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APS XTP Shark Full Automatic Select-Fire Full Metal Co2 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Color: Two-Tone Black + Multicam / Standard)

44 Customer Reviews

by mike w. on 04/02/2018
"great side arm.... the full auto function is awesome!! and easy to get to, also has some great stippling on the grip my only CON for this gun is that with the CO2.. the kick from the blowback switches the pistol from semi to full auto sometimes when firing but other then that its a great pistol and loads of fun to shot. On top of the performance of this pistol another PRO is that you can adjust the pull on the trigger making it where you have almost no reset (or at least you don't feel it) which I think is pretty cool from a stock pistol.
by Kevin N. on 03/30/2018
"love this gun and is a straight shooter . the review I gave of the black hornet will pretty much cover this gun as well.
THE ONLY PROBLEM I had with this gun is the ambi. mag releases. I have medium size hands and as soon as I take a shot the ball of my left hand releases the mag.
Other than that I love it.
Pros. just about everything
cons. the ambi mag release '
by Austin B. on 01/30/2018
"This gun is good and functions just like the black hornet with some minor diferences in design. I bought this pistol to be my new left hand sidearm because it features an ambidextrous mag release which works good. If you like the black hornet this pistol is for you. That being said if you already own a black hornet and have hard shell holsters for it they will not fit the shark variant. The shark is slightly wider since the safety was moved to both sides of the pistol. The pistol overall is great and can be a great primary for CQB. Also there is no threaded barrel and there are no dots on the rear sight.
by Gail J. on 12/05/2017
"Only gave 4 stars so you can see this comment

Been waiting since September I bought a magazine and bbs for it early November only for them to move date AGAIN I don't get it, why do i need to wait so long for a gun that was supposed to be here MONTHS ago
by Michael S. on 12/14/2020
"The pistol is a decent and cheap starter pistol, it's light weight, its got a decent amount of aftermarket parts to upgrade, and the full auto rps is really nice, but I ran into a few problems with it. Three days after I got the gun and the first time I'm shooting it, the inside of the slide chipped and the gun became unusable. i got it repaired, but during my first actual game, it started having feeding issues and the reciprocation of the slide became sluggish and by the end of the game unusable.
by Aidan L. on 07/02/2020
"It’s an okay gun. All of my clips leak co2, the slide is bad after one year of use. But it is a fun gun.
by tammy m. on 06/11/2018
"Bought this gun a few months back as a pistol companion to my M4. Overall the gun has good accuracy. I take care of my things so I am disappointed because after only 3 months of use the (replacement) magazine falls out with every shot fired. The retainer clip is not large enough to hold such a heavy magazine (I am now on my second magazine). Overall Co2 usage is acceptable, you can get in 3 magazines full of bb's before co2 runs out - and you get a lot of exercise picking up the magazine after each shot : ) . The first time the original magazine fell out I was shooting out of my garage door (on cement door entry) and the clip and the Co2 cover broke after hitting the cement so I had to buy a new magazine. That was extremely frustrating. I now only shoot over the lawn. I would not buy this gun again only because of the magazine falling out. If the retainer clip were fixed I would rate this gun at five stars!
by Kirt F. on 04/04/2018
"I got this pistol in January or late February, and just recently ran into some problems. Aesthetically the pistol is great. I love the sight picture, and full auto is a sweet function for a GBB. The quality of this pistol is where I ran into problems.

Upon using my sidearm for the third or fourth time ever, some things started happening that I can't be too pleased with. The gun fell apart. I shot two bbs out of it,and the screw holding the assembly together in the back of the slide (i.e. the rear sight screw) flew out to some unbeknownst area, causing the fire selector switch to then tumble off of the gun, also getting lost. It wouldn't be so bad, except I now don't even have a functioning gun after only owning it for a month or so. Kind of disappointed in APS for as much as I spent. All in all, I wouldn't buy this gun for actual use in a game, it's more of a collector gun that looks good.
by Derek G. on 11/08/2020
"Ive had this gun for a while now. It looks amazing! It looks so realistic. It feels great too. But here is the bad part-It leaks co2 like crazy. I thought I probably just got a messed up gun, but my friend bought it and his leaked worse than mine did. It may have just been the gun I got, but I doubt it. I would highly recommend you don't waste your time on this gun
by Justin P. on 10/02/2020
"Accurate gun but not reliable at all. From the moment I picked it up there was a problem with a safety that I assume happened from getting knocked around in shipping but depending on which way you flick the gun or which orientation you hold it, the safety would engage on its own and you would be unable to shoot. I wish I would have gotten the gun replaced rather than returning it but if I were to keep it the safety would have to be removed. Not reliable at all. If it can't survive shipping how would it survive a good few years of field days
by Joseph p. on 03/01/2019
"very cool gun mag is completely trash leaks an random fall outs
by Jonathan R. on 11/20/2018
"The APS Shark. Head high hopes for this gun. Maybe i got a bad one but when i got it. Opened it box came with no damage filled the mag with a new co2 cartridge put a little silicon on the tip. Open the gun to make sure the insides were lubed which there were. Then went out side put the mag in and cocked it back pulled the trigger and the gun went bang. BUT the mag fell out when i shot i thought o pressed the mag release tryed again and again kept falling out i bought 2 erxta mags tryed them same iusses so i emailed evike i sent it to them and they "fixxed it took almost a mouth to get back. But got it back and was working great standing still. Took it out for a game put it in a holster. As soon as i ran the mag flopped out. Breaking. Broke 2 mags. When i did use it. It was very accurate with. 25s and nice on full auto


Feels nice
Looks great
Shoots far and straight
Has nice kick


Had to send it back to get fixxed and didnt get completely fixed
Eats gas like a tank
To light feels flimsy
Mags flew out with out pressing mag release
Mag broke easy after one drop
Will break easy

All in all it looks great and shoots well but that doesn't matter if mags fly out when you dont want them to and break easy. Got say real real disappointed in APS
by Matt A. on 04/21/2018
"Just get a regular pistol. I bought this and it is terrible. Fills up with gunk and dirt faster than a real handgun does. Also, the seal on the mag it comes with is terrible. Even bought a second to see if it was just a faulty mag but no, they're both terrible. If I wasn't so damn lazy I would return 100%.
by Chris S. on 07/25/2018
"Terrible, just got it today and the mag is horrible and the whole gun broke within 10 mins, DO NOT BUY