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Matrix / S&T Sportsline M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black RIS 9" / 350 FPS)

132 Customer Reviews

by Jake G. on 07/14/2012
"oh my god! i love this gun. its amazing i have only good things to say for it.

pros: accuracy,rpm,compact,adjustable,easy to work on,great for any combat situation,anybody who hears it will run in fear!
by erick a. on 04/27/2012
by Brandon M. on 09/08/2010
"I've owned this gun for about 6 months now and it being my first good quality AEG I am thoroughly impressed. In the review it says the battery is for test purposes only, but I've been using it in all my matches and it hasn't let up an ounce. While im sure it could be better, the ROF is still pretty impressive and I havnt found an opponent yet that can match the range. The only thing I would probably upgrade with this gun is a longer barrel, red-dot scope, and a metal casing. Other than that, I love this gun! I have gone from win-some-lose-some to lose-few-win-most.

-Decent ROF out of box
-Killer FPS (405)
-Fairly light
-Metal Railing
-Hurricane Stock (very comfortable)
-Long lasting battery (I go all day, not one time has it died on me)
-Rail covers (make it super comfortable)
-Really accurate

-Short Barrel (it's a con for me)
-Plastic Body (doesn't rust though)
-Needs a good Red-dot
by chris c. on 03/26/2010
"had this gun for a while. amazing gun with ridiculous rate of fire. this gun has good accuracy with a tightbore install but im going to tell you this now. almost posititve there is no way to put a silencer and install a longer barrel. the barrel in it is quite short and is more of a good cqb gun then a field gun. If your looking for range it is not for you but everything is unreal
by eden b. on 01/25/2010
"I bought this gun and i love it! The price is perfect and you get everything. My friend spent more on his cqb KWA m4 and mine shoots higher fps and i have a higher rate of fire. I bought this gun and the 340$ vest on here the cordor gaurder and 2 mid caps. Honestly its perfect. I carry a little jar of bb;s with me in the case i run out but im more of like a guy that likes to aim and shoot not just fire so a hi cap and 2 mid caps is fine..

There are some downsides to this:
the battery dies out fast so have a spare or a smart charger.. not big problem
Fuse burns out fast.. Theyre cheap 1$ but to put them on is hard. If u dont know how u need to take it in can take 15 - 35 minutes...

Now what i wanted to know from a moderator was,
I just bought a 11.1 Li-po Battery for this gun and i wanted to know if itll work? Let me know if the Zombat is compatable with an 11.1 lipo battery. Thanks
by Glenn J. on 04/13/2009
"I got my jg cqb-r about 1 month ago. it has consistantly shot 401fps sence i got it. ive upgraded it with a tenergy 10.8 4500 battery and rof is insane. ive also put a jbu 455mm 6.03 barrel with zombie killer silencer and accuracy is insane all the way out to 150ft. my friend advised against the 10.8 battery but its been on there for 3 weeks and i havnt been easy on it and it hasnt let up one bit. also i have put on a bipod foregrip and 5,000 round a&k mag ,scope riser with a leapers red green scope.
the silencer did alittle bit to silence the gun down but not much. dont get it if you want a quiet gun cause like the jg m16 its very loud. i personaly like it . .
by eric h. on 02/19/2009
"this gun is sick. the only problem that ive had with it is it seems 2 jam every once n a while but ive decided that its a mag feeding prob.i love this gun

Webmaster: All you need is some silicone oil in your hop-up unit and you should shoot smoothly.
by Jacob D. on 02/04/2009
"OMG this gun is awesome i love it i got it just a few days ago and it decimates my other team mates they looked at me funny at first then they were all quiet. No one messes with me with this gun.
by Zachary S. on 01/04/2009
"I have this gun. It works very well for outdoor play, but im sorry it doesnt leave welts at 100 yards away.
Good ROF
Good FPS (if event or people you play with allow aegs over 400 fps)
Entire front rail mount is metal, along with the gear box and such.
Battery has a good life but it can run out.

Guns a little loud.
The the body from the front forgrip is plastic.
Crane Stock for me is annoying as hell.

Ide give it a 9/10.

WEbmaster: 100 yard is 300 feet....
by Margaret P. on 12/25/2008
"this gun is great there is so much you can do to it I have so many upgrades and external parts for it and it has not burnt out yet
by Silvia Z. on 12/09/2008
"The battery that comes iwth it is great...... it is a 9.6 Volt Numchuck battery


it has sniperlike accuracy
by Nick C. on 12/03/2008
"also, wiil a 9.6v nunchuck battery fit the gun??????????????
by Nick C. on 12/03/2008
"the review of the gun at the bottom of the page sair top rail doesnt fit alot of sights; is that true????
by matt s. on 11/24/2008
"i love this gun. this is the best gun i have ever had. it does shoot about 400 fps an in fact leave welts at 100 yards away.

1. high fps
2. great use-fullness
3. not heavy
4. comes with a huge crane stock battery
5. ris is metal but covers are not
6. low price great for beginning and advanced players

1. feels plasticy
2. to strong for indoor play
3. top rail dosent fit alot of sights, scopes etc.

But over all awesome gun
by Silvia Z. on 11/17/2008
"To the review below me. This gun is amazing. It is very easy to install a tight bore barrel and if you wanted even more accuracy you could buy the Evike CQBR barrel extention set that would allow more room for a longer barrel (which is what i did) by then the gun is shooting around 450 and goes 200 feet which is further than my UTG MK96! After that I bought the Matrix Shooter's Universal Laser, UTG Deluxe Tactical Flashlight, UTG Ergonomic Foregrip, and the 551 style red dot (the square tubeless one).

Ya its awesome.

I am planning on installing a metal reciever next to make my gun even more awesome.


The battery lasts really long