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Matrix / S&T Sportsline M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black RIS 9" / 350 FPS)

132 Customer Reviews

by Andrew L. on 11/18/2018
"this gun is good because it is cheap but holds up . it also has good range
by Gary D. on 11/11/2018
"I've had this gun for a while now. Overall, It's a pretty good gun. (Mine has a metal outer barrel and RIS...) Lightweight, great FPS and range. I dropped it once, pretty hard, and the only thing that happened to it was a little bit of scratches only

Good FPS and range
Metal outer barrel, trigger, gearbox, mag release
Not a ton of wiggle to the gun. (The stock may wiggle slightly)

Lots of plastic parts

This makes for a pretty darn good starter gun! I like it personally.
by Kurt F. on 11/08/2018
"for the price is really good, the range is much more than i expected. But of course you are getting what you are paying for, maybe a bit more.

In general the performance was awesome for the price tag
by Marina D. on 11/07/2018
"I bought this gun about a month ago and I have to say, it's a very solid gun INTERNALLY. This thing has a full metal gear box, a m120 spring, a copper 6.03mm barrel and a one piece hop up. The heart of the gun is on par with a lot of higher end guns out on the market. The externals of this gun are made out of abs polymer which makes the gun light weight, but it doesn't take as much punishment or abuse than a full metal gun would. The ris system is pretty solid and it does it's job well. The vertical grip that came with the gun is very wobbly so you should get a new one. The same goes for the crane stock. Overall i like this gun, it's lightweight, metal where it needs to be and dead on accurate.

full metal gear box
m120 spring
6.03 mm barrel
durable plastic
solid construction

wobbly vertical grip
by Fredy R. on 10/21/2018
"I just got the lipo ready RIS 9 and im really happy with this package. I was super surprised to find out when picking the gun up out of the box, i noticed the RIS was full metal. I personally love realism and the added weight of the metal rail system was super nice. Felt exactly like the real one. Im a huge fan of the mk18 mod1 platform and knowing that in the future i can use this rail system for any upper is freaking awesome. The rest of the gun is all plastic (externally) unfortunately, but its pretty durable and im happy with it. Had a little problem with sepation of the top rail on the upper receiver because the included red dot was eating the rail up from the bottom it was a quick fix with some super glue. Still shouldnt happen and ill probably end up switching the parts of this gun out in the future but would be nice to have that not happen for the time being. The rest of it externally is fine. Internally the gun is solid and ill probably end up upgrading it with a few little things later on to keep it prestine. The super badass bolt catch system simulates the real m4 perfectly and saves you time when adjusting the hop up. I love how this comes with two mags and all but it would have been nice to get two hi caps and not just a hi and a mid. But at this point im just nit picking. The red/green dot sight is super nice, it was one of my deciding factors when getting this package. It works really well but you might want to buy a killflash for it just to keep the front lense safe. The batteries and chargers are really good as well. One battery on full charge lasted me a whole day and the second one ill just keep as a backup or for my next intermediate aeg. The little gun bag is kinda ugly to me id rather transport the gun in the box or just buy an actual gun bag but for the most part its nice they give u the option. All though it would have been so much better to replace that bag or "airsoft sack" whatever you want to call it with bbs so it could be a "complete starter package". All and all its a solid package and a good buy. If you're starting out its amazing. Ive had a good time at my local field with it and im planning on having a lot of fun with it for a while. BUY IT, THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR ITS A MOD 1 DO IT
by Joy C. on 10/11/2018
"This is a superb gun I have owned it for 3 months and I love it. I ordered a matrix butterfly battery with it and they functioned perfectly. The rifle chronographed at around 389 FPS.

-390 Fps, its great for the outdoor play I need and the gun is very easy to downgrade to a M90 spring for indoor in seconds.
-Durable body although i would immensely prefer metal
-Gearbox works like a charm
-CQB style gun is extremely comfortable
-Orange tip is not shiny
-Included pistol grip is amazing and comfortable
-It makes me look like a total bad-ass which is definitely an issue since I lead the Spec Ops section of my airsoft team and need to be feared

-Plastic upper and lower receiver but it's a con for the weight you get and price. I have a love and hate relationship with my polymer and metal receiver AR / M4 AEG.
by Sara C. on 10/07/2018
It's made by Matrix
Great internals
Very tough externals
nice rails and mock silencer
Metal ris rails
Con: None
by Christophe G. on 10/05/2018
"I have had this rifle for 3 months now, and I love it. The polymer body is very sturdy, and the full metal RIS rails are very sturdy. Without any upgrades and a 9.6v battery, I can push 900 rpm. The magazine that come with the gun work and feeds great.
by Jason L. on 10/05/2018
"Overall this gun is great. I've had it for a while now and it still works perfectly. Good for both a long range fight outside and a CQB games inside.

nice FPS
nice ROF
full length upper rails and four smaller ones on the front (good for mounting lasers or fore grips)
nice range


Overall this gun awesome and I would recommend it to other airsofters.
by Lily W. on 10/03/2018
"This gun is amazing! The trigger reponse is amazing and the feeding is superb. It shoots 200 feet with 390 fps and hop up adjusted its dead on accurate
I will rate this gun a 10 for beginners and pros and it's also made by Matrix and for only $150.00 thats a good price. All in all this gun is awesome.
by Walter C. on 10/02/2018
"This replica is great, a quite light and precise compact , it feels very nice and smooth.
this shoots around 390 fps and have great distance, i recommend a 9.6 1600mh battery, you get much better ROF, battery is easy to install and magazine feeds well.


- light , compact and smooth
- magazine feeds well
- great rof and distance
- adjustable iron sight included

cons :

- don't include battery and charger, remember to buy one
by Jonathan R. on 10/01/2018
"360 FPS with .25 gram BBs I have kept everything stock. Great CQB gun but can still do the job at field games. The polymer body is sturdy and light weight. Metal rail system is great! Hop up works amazingly well. Battery fitting is easy. Overall a great gun you don't have to do anything to.
by Jon L. on 10/01/2018
accurate for short gun
free float ris
very high quality
crane stock
feels very nice
light weight
high rof
excellent performance

does not come with battery or charger
polymer body may sway others away
by Daniel S. on 09/28/2018
"After owning this first generation of the Matrix for a about three year time now and this gun just keeps on going! Nothing has broken or has been changed in 3 years. It still shoots wonderful for being a shorter length m4. This new version seem to come with a new logo and a electronic trigger gearbox and quick change spring, looks even better!
by Michael J. on 09/25/2018
"awesome gun. I have had it for 6 months and it is outstanding. preforms to perfect accuracy up to 100feet . great fps and amazing rate of fire. great for cqb.

great fps
great range
great rate of fire
metal rails
metal rear and front sight
crane stock

top heavy just a little without a grip

other than that its an outstanding gun. one of the best guns that Matrix makes in this price range. a must buy