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Avengers Tactical Spec. OPS MOLLE Plate Carrier / Load Bearing Vest (Color: Digital Woodland)

55 Customer Reviews

by Cameron D. on 04/11/2017
"Fits nicely, fully adjustable, but not a huge amount of MOLLE space.
The MOLLE is really by far the biggest issue.
This was my first airsoft purchase many a year ago and it was definitely a good investment (although i never knew it was a plate carrier until just a year ago or so because i was a young'n and i was shopping based on price and pictures).
the vest fits comfy but its rather small.
its incredibly light, so if you're a speedsofter, this is probably for you. (I'm not, i do milsim, which is why i use a cumberbund and a chest rig).
and its crazy durable and easily equipped and removed with some nice buckles on the shoulders and waist.
Definitely a nice first timer's vest, very good option if you'rr a stringbean phisique.
Would reccomend to a speedsofter or a particularly small or pettite airsofter.
by Kathleen S. on 03/11/2017
"Great vest for the intermediate player
by Lorri G. on 12/25/2016
"I just got the vest today, it seems like it is made of good qulity material my only problem with the vest is that i cant fit two mags in each pouch. Other than that its a good vest.
by jonathan s. on 09/17/2016
"great platecarrier, had it for a year, great for cqb and out door. only thing is that without a plate in the back, my back starts to hurt after awhile. I run it now with a foam plate in the back and emg plastic plate in the front.
by Ramiro R. on 08/23/2015
"Good for the price. Has pouches, can put patches on front top one.

Doesn't come with foam plates, it's a bit stiff without them.
by Ben S. on 06/11/2015
"Great for the price. I needed to add some zip ties to keep the mag pouches from slapping up while I run, but they were easy to adjust and fix that problem. One of the buckles up by shoulder took a BB and shattered but is still operational after applying some electrical tape. It is a better vest for CQB than outdoor play.
by Scott A. on 05/24/2015
"Very good overall. It has MOLLE, but the sides don't have anything on them, so you have less MOLLE space. Package includes the vest, a triple M4 mag pouch, a utility pouch, and a regular pouch with space for patches and a pistol mag

comes with accessories

doesn't have MOLLE space on the sides
by Rylee V. on 05/05/2015
"its a cheaper plate carrier but actually great for the price if you are just starting to airsoft i recommend it but does not compare to the Avengers JPC. i recommend getting that even though its an extra $25 but its worth it.
-worth it for the price
-comes with a utility pouch
-cheap fabric
-not all that comfortable
-terrible M4 mag pouches
-plates arent included

over all if your wanting to get a nice reliable plate carrier get the Avengers JPC, its worth every penny, comes with integrated M4 mag pouches, Plates, and is comfy this plate carrier is just falling behind on quality

for a beginner i give it a 5/5 a pretty good buy
for a more experienced player 0/5 a do not buy
by Peter H. on 03/06/2015
"For the price, this plate carrier is worth the money. You are getting a triple m4 mag pouch, admin pouch and utility pouch all for at a reasonable price. Now, when I rece mine, the pouches weren't properly woven through but that's not a problem. Just re weave it.

1. Good for the price
2. Quality is decent
3. Fits the best with foam plates
4. Highly adjustable.
5. Nice fit, I'm 5 foot 5 inches and it fits fine no problem.

1. Doesn't come with plates. Without foam plates the best flops around and doesn't fit tightly. I would highly recommend getting plates with this.
2. Can only fit 3 m4 mags. But that's plenty for me in cqb.

Overall, this is a great plate carrier for the money, highly recommended for anyone on a budget.
by Tyler D. on 02/25/2015
"So I've had this plate carrier for a while and its pretty good for the price. Here are some pros and cons of the item.

Fits mostly everyone
Comes with a lot of pouches (Mag pouches, Map pouch, Multi Purpose Pouch etc.)
Pretty durable
Room for patches

The vest doesn't wrap around your sides so it tends to jump up and down when running or jumping.

Some stitching parts come loose (a very minor problem because its normally like one thread)

Overall great plate carrier for the price
by Matthew B. on 02/10/2015
"The vest it self is alright. Adjustable for height and width of your chest, and hold armour plates securely. The "double mag pouches" are actually one pouch separated by stitches. They hardly fit my G&G midcaps. It would be an alright mag pouches, if you only wanted to carry 3 mags. Maybe it will stretch out though (thats what she said). The admin pouch is alright, attaches fine, holds a speed loader no problem, but it does not close so papers and stuff don't fall out, I do not know if that is typical. The pouch that comes on the back isn't really MOLLE, just a pouch with straps. There is no webbing on the pouch itself to properly attach the pouch to the vest, that said, it does attached. I literally just got it so I don't have anything to say on durability. The buckles are plastic, nothing too cheesy. This is one of those "get what you pay for" situations. However compared to my vest I got else where that cost $160 by itself, the quality is not even there. But again, it is a $35 vest.
by Dante W. on 01/03/2015
"This vest is truly awesome! Compared to higher quality vests this one actually holds its own very well. It is perfect for CQB and outdoor matches I would recommend this to any airsofter

Pros: lightweight and fast
Stitching is really good
Low cost
Cons: Not very adjustable
Mag pouches are a little stiff
by JOSE M. on 11/29/2014
"good vest protects your chest. only con is that its smaller then its shown.
by Brendan M. on 08/25/2020
"Its ok but already threads are coming lose and the mag pouches are very badly secured and hang forward with 2 or 3 STG 44 magazines in it.
by Cole W. on 01/08/2020
"Pretty adaptable fit, KWA M93r mags fit in the included mag pouch, AK mags, however, do not fit at all in the included mag pouches.