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Colt Licensed Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Enhanced Li-Po Ready Upgraded Gearbox)

138 Customer Reviews

by Susan S. on 11/24/2010
"This is by far the best gun i have ever owned. It shoots around 420 fps, and is deadly accurate. It feels solid in your hands and doesn't weigh a lot. The only part of this gun i have a problem with is the battery goes in the hand guard. To mount a grip or a laser or flashlight you either need to rewire the gun, or buy a rail that attaches to the hand guard.

easy to maneuver
very sturdy

Battery in the hand guard (no under barrel attachments without an upgrade)
otherwise this gun is perfect

by shannon f. on 09/29/2010
"is the hop up realy as intense as you guys say it is?
by Max T. on 09/25/2010
"This gun is the best i got it for 150 dolloars because it was on sale its rate of fire for a jg is the best get this gun the rails are metal it has a nice range. overall get this gun
by Evan G. on 03/12/2010
"Excellent, lower receiver is metal, which is strange considering a real mp5 lower receiver is polymer. Did research and found that JG ordered the workers to produce a "full metal" mp5 and that's literally what they did...well almost, the cocking tube is plastic. Shoots approx. 400 fps out of the box. Extremely sturdy, cocking back the gun does NOT open the chamber, however the hop up is easily accessed on the left side of the gun. Fore grip is completely necessary to hold the battery. Does not fit in the RAS, grrrr, hate it. In the new model of this gun they made the lower receiver plastic and the room to fit the battery in the RAS. Overall, its an excellent gun, very accessible with other parts, I personally don't mind the 400 fps as a cqb weapon, neither do my players as we are not babies and cry over a bruise. Well worth the money for intermediate to advanced players.
by Chris D. on 02/28/2010
"This gun is modeled after the sweet HK 416 which is one of the wickedest looking assault rifles in the world. Quad rail and tight-bore barrel are both standard. I have the previous-gen that came with a non-ball bearing gearbox and a m100 spring, it shot 365fps out of the box. It takes all of the standard M4/M16 Marui-clone parts so upgrades are cheap and easy to find. I installed the typical internal seal improvements and a m110 spring which brought it up to a nice, game-able 385fps. It will put a lovely welt on anything within 75 to 100 ft. Ha Ha!

There are two downsides; 1. The gun is really designed for CQB, so the shorter barrel reduces the effective range somewhat. However, you can drive out the two pins that hold the fake gas block/sight onto the barrel and install a nice 6 or 8 inch-long M4 suppressor which will allow you to put in a 3-4 inch longer inner barrel which helps a lot. 2. the RIS quad rail looks killer, but it is not a finely machined piece, you will want covers for the rails unless you are painting it, in which case you can chamfer the sharp edges with a small file before you spray it.

The upshot of the CQB form factor is the lighter weight, and compact dimensions which you really appreciate gaming in the mountains with 30lbs of gear on your back. Be sure to spring for the Cran stock model, the balance is really nice, the PEQ2 model is way too front heavy.

The JG 614 is a solid choice that will punish your opponents plenty, but it is cheap enough that you don't have to worry about banging it around the AO while gaming. Great all-around weapon, I get lots of compliments from my fellow gamers.
by Joshua W. on 01/30/2010
"I got this gun a year ago. Its pretty awesome, but there are a couple things you'll want to note if you get this:

1. Get a 9.6v 1600mah battery and a peq2 box or battery pouch and fix it to the RIS. Ditch the vertical grip unless you really like holding it that way. The 8.4v standard battery sometimes isn't strong enough to pull the motor over and fire the gun. Especially if you've already used it a few times. Do yourself a favor and get a smart charger for your batteries. It'll save you money.
2. Extra mags are essential. Personally, I hate hi-cap mags but you'll burn through 90rd mid-caps fairly quick so if you go that route, get several mid-caps. I'm even thinking about the 2500rd drum.

Honestly, this gun shoots really hard for it's compact size. I view that as a pro, but some cqb places won't allow it.

Take care of it, and you'll have an amazing gun.

-Brandish spear and javelin against those who pursue me. Say to my soul, "I am your salvation."
by Dakota B. on 01/27/2010
"How do I get the orange tip off so I can put a silencer on? Anyway this gun is awesome I have used this gun in many matches and its great. My friends are scared of this gun it leaves bloody welts.

High Fire rate
Knarly FPS

Difficult to mount attachments
Battery is a pain in the butt to install.
Overall I give it a 5/5 and recommend it anyone to needs a highly powerful and durable gun.
by Matthew P. on 01/09/2010
"This is my first AEG buy, but after seeing what it can do I can't think of a gun I would like more. the thing is crazy solid, and it was almost scary to think of being on the receiving end of the barrel.

Pros: Fully Metal, High FPS, Realistic weight, pre-upgraded, Great price.

Cons: A couple little things that were easily fixed.

For a $150 AEG this thing rocks, I can't wait to get out to the spot and unleash this beast on my friends!
by Bob d. on 10/11/2009
"Very good gun. I give it 5 stars for range and the making. Its a beautiful gun. But if you are new to airsoft this is not wat u want. FOR 1 It is good becuse it has a range of maybe 200 ft with charged battery.2 the thing thats bad 4 me cuz my frens don play wit 400 fps guns but anyway do not underestimate its power. just a tip it does get bbs jamed but dose not effect ur gun except i shot it playfully at frens hand checked the gun mag barrel nuttin in it shot it to feel air on his hand and pow. he bled for about 5 mins at 1 foot from hand.
by Jeremy Q. on 10/05/2009
"This gun is amazing!!!! I have been through about 10,000 rounds with it and it hasn't failed me yet. The rof with the 8.4v battery is decent, but id recomend a 9.6v. The fps is about 390-430 with very nice accuracy. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by dimetrius b. on 04/01/2009
"I own three of these JG 416's. Here's the truth on this AEG without a doubt from target practice to 3 on 6 skirmishes with opponents with similar guns maybe just not the same type of teamwork.

My team of normally three ten year olds and myself have out shot/outgunned and even out manned bigger and older teams. We practice with this AEG and the CYMA Glock 18 auto pistol. I'll tell you what, after purchasing two of these and an JG M4 S system, we won over 90% of our matches with very few of my team mates ever getting shot!

Some answers from other airsofters: Is the barrel threaded for a mock silencer? Yes, but they are almost impossible to remove. Fix: buy a barrel 10" long and get an inner barrel 16" long. Add a mock silencer then this AEG will EAT YOUR OPPONENTS ALIVE WORSE THAN IT ALREADY DOES! I promise you. Add a lipo battery.
by Robert H. on 03/23/2009
"I bought this gun 3 months ago and have had no problems with it so far.
The only thing that I can find wrong about this gun is its battery. It is impossible to find another battery just like it and it does not hold a charge for very long. but you can find crane stock batteries that will fit. Besides the battery it had been a great gun.
by Cesar M. on 01/27/2009
"im still wondering......what is the point of a cqb weapon to shoot in excess of 400fps? seriously!? a couple of my buddies got it and yes it was an execellent weapon but the fps is too high for the role of this rifle. its meant to shoot from close range. You want the person to call hit. Not to ask for a bandaid for the sinking bb in his arm. I would reccomend this gun on the count that you get a weaker spring and a faster motor to really make it a cqb weapon

Webmaster: Yes, that's a problem we been experiencing like never before. As technology gets better and guns are engineer better, they shoot harder and are able to pull strong springs without much breakage. And everyone likes "good" guns out of the a solution we did is to carry weaker springs and show videos of how to put springs in. Check out our youtube videos. "User = evikecom"
by Jay G. on 12/26/2008
"this gun is the best gun i ever had
it was like 435 fps out of the box and made my arm bleed......ow
and its very cheap 4 such a good gun....and its AWESOME!!!!!!!
by michael s. on 12/12/2008
"awesome gun bought it last year and only jammed once, since then i lubed it and its awesome. The gun shoots about 415-420 but after a while goes down to 400 until u lube it. If u buy this gun get something to cover the battery case because if u suddenly get caught in the rain it will mess ur gun up.