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Matrix / S&T Sportsline M4 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ G3 Micro-Switch Gearbox (Model: Black RIS 9" / 350 FPS)

132 Customer Reviews

by george l. on 06/24/2020
"amazing gun, took out out stock, gun fires great! great price too
by Carter C. on 06/14/2020
"Finally played a game with this gun. For 120~ dollars, this is without a doubt the best gun for a starter. This thing can easily compete with higher end guns and still be accessible to someone looking to get into the hobby on a budget. I purchased the "DARK EARTH URX 8 inch" model

- It has a rotary hopup, mosfet and a micro switch which are usually things you only find in guns above the $200 mark.
- Out of the box it can handle an 11.1v lipo which i highly recommend since the extra power makes the gun snappier and gives it a higher ROF.
- Surprisingly good range (I was getting kills at a little more than 150 ft consistently)
- Since it has a mosfet, high torque moter and a metal gearbox: This gun should be very reliable from an airsoft tech perspective (This is an estimate though since i havent used this gun for a very long time)
- Price for what you get is unbeatable. Nothing else in this price range has a mosfet, microswitch, rotary hopup, and can handle high output 11.1v lipos out of the box.

- The body construction is primarily polymer so it doesn't feel super realistic. However it is a durable and stiff polymer that doesnt feel flimsy or fragile.

If youre looking for a reliable gun to get into the hobby or even just a loaner gun, this is the best option for this price range
by Joshua R. on 04/27/2020
"I have had this gun for a year now and i love it. the best first airsoft gun. iv jammed once since iv had it and thats been it. works realy well. would i recommend this gun oh heck yea i would. my friends are jellus for how well it works. they wish they had gotten one too.
by Charles G. on 01/31/2020
"I love this rifle i will say that the gearbox has to be modified or changed if you plan on using gate titan. Or at least on the one i purchased which said it was a v2 but eh not gonna complain. I have played several games and it out of the box was very fun to play. I put a prowin hopup with a flat hop and a madbull 6.03 tight bore as well as a gate titan. I give this a 5 out of 5
by Andre S. on 01/04/2020
"Yeah, this gun is dope. Took it out to the field for a the first time a few weeks ago and it did everything it needed to.

- Nice and light
- great trigger response
- shoots really hard (like, almost too hard for some cqb places)
- it just looks so cool. I got the tan cqb-r and it just makes me feel like a spec ops dude

- the stock kinda sucks. Still works just fine and it's solid, but the quality isn't great. Probably gonna switch it out
- full auto is a little disappointing. I couldn't tell you the rof for sure, but it wasn't nearly as high as I thought it'd be
- front flip up sight isn't great either. It's super hard to flip up, but who really uses their sights while airsofting anyways?

In conclusion, this gun is great and it'll be even better when you upgrade it
by Hayden G. on 12/14/2019
"This thin competes with my $350 Krytac SPR MKII Trident, this gun is slept on and more people, including experienced people should get this
by matthew t. on 07/13/2019
"Stop thinking about it and just do it, . . .

This wasn't my first airsoft gun, or even my third one. However, I wish it would have been my first.

Don't be scared off by the non-metal full body. This is still built very well. I admit, I bought this gun for the internals. Though, just how it is right out of the box, it has performed way better than my more expensive stock guns. This thing is truly a laser.


Accuracy: I have guns with tight bore barrels in them that this shoots just as accurate as them.

Internals: With the reinforced gear box and the built in mosfet you can run a 11.1! When you're trying to get that extra advantage, it's the little things that add up. With the added fire rate you get from this gun being able to run an 11.1 inside of it, coupled with the accuracy = laser!

Light weight: I wasn't sure how I would respond to the lighter weight, as I typically like the full metal feel. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. I sometimes run with a riot shield. If I choose to, and have a couple times, I still can with this gun. I still feel confident with my shots only one handing this weapon. Did I tell you about the accuracy yet??

Additionally with the lighter build I am able to equip different attachments to this gun that I previously haven't with my heavier ones. I added a double clip for my 460 round flash magazines and it shoots like a dream. If you think about it, adding nearly a 1000 rounds with two full metal magazines can add quite a bit of weight to a load out. But with this gun, it honestly doesn't matter. I honestly don't really have a use for my rig anymore, lol.

Price: Whether you're buying this gun as a project for the internals or needing a gun that can truly compete with the 500 dollar price range ones. This is the one for you. It has a mosfet, it has a electric switch trigger for quicker response. It has everything those guns come with. I really was skeptical about how good this gun would be for the price. Let me be one of the many that tell you this. For what you get, this is truly the best deal out there currently.

The first time I took this out to our buddy's field where we play, I easily had my best outing.

Cons: It's a little smaller than I thought it would be. I bought the 8" variance. If you want something closer to the real size feel, go with the 10". However, with mine being as small as it is, it fits nicely in my backpack so easier travelling.

Honestly no others come to mind. Yes, it isn't full metal, but if other guns sacrificed externals for better internals like this gun did, I would buy them all. Again, even if you drop it, it'll hold up. It's a very strong polymer. They use these for rental guns at arenas out in California. One, it means they hold up well. Additionally, it means they perform well. Arenas aren't going to give you a gun that doesn't perform at least in the same realm as other guns people bring in from the outside. They want you to come back to spend more money.

I even had other friends use this gun for a couple matches to ensure the performance wasn't all in my head. They all did well with it.

You're getting this far into my review and haven't clicked cart / check out?!?!?!?!? What are you waiting for??????
by Joshua D. on 03/04/2019
"I’ve been playing airsoft for almost 7 years and I’ll say one thing. This gun is good straight out of the box. I bought the tan RIS version (wanted to get the black one but oh well.)
I’ll just go ahead and list the pros and cons.
-Very sturdy and well made gun, doesn’t rattle when you shake it and there are no loose parts.
-The ris is full metal AND it is an mk18 mod 1 style ris which I’m a big fan of.
-Lots of space to put on the ris but it’s all down to personal preference.
- Shoots really hard, for me it shot around 390 FPS.
- Comes with a good metal magazine.
-The body itself is plastic (externals) but it’s not a cheap plastic, this can also be a pro because it makes the gun lighter but can be a con if the user wants a metal body, this part is all down to personal preference. Also no rusting.
-Nice flip up sights, very clear to see through
-Short rail perfect for cqb which this gun excels in, people complain that the gun is too short but it’s actually supposed to be short considering it’s an mk18. Though this gun is good for outdoor play too.
-Price is excellent considering how good the gun is.
-Really good, I mean really good trigger pull.
-Plastic body (more down to reference because I think this is a pro)
-FPS is too high for cqb play but can be lowered.
-The stock man, it’s just not the best. It’s dooable but should be replaced by like a magpul pts stock or any stock of your choice. With the stock, it’s been poorly cut so it’s a— meh? It’s possible just mine.
- I don’t like the pistol grip too but that’s up to personal choice. I just fine the grip not that comfortable without gloves. It’s best to replace it too.
- This might be just my gun but the front flip sight can be a little hard to flip up but it’s not a big issue.
-At longer ranges it can be a little unaccurate but isn’t noticeable much.

Overall I highly recommend this gun to both new and experienced players because it’s very fun, very affordable and really worth it especially for the price. This gun is certainly more better than a combat machine in so many ways. This gun is also able to be easily upgraded like most M4s.

My suggestions are only to use a Lipo which I recommend on any Aeg, get a better pistol grip and stock when you get the chance and that’s pretty much it. And also make the gun look sexy, it might become your main gun. (If you want more information, just dm me on my Instagram Communist.succ).
by Chris F. on 01/31/2019
"Comes with one wind up magazine, vertical foregrip, RIS, and crane stock

Plastic body, only has a little wiggle at the buttstock. Feels solid for the price.
by Tyler P. on 01/31/2019
"This gun is freaking awesome,especially for the price.

Only thing is that I'm constantly scared I'm going to break it because it's plastic and not metal, but after after a few drops I realize the body is actaully quite strong

This thing shoots great, and hits hard. It's awesome.
by James D. on 01/20/2019
"I got this last week and I also had the previous generation. This new version with the G2 gearbox is awesome, great trigger response. Love it!
by Walter C. on 01/12/2019
"This gun is cool and I am new at airsoft so my review may not matter but this gun is awesome in my opinion.
by Jacob H. on 12/12/2018
"I recently bought this rifle just for the price. It shoots 405-415 fps, chrono tested... And shoots at 13-15 bbs per second, the rotary hop up is very nice and shoots beautifully, l have no problem with mine and plan to keep it stock until it breaks or wears out... The trigger response is split second a speed trigger would definitely be upgraded later on!!!
by Grag W. on 12/12/2018
"For its price this gun is good.
full metal internals
Decent rate of fire
good accuracy
goo fps

Abs plastic reeciver

overall for $150 this gun is pretty awesome
by Steve P. on 12/03/2018
"I've had it for a little while, so I guess I could call myself qualified to write a review.

Over all, if you don't mind plastic, this is a really good gun for the price. This doesn't mean it's bad, however. You're honestly getting way more than you're paying for, in my opinion. I got the "Go Airsoft Package" of this and it has everything you need from bags, 2 batteries, smart charters, and a nice red dot scope.

*Low price
*Low weight (for the physically weaker)
*Comes with a lot of gear
*Is an M4, so replacement parts, mags, etc. aren't hard to find

*Is plastic (if that would bother you)
*Can shoot too powerful for some CQB arenas out of the box with .2g bbs
*Costs money (hey, would be even better if it was free, can't lie :P )

You're getting more than you're paying for. Shoots 400 FPS out of the box (too hot for some CQB arenas).
I got more than I expected, which is always good.