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The " SWAGG Pack" (Edition: 21)

380 Customer Reviews

by AUSTIN H. on 10/27/2019
"This was a nice mini pack. There is a decent chance of getting a nice gun though since they see open box they aren't in perfect condition, small scuffs/ a little dirty, . All in all a great deal. The fact that they hand out a random magazine with it is a bit interesting as none if my guns can use it.
by Eli C. on 10/25/2019
"I ordered three of these and so far so good what you get is well worth what you payed for and the quality of the items you get are good aside from the spring hand gun. I wold recommend this to anyone who is looking for a little extra something in there airsoft arsenal.
by Ethan C. on 10/22/2019
"Bought this just expecting a springer pistol, an extra battery, and patches. Instead I got an open box MB4411D sniper rifle, which came in excellent condition and it retails for around $120. So thanks Evike!
by Cole W. on 10/19/2019
"This was a fantastic purchase. I bought one the second I saw it. As an airsoft enthusiast, anything in this package is easily worth it. I received the spring pistol with the grenade screwdriver set and more. Even though I got a crappy gun, the rest of the package was easily worth it. My only concern was receiving the package of bbs and a sack of conness. Yes, it is worth the purchase, but I live in AZ and would not have been able to pick up the sack, which would mean I only got bbs. Not bad, but I wish that it would have been a shipped order. Other than that little detail, I recommend that anyone who is on an airsoft budget should get this package. It includes essentials as well as possibly a fantastic addition to your airsoft collection. Thank you Evike for the fast 3 day delivery that this package came in. 10/10 would buy again.
by Mauricio Z. on 09/12/2019
"I got 3 pounds so hopefully is good
by Anthony G. on 08/24/2019
"Of course like everyone else I was hoping to get a quality AEG or gas blowback pistol but I did get a couple cool patches, metal target and a spring uzi which is actually pretty nice! I'm happy with what I got regardless, 10$ is worth the gamble even if i had just gotten patches. Thank you!
by Bill W. on 08/23/2019
"paid 10 bucks and got a kwc luger!
by Matthew R. on 08/17/2019
"They sent me a 100 dollar pistol so you can actually win really good stuff btw my box was 3 pounds
by Baxter G. on 08/15/2019
"My luck has been doing pretty good lately and today I got a gbb pistol to top it off so I’m extremely happy with this Swagg pack and definitely will be buying the upcoming releases
by Joshua h. on 08/15/2019
"I got stickers and patches I might not have a vest for the patches but I might just give him away I don't know yet
by Miguel A. on 08/12/2019
"I got a nice ASG Sport 701 metal revolver with speedloader and 6 rounds and an AR 15 magazine box! Thank you Evike :)
by Israel G. on 08/08/2019
"Yeeyy! Like they say, the 3rd is the charm... I have just received my 3rd shipment and even though the UPS weight was the same as the previous two that contained the mini uzi springer, today to my surprise I got a CO2 airsoft all metal revolver, not brand new, but works... Thanks Evike.
by Austin J. on 08/05/2019
"Just got the 3.00 pound box and assume it would be one of the lower prizes because thats how every single box ive gotten was and ive bought 10 of these through the series. Ended up getting the flashlight and pistol. Not a bad flashlight.
by Patrick L. on 08/02/2019
"Get lucky! Thats the whole point of these packs. Ive purchased the last three (including this one) and multiple times each. This is the first one so far that I have gotten a nice prize. Scored myself a UTG Combat flashlight with a pressure plate for my rifle. The biggest thing about these packs is nothing more than what i said at the beginning of this review. You. Have. To. Get. Lucky. THATS THE FUN OF IT
by Eric M. on 07/31/2019
"I ordered 2 days ago and received it today, I got the JG Mac-10 AEG with the hex patch stickers.
I cant wait to bust this bad boy out on my local field!
Also this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better then my last swagg pack which consisted of only patches and stickers, hopefully im just as lucky on my next swagg pack.
I got a $100 gun for $10 : )