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Global Vision "Windshield" Anti-Fog Full Seal Goggles (Color: Clear Lens)

31 Customer Reviews

by David L. on 12/02/2012
"Words can not explain how much I've benefited from these goggles. Although I didn't purchase them from Evike, I can say I have enough experience with them to give a fair review.

- These are very affordable.
- Due to the shading, these work very good for outdoor play between late morning and afternoon.
- I have these with a black lens, and gives a very intimidating look.
- VERY LITTLE to no fog with these. There are four plastic pieces that protrude out of the frame itself with small vents for 'ventilation', however, these are removable. You MUST remove these to allow four full openings in the frame, and thus gain the advantage of little fogging. The past reviewers must not have removed those pieces - it took me some few days to figure it out myself.
- On the top of the frame there's a small 'cutout' type area. I used a blade to create another hole in the frame that was large enough to fit a G&G aftermarket goggle fan.

- The adjustment straps are a little stiff compared to other goggle brands. Once adjusted they will stay in the desired position.
- These aren't as low of profile as other goggles.
- If you don't have a pair of goggles with a clear lens, you'll be SOL in low-light environments.
by Bubba F. on 02/19/2012
"I would definitely recommend buying these goggles if you are going to wear either, no mouth protection, or an Iron Face mesh mask. They have thick foam around the eyes for maximum comfort, and they also have a very wide field of view to look through. A recommendation when buying these goggles, is that when you receive them, there are vents at the top and bottom of the goggle's frame, you need to remove all four of them in order to achieve full, non-fogging because the vents are just too small.

Pros: Wide field of view
Very comfortable on your face
They don't fog if you are wearing the right gear and it's customized right (not very pricey for the right gear either)
Pretty affordable

Cons: Can't wear face cover-ups that aren't breathable, Ex: Neoprene masks, multiwrap, etc.
When they fog or get water on them, you can't wipe them off or it'll get worse, but then again, that's with all goggles.

If you can't stand fog, just go with mesh goggles or a Cactus Hobby or Rlux mask, Other than that, you shouldn't have to spend more money than this on goggles.
by Justice K. on 02/17/2012
"just got mine today i can hold them up to my mouth and breath in them trying to get them to fog... they wont every pleased with them i'm going out the field tomorrow hope they keep up the work great googles for great price very pleased!
by Joe R. on 01/17/2012
"These are great, they stop BBs, have a nice field of veiw, and are comfertable!
by Jeffrey K. on 01/17/2011
"Great set of goggles. They're cheap, protect your eyes and feel very comfortable. It does fog after a while, and condensation is a problem. I solved that by cutting lil' holed on the rubber so that it can get greater ventilation. The goggles are also a bit thick and protrude far of your face but thats not a real big issue. The greatest thing about these goggles are that they fit snuggly on your face with the wire mesh striker face mask :)

Overall, great product
by Ben S. on 04/14/2021
"These googles are good but they do fog up if you don't treat them with antifoam solution. I just use 2/3 cup vinegar mixed with 1/3 cup water and it works fine. Also, I'd recommend popping the vents on the top and bottom out as they are not very large and they don't help at all. They just pop out no need to cut or tear them out. Also, the lens is removable so do remove it before treating it with anti fog or you might warp the frame if you're using chemicals.

Wide field of view
Lenses are strong

Fog up if not treated with anti fog
Frame is somewhat flimsy
by Bradley W. on 12/06/2020
"Great goggles fit around most helmets very adjustable. Although during games they fog up pretty quick if you do not have the proper setup meaning that if your nose is exhaling in a certain way they will get VERY foggy. Otherwise %100 recommended by me.
by Jennifer K. on 06/01/2019
"These goggles are very good. They dont fog easily. Sometimes they fog if you sit in one place immediately after running. After awhile they start to fog. I think they do that because sweat gets in them. But over all VERY VERY GOOD GOGGLES.
by Eatone C. on 10/30/2017
+ Good price
+ Comfortable
+ Fits very well, even over my large glasses
- The anti fog is a lie.
- Oh god the fog is everywhere
by Aaron S. on 01/03/2014
"These goggles are worth the money!
I've used them in several games now. They do fog up, and sometimes badly depending on how hot or cold the environment is. I popped two of the bottom vents out of the mask, technically making them no longer full seal, but it fixed the problem and only gets foggy in high heat or high cold. My sister wore them today in -25*C Canadian blizzard while shoveling, and they didn't start to fog until the 25min mark, and my ski goggles began to fog soon after.

The foam is really comfortable on your face, and they will definitely stop a bb, you get a really good field of view due to how big they are, but if you are using a scope that is close to your face, it will get in the way. It's also a little annoying to wear a ball cap with them, as it tilts your hat up.
by Jeremy W. on 11/10/2013
"I got these goggles a couple of months ago and even though the product description says "Anti-Fog" mine still fog up quickly and badly. The only real issue to why it does is because it doesn't get enough air to circulate through them. I personally am getting some shooting glasses. Even though I wear prescription glasses, I can still see pretty well without them. I give these goggles 4/5 starts due to the fogging issue. Other than that one issue, these are good gogglesNow for the pros and cons

Does not block peripheral vision
Easy to adjust

Fogs up due to low air circulation
Difficult to aim down sights with them (May be just me)

That's pretty much it!
by Eduardo R. on 01/12/2011
"I bought these goggles about 4 months ago mostly because I needed goggles i could wear over my glasses and that wouldn't fog up. When I recieved them, I was suprised at how nice they looked although the build quality isn't really great. They fit nicely over my glasses and were quite comfortable. When in use, however i found that it was "anti-fogging" Also, while the smoked look is pretty cool-looking provide UV protection, it may not be the best kind of goggles for use in CQB.

Fit over glasses
Protect from UV rays
The look cool

Fogged up
Not reccomended for CQB

These goggles are worth the $20. There are better ones out there but these work just as fine.
by Christoffer A. on 03/03/2009
"Love this, but it haves only a 2mm lens.
but they are real comfortable to wear.
good for the price
by Jared M. on 06/27/2017
"Goggles, that work adequately

They fit well
Has great structural integrity - have been shot in the face and it saved my eyeballs
You can buy 2 of these for the price of other goggles

Fogs like no tomorrow
You'll need to change your goggles out every hour due to the trapping of sweat and fog with the goggles - just buy 2
Foam seal offers no sweat protection to your eyes

3/5 adequate goggles, nothing special

--Nurse Jared
by Akmal K. on 06/03/2012
"I have these goggles and I have to say they are pretty cool

Look cool
good for very sunny days
Very comfortable

Bad peripheral vision
Can hardly see indoors, cloudy days, and when the sun goes down
A bit oversized
Fog and scratch up easily