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The " SWAGG Pack" (Edition: 21)

380 Customer Reviews

by Nevin B. on 07/24/2019
"I also just got the shipped notification! 3.2 lbs package....we shall see
by Morgan S. on 07/22/2019
"Just got notification that it was shipped today. Now fingers crossed as to what shows up! Will update as soon as it arrives!
by Seth B. on 05/28/2019
"Bought one a few months ago. Wasnt the higest quality stuff but the patch and the decals i got from it were awesome! The dinky springer i got i bring to the field just to joke around. Im excited to see what i get in this one!
by Teri A. on 05/06/2019
"Mine weighs 3 pounds, i' m hoping for something good.
by Ian P. on 05/02/2019
"Dont even have it yet but I ordered last night with ground shipping and it already is coming tomorrow. Ordered with about 14 other items in tactical stuff and gear and it says 8lbs so prob no good gun but well see.
by Gary K. on 05/01/2019
"Got a 3 lb package coming from UPS this time. Hoping for the best. Hooked on these!
by Edward B. on 04/14/2019
"Somehow managed to land a $140 PU 3.5x replica Russian WW2 scope. Instantly convinced me to keep buying these Swag Packs.

The odds of getting more expensive stuff are about 12%. This includes scopes, drum mags, pistols, rifles, and SMGs. So, for $10 shipping, those are very reasonable odds considering at worst you walk away with some patches, stickers, and a springer.

Good looks Evike.
by Johnny M. on 03/22/2019
"Awesome buy scored the demolition ranch couldn't be happier gotta love evikes roll the dice for $10.
by Bobby m. on 03/20/2019
"could not be happier with this swag bag! Thanks EVIKE!!
by christopher L. on 03/13/2019
"I bought a few these and was not disappointed so far.
Received many patches, many hex mags, a few cheap airsoft pistol, and many Evike popper targets.

In one the packs, I actually received a grand power pistol which is well worth the money.

The trick - to get lucky!
by christopher L. on 02/24/2019
"I got:

AR-15 Magazine shaped utility box blue target
Kriss Vector Patch
Original Doge patch

Good for those who like little airsoft knick knacks.
by christopher L. on 02/24/2019
"I received:

Storm Trooper Doge patch
ASP 716 Mini Airsoft Spring Powered pistol with blue/green strobe flashlight. Surprisingly shoots far with a .20g ( ikr ) and I got someone in a cqb game with it.
Orange Foam Cone
Vinyl Hex Decals

I think this is well worth the 10$ if you're into little knick knacks.
by Kyle S. on 02/22/2019
"I ordered 7 of them, I'm waiting on the last 2 to come in, but in the last five, I got 4 ehh packages, no patch packs, but the fifth was a 120$ scope which I'm really happy about, will for sure buy the next pack!
by Michael S. on 02/21/2019
"I didn't win big but, it was a fun little roll of the dice. Thanks Evike!
by Jacob R. on 02/17/2019
"Just bought one. Hoping for the F-1 Demo Ranch rifle :0