle A. on 06/01/2021
"Absolutely what I wanted in for rapid deploy loadout. It's like the mp5's American cousin. Love it!! EVIKE.COM BABY!!!
by Tom N. on 04/23/2021
"I gotta say I am impressed with the performance of this thing for a low price tag of 170$. I did add some upgrades though such as a precision Prometheus barrel, purple Prometheus barrel and I got a whole new G&p rail system. I also shimmed the gears the gears are pretty durable and the shell has radiusing out of the box. It also come included with a pretty solid mosfet which can handle my 2200 mah 11.1v 50c RC battery. The motor isn’t that bad. All though I would recommend you get a new piston because the one out of the box has plastic teeth instead of a metal rack. The nozzle is also kinda bad but the compression is perfect on this thing also be aware this is shooting about 370 so higher then what’s advertised. The stock is also great it has several positions and has no wobble. The battery compartment is also very good I can hold a 2200 mah 11.1v 50c lipo in their. With the cap on. The trigger pull is kinda heavy to so if that is a problem for you I recommend a lighter trigger spring. But overall very solid base gun for the price.
by ian c. on 04/06/2021
"This gun is definitely something worth investing in. extremely aggressive sounding pop when you shoot it ( if you opt for the amplified version). surprising distance and fps out of the box. mounted as flashlight and red dot and it looks aggro as hell. would buy a million more if i could.
by Kevin S. on 03/13/2021
"I found the King Arms PDW on an an Evike You Tube video for the best AEGs for around $200 and I’m glad I did! I wanted an AEG that’s solid out of the box, but could still be fully upgraded over time. Thanks to the Evike tech team, I’m in the process of upgrading the hop up, motor, inner barrel and mosfet. I’ll be putting a Gate Titan in as well. I’m running it on a 11.1v matrix 1000 mAh battery. This is a solid AEG that’s reasonably priced, performs well out of the box, looks great, light weight and can be upgraded if you ever want to.
by tyler w. on 12/23/2020
"gun is amazing everything is perfect besides a little mag wiggle no problem at all. but i am looking for a grip and an optic what size is the rail in mm.
by Lance R. on 12/08/2020
"Just bought this gun on 12-2-2020. I wanted to know how it functioned before doing any work to it and found it wouldn't feed any rounds. I tried 4 different mags and the same result. Found out the hop rubber was destroyed and blocking the bbs from entering. Put a new rubber on..... and now the gun shoots amazing. The gear box is shimmed perfectly and sounds crispy clean. The mags do wobble a bit but feed flawlessly. Overall, 9/10 gun but will give it five stars.

The guns handguard is metal and the body is plastic but is sturdy. The aesthetics of the gun are nice and feels good in the hand and looks great when fully stocked up. The stock gives some wobble when fully extended but doesn't seem to be a problem. The battery compartment can fit a 9.6 numchuck but I would recommend a 11.1v lipo as the gun does have a mosfit.

Over all the gun is great to look at and shoots great. Will set you apart from everyone else in field. I believe it's the only MP5 mag AR style weapons that is manufactured.
by Max C. on 11/05/2020
"fantastic gun. Had it for two months or so and it's really great. Easy like an m4 and looks great with a lighter S tracer. The battery compartment is really small though. I just swapped my stock out because of it and had no issue, everything about this is perfect, my only problem with it being that the bolt cover sometimes doesn't open when you pull back the charging handle, and that the amplifier was sort of difficult to get off. Everything else is spot on with this. Would recommend!
by Jeremiah G. on 09/21/2020
"I love this gun its small but its built like a tank this gun won't break easily my only problem was taking off the orange tip you will need a heat gun but its worth it for the 14mm- threads
by Ernest M. on 08/12/2020
"The most reliable, consistent and comfortable AEG I've used. King Arms always seems to have quality on lock when I've used their stuff. The only issue it has is most of my MP5 mags needed to be slightly modified to feed reliably for this gun, by putting a layer of electrical tape over the top section to make the magazine hold in the well tighter so BB's could feed
by Richard H. on 07/18/2020
"Great gun honestly, I bought it when they first came out and for someone who got the first generation, it's pretty smooth.

- Fact it takes MP5 mags, mine were incompatible yet still worked.
- Its pretty much an M4 that uses mp5 smgs so upgradablity afterwards is very open.
- Honestly a cheap beginner gun that has a lot going for it, definitely recommend for friends.

Shoots a little hot out of the box but literally 8 bucks got me a CQC spring (pro is that it takes like 15 mins to swap)
Motor screw on the bottom got stripped to crap. Not taking a star off though for that as it was my fault and the fact that it's still fine after all I've done to it is I'mpressive.
by Anurag M. on 06/17/2020
"Got the gun and its been amazing. Its great for CQB and it can reach pretty far for outdoor fields. Love it. The only negative was a struggle to remove the compensator but it came off with a dremel disc. 9/10
Btw, CYMA metal mags do not fit the gun, buy the plastic HK ones