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COVID-19 Updates Online store remains open, up to 5-10 day shipping delay (Click for details) R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Large Metallic Skull" Mask

21 Customer Reviews

by Austin D. on 09/08/2011
"This is hands down the best mask I've ever played in, and I'm not new to this. It's durable, lightweight considering the mass of it, intimating, and never fogs up! I would pay for the shier intimidation it brings to the field; people will recognize you the next time they see you. Plus, you're completely anonymous, so mess with those noobs (I'm not condoning any inappropriate behavior or harassment).

Bottom line: MUST HAVE
by Jacob G. on 01/28/2011
"So i received this 2 years ago. And all I have to say is this is a amazing piece of equipment. The padding is very very comfy, and sits well with either shooting glasses, or regular prescription glasses on. I was shot very close in the eye, and the metal mesh was dented, but not punctured, so that alone basically saved me from going blind. Also this is avery imitating and gives you a super bad ass look. after a year it was very beat up, so I had my good friend, who's a professional artist air brush it and it looks even more bad ass!

Sick look
Big enough for other eye were
Dosent move or slip on face

by John R. on 01/19/2010
"This mask looks so awesome!......I opened it and immediately tried it on, it was everything I wanted. Great product, very sturdy, fits really comfortable.
by Wesley M. on 05/02/2009
"Wow. This mask is sweet. The mask itself is made out of fiberglass and the inside is coated with rubber to prevent the "fiberglass" smell. There are four pads on the inside; forehead, temples, and cheeks. The airflow is pretty good but a small paintball mask ventilation fan wouldn't hurt. It has a 5 point harness with elastic straps on the back so you don't have to worry about fitting it exactly. You can pull the cords tight and that's it, all you have to do is stretch it a bit and slide it right off. The color is off from the picture which is expected, but the one in the photo is darker. It also looks like they used a black paint in the photo as well, the mask I received has a reddish, rust color to it.

Anyways. AWESOME mask. (Period) Hah. Thank you
by thomas l. on 01/27/2009
"dude i love this mask the air flow is beter than i expected and it looks sick i can look down my mp4 no problem and the vision is realy good but takes some gettin used to the mask is padded on the in side wich makes it a load more comfortible than a paintball make wich i have be using before i got this make only down side is the nose wich is a little small for me but over all 5/5 (sorry for the bad spelling)
by Taylor W. on 12/08/2008
"It is the other way around, Jack. If it wasn't, every other mask by Cactus Hobbies would have a small version. Also, the only reason there is a small version of this one is because it's the original mold. They realized that it was too small for MOST people so they re-did the mold and instead of scrapping the smaller mold, they went ahead and used it so as people with smaller heads could use it.

Anyway so as to not simply be spamming, here's my short and sweet review:

The mask itself seems to be made up of some pretty strong materials, the mesh takes some getting used to if you previously played with ESS's, Wiley's, Oakley's, etc. But once you do, it's great. No fog means you won't be trying to air out your lenses every five minutes, as well as being fogless, the mesh is REALLY quite strong, although, when shot 1 inch away from the mesh with a 400 FPS AEG it tends to dent and chip paint. The mask is adjustable and pretty comfy, but on mine, where the nose is, there is a bit of mesh poking me, easily fixed with a balaclava or shemagh, but annoying nonetheless.
by Brian B. on 10/04/2008
"I have both the mask and the vest used in the display, both are amazing. The mask is like have a pillow to your face. I put it on and first thing I noticed was the vision ability your not as limited as most masks, and the eye lenses don't fog up on you. I had my brother punch me in the face with this mask on and the only thing i felt was my nose, but other than that it provides awesome protection.
by Jack Y. on 09/30/2008
"thanks for the clarification i thought it was the other way around
by Ryan Y. on 09/30/2008
"Wear a goggle under the mask if you have any concerns. But most outdoor games this mask is great! The bb even if shattered will still bounce off the metal mesh. I have been using a mesh mask (sansei) for years and havn't had any issue with bb shooting at it. But a little goggle inside won't hurt, considering it is still better than wearing a neck guard, visor, neoprene mask (that can get pretty warm).
by James C. on 09/30/2008
"The "small skull" is the standard size. The "Large skull" is the large size for people with a big head. I hope this clears that up.
by Jack Y. on 09/28/2008
"which would be considered more of a normal size the small or the large? i plan on getting thi s once i get the money but i dont want it to big or too small
by Daniel N. on 09/28/2008
"can these be used for paintball if you throw some glasses or gogs on underneath. Will a field let you use it.
by arthur n. on 09/27/2008
"these mask look good but are they safe like could the bbs go threw the mesh.
by Pierre M. on 09/27/2008
"Bruce, if your head is big like mine (normally can't wear most hat) then you want to get the large, or you can consider the smaller one. They fit good, there are some room for goggle between your face and mask at least on mine, which fits my goggle perfectly. Get the hero arms goggle here, they fit good inside the mask and comfortably because it has a band and its wrap around.
by Bruce D. on 09/27/2008
"These masks look awesome but do they fit like molded to your face?