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Dye i4 Pro Airsoft Full Face Mask (Style: Black / Thermal Lens)

36 Customer Reviews

by Matte G. on 12/22/2016
"Without question the best mask you can buy.

I bought 3 other masks before finally buying this one. Don't waste your money like I did trying to find a cheaper solution... it will cost you more in the long run... at least I have enough masks for a few friends to play without needing to rent gear now.

Never fogs, extremely comfortable. Worth every penny.
Warning ⚠️ Once you try these, you can't go back. 👍
by PJ J. on 09/10/2016
by joe n. on 09/02/2016
"Very modern modular design. Two stage foam forms around face well
even with low head band strap tension. Great visibility thru double pane
lenses that never fog. Easy to breath out of. Looks cool. Lightweight adds
to comfort during game play. Padding leaves space for eye glasses but
eye glasses can touch in inner surface of thermal lens. Have owned
three dye mask so far and plan on getting more.
by Walter S. on 06/15/2016
"This mask is the best mask you can get. Period.
No fog. I mean ZERO.
Easy to clean
Comfy :)
Low profile
Looks awesome
Interchangeable lenses
Ear protection + Good hearing
Did I say it looks awesome?

Price? (its worth it!)
by Nicholas B. on 03/22/2016
"Great mask! Light weight, no fog, and very easy to put switch out lens. When you get it though it's a clear see through lens, I got a blue ic for it and it looks amazing!
by Al L. on 12/31/2015
"When I got the mask, I new it was going to be great. This is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn. I have no complaints. Foam is good and lenses are awesome! Love the LE Powder Blue. To any Airsofter, I recommend this mask. People shouldn't be running just a pair of sunglasses or mesh googles. We need to enforce this. I used mesh lowers and googles with a pj helmet and they work great. only problem is the bb's shatter and get in the mouth. Other wise they work good. Dye masks are the way to go if you want quality, protection, and low profile. They are pricey but worth every penny.
by Michael F. on 06/26/2015
"Hello. I want to leave a quick review.

Extremely Light
Insanely Comfortable almost forget there on my face.
The Lens is Crystal clear like glass
You do NOT lose any vision to the left or right Wide view lens.
Quick change lens makes doing so a snap.
Most importantly of ALL is NO FOG NONE ZERO!!!
Price 139.99... but let me say now They are worth it. If you cant see how well can you play airsoft?? This goggle is without question better then anything I have Ever used and I have used Lots over my time spent in airsoft and Paintball.
Trust me this is worth Every cent of the money you spend.
You dont have it.....and if you do You will agree.
by Nicholas A. on 04/17/2015
"Hello fellow airsofters!

What can I say about this mask......... besides the fact that its ridiculously awesome.

The Construction:
The mask itself is made up of different materials described in the above description of the mask. Dye wasn't kidding on quality and durability, the plastic face cover of the mask is made up of a very durable and flexible material. The construction quality of the mask is noticeable once held. The straps are made up of an elastic material that mimics that of an elastic band but with a cover similar to cloth; like on most goggles. the earpieces are made of a neoprene material that feel comfortable resting on the ear. Now fair warning nothing can hinder frogging from occurring not even sprays and other items claiming that, however, dye has combated fog by making two separate lenses and numerous ventilation holes. This allows for fogging to be reduced and your voice to travel when talking to teammates or on a communications unit.

Overall Thoughts:

The price is a bit steep but as the saying goes pay now or pay later. I am stoked that I payed now this mask is great the lenses have a crystal clear view and the ergonomics of the mask makes sighting easy. I enjoy the full face protection of the mask and also the choices in color. If you can get over the price and enjoy full face masks this is the way to go.

Change your lens every year, the coating wears even with light cleaning

DO NOT USE PRODUCTS LIKE 409 or anything similar. JUST USE WATER, the chemicals in those products DESTROY the coated lens

The mask comes with bag so use it and store it in ventilated area such as your closet or room. NOT IN YOUR TRUNK or GARAGE, the heat warps the mask and the cold makes the mask brittle.

CLEAN AFTER EVERY USE: if you let the mask sit after an OP or game the lens can get damaged its better to take the time and clean the mask as soon as you get home from airsofting.

Enjoy and happy airsofting everyone.
by Victor Rodrigo M. on 03/28/2015
"I have been using this mask since a week ago and let me tell you its worth every penny!, it's really comfortable there's a lot of ventilation and theres no fog at all!

Overall 5/5
by Luis K. on 02/07/2015
"I bought this mask because its a great speedsofting mask looks cool light and never fogs. Great mask for the money.
by Brandon B. on 12/24/2014
"Worth every penny!
I bought this for op Bad Blood 2014 and this worked amazingly. No defog spray used.

Never fogs even when you sweat IN the mask
Seems like a helmet can be worn on top, but i'm not too sure.
Glasses fit perfectly but need defog spray to not fog either.
Very comfortable all around
Easy to adjust

Looks a little awkward because of its small frame
by Enrico C. on 08/06/2014
"This mask feels like a dream. This mask is the most low profile mask on the market today. The foam is extremely comfortable, it's very easy to breathe through the vents, maximum peripheral vision, and there is absolutely no fogging at all. Half the time i forget I'm wearing a mask. Unlike cheaper masks, you can actually hear and communicate on the field easily with the ear holes and large mouth vent with "scream" technology and the ear padding is extremely comfortable. I strongly recommend buying this mask, it's definily worth every penny. But, I would recommend wearing some sort of beanie because the wearer's forehead is often exposed (the chin and jawline as well). Nonetheless, this mask is absolutely fantastic. GO BUY IT.
by David V. on 06/25/2014
"I wish I could add more stars to this product, the I4 is simply the best mask I have ever used. period.

zero fog.

great visibility, I can even use Iron Sights if I want.

Comfortable, this is for me personally I like the way it fits I do have to wear a bandana as I sweat more then the foam can absorb, and my big ass ears press up against the ear protectors to much. but with the bandana all these problems are taken off the table.


zero fogging
easy to swap lens
awesome visibility
fits under some helmets
Tons of Replacement lens available


Very low profile some longer chins will be exposed.
Ear covers can hurt those of us with larger ears
The price is high (but I assure you not a penny is wasted on this product)
by Louis P. on 05/04/2014
"This is a really great product, used it many times over now and it has performed really well. No fogging of any kind when we played in the summer, doesn't get in the way of breathing or anything. Great protection overall with the sides as well for those nasty ear shots. If your head is a bit big then your neck and forehead is exposed but can easily be fixed by wearing something else with the mask.

Shoot by guns with over 400fps and hardly makes any marks.

5/5 Product! If you have the money, GET IT!
by Ryan M. on 01/07/2014
"This mask is fantastic. A lot if masks don't live up to what you believed they would be but this mask is actually genuine. There is no fogging. This mask fits very comfortably on your head and it is low profile so if you where a helmet (which I do) the combination will work just fine.