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G&P Metal 130rd Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / Set of 10)

45 Customer Reviews

by Jacob H. on 08/15/2018
"I bought these mags about a week ago and l just got them, they look, feel, and function beautifully. I only have one issue that l ran into, a couple of my mags dont fit in the mag well of my Elite Force CFR M4, a few of my friends tried it in their rifles, JG RIS M4, and another CFR. l bought 6 mags and 2/6 dont fit. They are extremely tight but the mags perform perfect they leave 3 bbs in the mag the dont empty out all the way... Due to not being broke in.

I would recommend these mags!!

They come wrapped in grease so they dont rust!!!
Just like the real ones!!
by Tyler F. on 07/29/2017
"Solid magazine, fits in my G&P evike AEG pro-kit (which is extremely picky with mags) and feeds great. love the finish on these mags but they are a little tight in my gun nothing to bad though
by ermelo p. on 07/04/2017
"I have had these mags for almost two years now, so I have decided to do a review regarding my satisfaction of the product. I bought 4 of these mags for my G&G custom EBB rifle.
Weight is good (light compare to my GBBR mags)
Easy maintenance
Metal Casing (durable)
When I got the mags, the BBs were double stacking so I sent it back. Evike worked on it and shipped it back. I was told to break em in so I did. I believe 3/4 worked pretty well after breaking it in.
The mags I had never fed to the last BB.
Overall: My satisfactory with my purchase was so-so. They're still around and working which is pretty decent. I just wanted to try these mags out and I did. You get what you pay for...
by Chris Y. on 12/16/2016
"Bought two of these for my APS M4 and Umarex Tavor. They are solid and well built, nothing loose. Honestly, some very high quality full-metal magazines. Loaded them up and sure enough they were silent as I shook them around.

My only gripe with these magazines is that because they are metal, there is a bit of deviation with their measurements. Of the two mags I bought, one slides readily into my Tavor while the other is a bit of a tighter fit. NEITHER of them fit in the APS M4; Upon comparison with a polymer Hakkotsu mag, it became clear that the G&P magazines were slightly too thick to fit in the APS magwell. Unfortunate, but not a waste at all. I'm very satisfied with the construction and operation of this magazine.
by Daniel F. on 09/10/2013
"These are great, cheap, reliable midcaps. recommend these for anyone who wants some very high quality metal mid-caps. did not fit my dboys 416 though.

Pros: Metal, cheap, reliable, 130 rounds

Cons: did not fit my dboys 416 D:
by Robby W. on 06/25/2013
"These are more effective than High-Caps. 130rounds is a lot, you can fire for a long time without reloading. People often buy mid caps for realism but these are also far more effective.

-They fit my gun (S&T Tar-21)
-Good Price
-130rounds is so much!
-Metal is really good
-Look Great

-Mine don't load all the rounds, 7 remain in the mag (I havn't lubed them yet but both mine do it consistantly)

Overall the way they don't load every round is sort of annoying but their metal and really high capacity which makes it totally worth it.
by Omar B. on 09/10/2018
"I had high hopes for this but its way to tight for an Echo1 416 and Army L85. Metal casing feels a little lighter than the CYMA midcap but at least its a true black color.
by Jason M. on 03/17/2017
"No problems with feeding on these mags, huge complaint is these are g&p and 2 of 3 I purchased didn't even fit my g&p gun. I had to spend about 30 minutes filing 2 of 3 to get them to fit. I didn't expect to have to do this to make them fit the same brand of gun.
by Jason M. on 03/16/2017
"I bought 3 of these and had to spend quite some time filing 2 of them down to fit my g&p CQB gun. I expected a better fit considering these are g&p and so is my gun. Other than the poor quality control on fit, these work quite nice, the all metal feels great.
by michael e. on 09/24/2008
"will this mag work for a kwa m4a1........................................................-
by Caleb P. on 07/28/2008
"I have had this mag jam up a couple of times, though it is built very solid. It fits well in my m15a4, no rattles or shakes. It does get two bb's jammed beside each other and wont feed often, but a couple of shakes, and hits will un-block the jam. Maybe i just got a dud w a soft spring, who knows.
by Rozwel E. on 09/03/2015
"I really, really wish I could give a good review on these, but I cant. External quality is good, metal shell, plastic insert. Good bit of weight if that's what you're into. For me, that's pretty much where it all ends. When i first purchased my G&P M4, it came with one of these mags. It was alright, but it had trouble feeding, especially towards the end. So of course, I thought to myself, "hey, maybe I just got a bad mag" and drove down to the Evike store with some friends. I asked if I could test a mag and they agreed, so I did and it worked well. I ended up buying one of the boxes of 10, and I will tell you this right now. NONE OF THEM FED WELL. Each and every one of them had the same feeding problems. They started double-stacking about half way through the mag and I'd have to drive some sort of stick or rod down it a few times before it started feeding again, either that or a really REALLY good slap on the side... or against a wall... That aside, they started having these problems pretty much out of the box and still do a year and a half later. They can keep up with high-speed guns though, I'll give it that. at times, you might have a hiccup with the nub that holds the bbs in, but filing or scraping that down a bit fixes the problem, easy.
-good amount of weight (could be con)
-good capacity (if you can use it all)
-trouble feeding
-weight (could be pro)
by Christopher M. on 02/09/2010
"I just got this in the mail today. Looks great, quality pretty good, but one problem:


I Have the JG Li-poly Ready Stubby CQB M4 Airsoft Assault AEG Pistol w/ Reinforced Black Metal Gear Box

So many it just wont work with that gun just sucks because now I have to save up for other midcap mag's now.
by Patrick S. on 09/07/2015
"Let me start put by saying that these magazines look and feel amazing, and that they are very durable due to the awsome metal shell. However u like their looks their internal build quality is impossibly horrible if you put more than three bbs in the mag it jams.
- external build quality

- every thing you could possibly imagine
by Tim G. on 03/16/2015
"They did not work in my VFC stricker. It says they fit VFC.. Had to return them. There well made but not for my gun. My rating is based on not fitting my gun .