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Krytac Full Metal Trident MKII CRB Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Black / 400 FPS)

92 Customer Reviews

by caleb h. on 03/09/2020
"I dont know if it's just mine. But my gun sounds very springy
by Zach W. on 03/06/2019
"I purchased this gun in black & 400FPS. My reasoning for purchasing this exact gun is because I wanted something powerful and reliable right out of the box for the Chechen Collapse MilSim West event in Camp Shelby, MS.

Prior to the purchase, this gun met my expectations with phenomenal reviews - both written and video - and demonstrated the capacity to handle such event.

I purchased the gun several months out from the event and had only run about two mid-cap mags through it (around 280 BBS). I was very worried my gun wouldn’t pass the Chrono test with the 11.1v LiPo I was using. Lone behold, IT PASSED.

I equipped this gun with a single point sling, vertical grip, and a 4x optic.

It performed exceptionally well in CQC. It performed well in CQC to Mid range. And not very well in long range.

I would highly recommend adding a tight bore inner barrel to this sucker and also swapping out the bucking and hop-up. You will then have a gun that will out perform everything else on the field with minimal upgrades.

Upgrades NOT required out of box
Great for MilSim events, but even for regular “tan v. Green” events
Proudly accepts 11.1v 20c Lipo
Very comfortable to hold in combat
Lots of compliments from other players

Could use tight bore inner barrel (but not essential)
Kind of heavy after a while, recommend using a sling
Right side fire selector is very difficult to adjust
Bolt - or hop up cover - makes an cheap sounding ring when bolt release is engaged

Several confirmed kills with this gun. Highly recommend to any level of airsoftee looking for a great AR style weapon.
by Pavlos P. on 04/16/2017
"Great gun pretty much my favorite of the 12 I own. I hate the keymod though.
by Lorin S. on 02/19/2017
"Great gun, but the end plate has sling loops on either side that bite in your hand.

It also has problems feeding BB's on semi-auto
by khalen l. on 02/06/2017
"This is a great gun for those not wanting to do a lot of upgrades to their rifle.

Out of the box it was shooting 360 FPS with a plus or minus of 4 fps.

The good:
This gun has very tight tolerances and the hop up is amazing. The internals are also beefy and the only part I would upgrade is the nozzle. I put in an o-ring seal nozzle and the FPS bumped up to 372 FPS.

The bad:
The barrel on this thing is terrible. There were gouges in the inner bore about 1 inch forward of the hop window. Also the crown was not even. I ended up lapping the barrel and re-cutting the crown. If you get this gun go get an EDGI barrel as they are pre-lapped and you will be a happy camper. Of course the EDGI barrel is calling for an R-hop so slap one of those in and 200+ feet will be calling your name.

Also the piston had a small chunk missing from it on the rail guides that look like a manufacturing defect.

Finally the screws in the motor grip are terrible as they instantly strip when you try to remove them. If you plan on doing any internal work on this thing I would make sure to get some extra motor grip screws that hold the plate on the bottom of the grip.

Conclusion: If you get this gun make sure you get an aftermarket barrel as the stock one is garbage. I would like to see these shipping with deans connectors as well. It's supposed to be a lipo gun but no deans connectors? If Krytac is looking at this upgrade your nozzles to an o-ring seal type and you will have the perfect gearbox. Also I see the prometheus barrels are cut specifically for Krytacs now so that would be nice to see those come pre-installed as well for a little price premium increase. Maybe a special edition? Also M-Lok is so much better than keymod. Please make an M-LOK defiance rail because I hate keymod. I wanted to use the Kinect quick detach M-Lok attachments so I bought a different rail. I would like to have the defiance rail with an M-Lok option.
by Shann D. on 12/30/2016
"The gun is great. Good accuracy for a m4. Automatic works very well about 20 rps like it says.The magazine I had trouble with.I tried to load it at first then it wouldn't get aBB in hole where the BB goes into the gun.Finally it worked some how.Later I was just spraying in full auto and tried to go in semi and it wouldn't fire didn't even make a motor sound.I switched it to automatic then semi then it worked again.But, the gun is really good. Great for wars.I was probably doing something wrong with the magazine. I've gone through 3 m4s and one broke on day one. This one I had longer than all of them.The price is worth it. Make sure to get battery included or wait a week.Best M4 ever!
by joe b. on 08/17/2016
"The gun preforms well, the range is okay. I would love to see it come with a black flash hider on the side so you can install it. Also you can only fit stick type batteries which bums me out. Other than that the gun is phenomenal and is better than most aegs on the market
by Kevin N. on 05/20/2016
"very good gun
good range

however, the receiver pin might not come off with the Allen key.
by Eric W. on 03/21/2016
- GREAT ROF out of the box
- Nice internals
- Shoots at CQB (320) with .25s
- Full metal but pretty light (for me)

- Does not come with an extra RIS rail (only reason I'm giving this a 4)
- Some mags are wobbly but still feed well

-I would get a Prometheus or Modify 6.03 barrel and barrel extension with it if you're gonna play outdoors
-It may have a MOSFET but I use a 9.6 NIMH
-You should get it now
by Jennifer P. on 05/31/2015
light weight
extremely accurate
looks 8/8
by Dondra H. on 03/12/2015
"I got this gun a while back and It's pretty solid. The only problems I had with it is
1 - The barrel was installed upside-down so the hop-up didn't work this is an easy fix, but still made me a bit upset.
2 - This may not be a con for others but it is for me: when you release the bolt-catch the spring makes a really weird sound not too big of a problem.
3 - Doesn't come with rail segments.
Here are some problems my team mates had with theirs.
1 - The parts are propriety.
2 - The fire selector on the left side it too hard to pull back so you're better off just using your other hand.
Well, enough with the cons here are some of the many pros!
1 - I've ran an 11.1 Lipo with well over 10k rounds and 0 problems.
2 - Pretty light weight and feels solid.
3 - Built in MOSFET.
4 - The best AEG gear box, hands down.
5 - Stock can fit almost anything.
by Richard H. on 03/06/2015
"I purchased the CRB and when it arrived I was very happy with the look and over all feel of it. I tested it with a 9.6 battery and thought the trigger response and ROF was great. The weight of it is very nice. It's not heavy and yet it feels solid and very capable. The finish is smooth and has a nice texture to it. The stock has a nice battery compartment and tue removeable tab is a nice touch to exterior mount a battery. I do like the hopup unit and the fact that its numbered and locks into place to keep it set. The hand guard is slim and I like the idea of not having a full rail to catch on your gear. I do wish it came with a couple of rails to add a flash light atleast without having to spend even more money right away.

My only real issue was that when I opened the box I noticed a ding on the hand guard with paint chipped off it. I called and emailed Krytac and Evike and was told by both of them that cosmetic damage on a brand new product was not covered. So I guess you can purchase a $325.00 item and they can just send you something that works but is scratched with paint missing and that's our problem. Funny how that works. So much for customer satisfation guaranteed!!
by Jennifer P. on 02/21/2015
-light weight
-full auto is VERY accurate
-accurate long rage
-Fuse blew within 2 times of using it
-Negative wire for battery fell out
by Ryan w. on 10/15/2014

Shoots very straight at a decent FPS.
Very comfortable to use with a well balanced low weight.
Battery Space that can hold 3 7.4 1000mah lipos and an 11.1 1000mah in the main cylinder.
Plenty of Rail Space
6 positions for the stock
ambidextrous friendly for shooting from both left and right corners
numbers on the hop up which are extremely helpful
integrated mosfet

Rail system will need keymod rail converters to add the usual attachments
Magwell can fail sometimes
by Nick V. on 11/13/2016
"I purchased this gun for a P* build and everyone always talks about how amazing quality krytac products are. When I first took it apart, the body pins were very hard to get out. When they finally came out i discovered they had rust on them! Brand new, off the shelf, top of the line gun had rusty pieces. Not a great start. When i try to take the motor grip off the cheap quality screws holding it on stripped! So i had to use a dremel to cut off most of the grip and cut off the heads of the screws so i could free the motor grip from the gearbox. Krytac spends so much money on rails, and internals, and a one piece upper reciever but then they cheap out on screws! If they had spent like $.03 more they would have saved me $20 and 2 weeks time on a new motor grip and $50 on a dremel. Rust on a brand new gun and easily stripped out screws... I expected better from Krytac.