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Pre-Order ETA July 2020 Matrix Steel 2500rd Electric Winding Drum Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG by CYMA (Model: Switch Controlled)

38 Customer Reviews

by Kacey Q. on 12/10/2008
"Does anyone know if you can use this on a JG SVD Ak?

Webmaster: Yes. It will work for all JG AK series and other Marui compatible AK series.
by Jeramie C. on 11/28/2008
"By far the best drum I've ever had!!! Bought the King Arms Drum and I kept having to repair and reinforce it until finally it fell apart within 9 months. The only things I didn't like about this drum were the push button to get the mag to feed, so I simply removed the button and replaced it with a female jack and used a tape switch works GREAT, and the fact that you have to remove the back cover to load the drum, which you get used to pretty soon (just remember to stick a small screwdriver through the hole in the front of the mag to release the internal tensioner panel or you'll have feed problems). Overall a great buy, very durable, keeps up with my custom hi-speed Beta Spetznaz (1600-1800rpm) NO PROBLEM!!! Have already recomended this drum to everyone I know with an AK! Now if I could just get them to make one like this for my Marui G3, I would be a very happy Hunter.
by Josh H. on 10/06/2008
"I bought this 2 weeks ago along with a matrix AK47 Beta... the drum mag is AMAZING! looks so much like the really thing and the drum mags in war videogames. and the other person who another review is right, there is a little red button on the front that you have to push and hold to wnd the bbs. you will play probably 8 rounds and not run out of ammo, great buy, but my gun broke... anyone know how to fix a selector switch on an ak..???
by Alex C. on 08/11/2008
"This is a great drum magazine. It is the only one I have ever bought so I dont know how it compares with higher end products, but this one feeds perfectly. THe image does not show that the winding mechanism is a liittle red button on the front of the drum, and must be pressed and held to wind. I use mine with an ICS ak74 which initialy didn't not work with this mag. The back of the drum had a small removable plate that had a small metal tab that blocked the magazine from locking into the mag well. A hacksaw remedied this issue, and now the drum fits so perfectly that it makes no clicking sound upon locking in.
by James C. on 02/13/2017
"First one i bought broke after 3 games but i returned it and now it functions alot better hasnt had any problems since wish the gears were metal and reinforced but what can ya say i cant complain because it works does fit onto a standerd ak with some wobble but also fits cyma rpk with some wobble
by Lance C. on 09/27/2015
"This fit in my cyma RPK with only a little mag wobble. It kept up well with a 9.6 v battery, and I kept an entire flank of the field held down with it. The only downfall I can really see is how loud it is when it auto winds. You're not going to be ambushing too many people with this bad boy. I also tried it in an e&l ak-74u, and the fit was as snug as it could get.

Fit in Cyma RPK.
Great look.
Perfect for full on assault, and defense games.

Auto winding is loud.
Wobbles slightly in
mag well.
by Nick R. on 12/24/2008
"This drum mag is very decent for its money. 3000rd electric wind. External is all Metal, but the Internal is mostly Plastic, the push lever to the extra room compartment is right next to the wireing to the switch, so over time the push lever wears on the wireing and ive had to solder the wire back together. and ive never had a problem since. think the wires aren't conected well idk. Overall nice drum, keep up the winding it never miss fires. Also as it shoots fast and constant your battery well die after about 2 drum loads by the way.
by Chris S. on 10/24/2008
"This is an excellent drum mag. It works great and looks awesome. FYI, the reason the pictures differs from the product is because it is a different product. Evike sent me the UKArms drum mag as I'm sure they did with the other two reviewers. The funny part is they cut off the UKArms logo on the box so no one would ever know... but oops, the upc has is clearly labeled with the UKArms website. The only downfall is that UKArms uses the annoying red button. Oh well, nothing a little spray paint won't fix.
by Daniel W. on 05/09/2012
"My friend and I both own this drum magazine and there seems to be a number of problems due to cheaping out on the design.

The hotglue that they use is obviously not going to work with metal so i don't know why the used any form of adhesive, i just taped it down and it seems to work.

The wires inside are of a very weak gauge and my friends wires came undone so he had to re-solder them.

I don't know if it's just mine or not but the wire that has the pressure pad on it that plugs into the drum magazine on the outside well im not sure if it's supposed to snap in or something but as soon as my wire gets any movement it will fall out of the plug which is very annoying. Unless i tape it down which obviously i don't want to do but it seems like it is the only thing, the wire will fall out.

It does feed well though.
by eric p. on 04/13/2012
"good but my broke after 1 or 2 months

pros:3000 rds
fast winding
fits on my ak very tight and good

cons:bbs got stuck in the winding gears
loud when winding
50$ not too cheap

over all fun,good,but loud and bbs gets stuck
by Kalen W. on 06/19/2019
"This product right out of the box was failing to meet expectations.
It does not properly sit in the LCT RPK which i do understand that not all mags fit perfect and this was not a big deal-breaker.

However i have been running across issues from shoddy work.
- The gear that attaches to the motor was not glued properly and once any sort of torque was needed it failed in all regards.
* I did fix this by applying superglue to the gear and it has been working.

- The connection point for the pin to wind the mag broke after connecting it once.
* I will be fixing this with superglue.

Overall the product seems sturdy but from a out of the box standpoint unless you plan on having an understanding of a $60 Drum mag that does not work long out of the box, I could not suggest this to others.

And i do understand that this may have just been a bad one. But due to my "need" for it not long after receiving it i did put the warranty at risk for the sole purpose of having a functioning mag duing gameplay rather than wait for the exchange process.
by Peggy L. on 04/12/2019
"it broke the 4th time using it . i liked for the time it worked
by Ethan E. on 10/21/2014
"If your looking for a good gaming drum for your AK/RPK, look elsewhere. It's literally as functional as poop. The insides are hot glued, the wire snap easily, and the plastic gears inside strip, crack and tear. It worked in my cyma rpk for about 1000 rounds before exploding from the inside. Plus it fits with SO much wobble in almost every airsoft AK there is and hardly feeds well. However, even if broken, it still looks cool and is a nice movie prop/for show drum mag. Plus it's the cheapest ak drum out there. I still have it although broken for this purpose, and it looks badass in any AK.

1 star for functionality, 3 for looks.
by Keith B. on 10/20/2013
"I have two of these drums... and boy they didn't last long...not even a year and the main winding gear is broken in both....I can't afford to keep buying these products if they're just gonna bust.. the first one lasted six months.... the second one didn't even make it thru one single game day.... there needs to be a reinforced winding gear in these drums...first thing to go in a high cap mag is always that gear: posts on the gear that holds the winding spring always snap off leaving the magazine totally useless. $120 dollars dang near wasted: ouch... so where can I find a new gear to replace the many broken magazines I have
by Amy S. on 05/07/2020
"This auto winding is horrible it jams the gun and turned my ask into a shot gun this thing is terrible I will be getting 4 long mags instead of this because these will hopefully work better