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The " SWAGG Pack" (Edition: 21)

380 Customer Reviews

by Connor D. on 01/25/2020
"Ended up with a brand new GBB pistol. ASG CZ 75 P-07. I already have a sidearm so I'll probably sell it, but definitely worth the 15 bucks for the pack and shipping!
by Liam B. on 01/22/2020
"Overall it was a good buy and I would buy it again when the next one comes out. I got more then $10 worth of things, even after shipping ($9 with coupon) it was still worth it.
by andres a. on 01/21/2020
"I got the consolation prize that being said I gave the patches to my son and daughter who absolutely loved them. Loaded up the cheap Spring pistol that came with it and shot my friends. Not sure if I will use the LED armband but i got it just in case. Over all everything that came in the package got used and was still fun. I knew the this was not a Guarantee and would definitely purchase this again. Thank you for the chance and keep up the awesomeness.
by Andrea T. on 01/09/2020
"Has anyone had a package that said it was under five pounds
by Nicholas J. on 12/31/2019
"I bought a pack and it weighs 3 lbs exactly. I hope it’s not something bad...
by john s. on 12/30/2019
"Last one I got it had a 30rnd bamf mag and the first ever rifle I bought for evike. I have gotten bbs,pistols/rifles most the time I have gotten the SWAGG PACK. Over all just a fun little surprise
by Benjamin L. on 12/17/2019
"A great novely item. I purchased one and received a spring action pistol, a grenade screwdriver, a hex patch, and an Evike metal can target. May not be the greatest things but I still think $10 is worth it. My suggestion is to add it to an order, you get a nice like surprise every time.
by Sean P. on 12/06/2019
"Like surprises but don’t need to dump money into mystery boxes of AEGs you don’t really need? This is a no brainer! I try to grab one with every order I place, I’ve collected lots of patches and random Evike goodies, I have yet to be disappointed. Today I landed a beautiful stainless WE 1911, so there’s always a chance you could get a payout from these things. You gotta play to win!
by Ethan A. on 11/27/2019
"I ordered 2 of them, waited impatiently then once i opened them i got a 110 shotgun and a 90 dollar gbb pistol, im beyond satisfied
by Patrick W. on 11/21/2019
"First time ordering anything from evike heres hoping for something good
by brody w. on 11/16/2019
"I ordered one and I hope I get the sniper camouflage, overall for 10$ what’s there to loose here
by Keirsten S. on 11/05/2019
"My package came in at 3.2 pounds and i was surprised to see that it was a bolt action sniper rifle
by Joey Z. on 11/04/2019
"I got to leave a great review since I won a G&G GR16 totally worth it if you willing to take the risk!
by jesse s. on 11/04/2019
"My swagg pack contained a single tan 30rd mid cap and an a&K stubby m4. Very satisfied for only $10
by Matthew M. on 10/28/2019
"I bought 2 from this wave. The first got a spring pistol, patches, etc. that made my nephew very happy. The second got me a Lancer Tactical (pid 60492). It is having some feed issues at the moment, but I definitely have my money’s worth if I can get them resolved.