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EMG Helios F4 Defense Licensed F4-15 ARS-L MLOK M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Carbine / Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Tris S. on 05/25/2021
"Overall fantastic gun, looks great and is very study. I have a few other AR-15 platforms from various manufacturers and they all have a bit of wobble in the magazine, but this one doesn't. The included hex mag not only looks sick but it fits incredibly well, snug without being tight.

A word of caution to anyone who buys the PDW-X, like I did- if you intend to attach a suppressor, tracer unit, or amplifier, make sure that the diameter is 30mm or LESS. I bought the Angel Custom Hornet suppressor (with the hex pattern, to go with the magazine), and it's 35.5mm in diameter and is too large to sit fully inside the rail system. I had to buy a Magpul 14mm- thread extension, the 2 inch length so it would fit properly. Just something to be aware of, but overall this gun is amazing!
by c von c. on 10/27/2020
"Bought the PDW and love it. Small enough to be effective at CQB, but large enough to use as a primary rifle. The spring is soft, so it tends to double cycle when using an 11.1 Lipo on Semi-Auto, but fires near 30 rps on Full-Auto. Battery compartment is small, so if you want to collapse the stock, stick with a buffer tube, or PDW sized battery. Hop up is plastic, but rotary style and works well despite feeling cheap- would recommend a bucking replacement for best performance.
If you can this on sale, I'd say go for it!
by Adam L. on 09/16/2020
"Go it from a Box of Awesomeness, Its my first newer then 6 year old airsoft gun. Feels nice shoots fine noticed a little play in the barrel inside the outer barrel... Maybe needs to be shimmed or something not sure.. Still trying to figure out how to dissemble it so remove the orange tip. Put a Strike Industrys LINK on it, a couple nicer M-LOK rail covers and a nice two point QD sling. Going to get a UH-1 clone probably.
by Lane R. on 09/13/2020
"I got this gun out of a boa and I am really enjoying it so far. The aluminum receiver and handguard feel really nice without being to heavy, which makes the pdw version perfect for cqb. The rail system is very adaptable so I was able to use all of my different attachments. The only two issues I have with this gun is the stock and the orange tip. The stock feels very nice and high quality, but there is just no room to fit a normal size battery. The orange tip is an amplifier that is completely orange and very ugly. I was able to get mine off finally, but the orange plastic is very flimsy and easy to break. Just keep in mind if you get a new suppressor or something for it that the handguard opening is quite small. A noveske amplifier won't fit, so get something closer in size to a normal flash hider.
by Henry B. on 08/30/2020
"So I got this gun out of the “box of awesomeness”, and right out of the box it felt really nice and had some good weight to it. The stock space is very small, so if you purchase this plan accordingly. I hooked up my 11.1 lipo to it and it shot flawlessly on full auto and was extremely accurate given the length of the barrel. My only complaint is the orange tip, only because it is not even close to the one in the picture, it is also an entirely orange mock suppressor. Other than that, it’s a very nice rifle.
by Tim B. on 08/29/2020
my first gun and i love it.
shot with my titan 7.4v and trigger response is pretty good. The color of the gun online will not look like what you will get, my gun is black and color is nothing like the picture but i do not mind it.

feels cool to hold
grip is cool
free grip
sounds cool

did not come with gun rod cleaner
for those looking to spam the trigger, the trigger cant really be spammed fast
by Jorge M. on 08/29/2020
"Got this out of a flash Boa and i must say
-the hex mag fits super snug
-trigger response is nice
-great rate of fire
-mlok handguard feels neat

-not sure why but sometimes some bbs dont leave fast they just sorta floop out not often but enough to notice it happen
- hop up is really odd to get perfect but its not hard to just weird

I got the pdw and im gonna be putting a review up soon on youtube if you wanna see more in depth
OtterlyAmazing on yt
by Mitchell A. on 09/19/2020
"Very snappy gun OotB with an 11.1 in it. Take note that it does not come with sights so they must be purchased separately. I got a Swiss Arms 1.5-5x32 Compact Illuminated Scope and a scope protector.

My only con is that a Titan Power 11.2 barely fits thus the stock is at the 5th and 6th positions (from inside out) due to the length of the battery. Fortunately, its very easy to disconnect the battery as the stock just slides off after pulling down on the adjustment clip.

I've yet to try the foregrip, just need to get a proper screwdriver to put it on the mlok rail.

While I do love the stock mag, I plan on getting ones that can work well with both this rifle and my f2k, and this will be more of a longer range rifle.

The orange tip is NOT the one shown in the video, just a simple one with a grub screw and looks like a standard FH.

Upper and Lower receiver are a very nice metal and the locking pegs stay on the gun which is great.