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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel Mesh "Striker V1" Lower Half Mask (Color: Pink)

60 Customer Reviews

by Collin F. on 03/31/2020
"It's the classic mesh mask that everyone loves.

When I was first starting out, I made the mistake of going for the Gen 2 because I thought it was a great way to protect my neck, ears, and face all in one. However, I was horribly wrong, and it was a struggle to play with such a bulky mask restricting my movement.

A buddy of mine ran a knockoff of this Gen 1, and he claimed to never have any issues with restriction of movement or difficulty aiming, even while on iron sights. So, when I made my next order, I figured I might as well give it a shot.

Let me tell you: This has made a world of difference. Where as before I physically could not comfortably aim down iron sights due to the nature of the Gen 2, now I am able to play for hours without even realizing it's there. I haven't even custom fit it to my goggles yet and it's still extremely comfortable. While it makes some contact with my face, it moves very little, so there's minimal irritation. In addition, this mask allows me to have full range of motion, where as the Gen 2's rigid neck protection made it to where I was physically unable to look down.

I absolutely love this mask, and I would recommend it to any player looking for a non-restrictive form of protection for their face. Please keep in mind, though, that this does not offer protection for the ears or neck, so if you're worried about these areas, consider adding muffs and a scarf to your setup.

Overall, 5/5, would recommend to all players
by Dennis W. on 04/08/2019
"This mask is much nicer than my previous one. It is breathable and I have gotten shot close range and it's protected me well.
A notable big plus is that this mask can be "formed to your face" with the wire being bendable (but strong)
by jeff h. on 08/03/2018
"I love this mask it does what intentions to do; protect your face.
by kevin n. on 06/28/2018
"Good generic face mask that can be adjusted to most people's face. I loan these out to my friends who either don't have or forgot their lower face pro.
by Paul L. on 04/29/2017
"Excellent fit. Stays where you put it and provides good protection. I pair it with shooting glasses.
by Jaime S. on 01/07/2017
"Great mask. I had to cut it to my face because I'm only 12, so the face shape/head is smaller then a grow man. Im buying a bunch of these and putting cool designs on them. Im thinking the Joker (White, Red smile). But these are great because you can bend the mask to you're face better. They look cool, they work and are nice to wear. Thank you Evike!
by Christian L. on 04/20/2016
"I bought this mask not really knowing what to expect, but let me just say that this is the best purchase I have ever made for airsoft. it comes in a small plastic bag and you do have to mold it to your face but it literally takes 5 seconds. plus it gives a super cool look and will protect you from chipping a tooth by a stray BB. very good and vital piece of equipment for every airsofter. Thanks evike!!!!!!!!
by Mason E. on 04/01/2016
"This mask has not failed me yet! I got this mask a long while ago. Even though I bought this two strap model it only came with one strap on it which was kinda weird, it still works perfect though. It will fit your face pretty well although the strap might rub on your ears some if you don't set it right when you put it on. It's a strong mask yet you can shape it any way you would like.

Adjustable in any way

Doesn't fit with most goggles
Doesn't come as advertised
Uncomfortable at times
by Ryan Y. on 11/26/2015
"Works really good and looks awesome, very comfortable
by Jacob M. on 07/18/2015
"I really love this mask, the V1 design is the most low profile iron face mask in my opinion and is perfect for sniping, it is worth noting that it does come with a different strap than in the picture, it has 4 black straps which I think is better so that's no problem, when you get it, depending on your face, you may need to bend and work with it but this mask is highly recommended especially for about 10 bucks
by Elijah M. on 07/14/2015
"This awesome skull mask is a great buy. I would spend $13.00 to keep all of my teeth in my mouth. NOTE: I would not recommend this to anyone under 12... considering its size. I love how it does not effect your shooting AT ALL! All of my other masks seem to hinder the usage of scopes. Works well with safety glasses. (WARNING does not work with goggles.) THANK YOU EVIKE!
by Tia O. on 06/16/2015
"I love this mesh mask but I have one tooth after the fangs and not two but I still love it. I give it 5 Stars!!!
by Nijae V. on 05/19/2015
"Love it! Very solid and it was the same color as the picture. Only con was the nose section, it's pushes up on it. But it's fixable.
by Luis U. on 01/25/2015
"This is a good protection for the lower part of your face. I got shot and I didn't feel a thing.
by Joshua Y. on 09/21/2014
"Best.meshMask.EVER.its very comfortable,lightweight,and durable .ive had this for about 2 months now and it's great !

Fits great with goggles (I have global vision no fog goggles)
(I have glasses and they fit great)
Comes with 2 straps