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A&K / Cybergun FN Licensed M249 SAW Machine Gun w/ Metal Receiver (Model: MK-I)

312 Customer Reviews

by Kenneth D. on 03/17/2016
"@ nico, its most likely the trigger switch in the gearbox, a 10 dollar part thats simple to replace

love my SAW btw good solid support gun
by Nico M. on 03/17/2016
"This was an AMAZING gun but it after a few shots, it broke so I got it fixed but then when I shot it again it kept shooting and i didnt have my hand on the trigger and even when i turned on the safety it kept shooting so I took out the battery. How can I fix this problem?
by Matt V. on 03/17/2016
"DAM!!. It's a beast at 15 pounds. I love that i'm not gonna complain at that it feels more realistic.

Here's what a i bought-
1- A&k M249 Mk1
1-gemtech silencer
1-guarder black sling
1-m249 fake bullets ( like the one on evike both steel and realistic)
1- red dot scope with mount
1-box of bb's (50,000) almost done with those.
1- A&k Black Drum mag (winding much easier don't need batteries)

That's it it's awesome.


Con's:nothing couldn't find 1 thing to bitch about.
by Connor D. on 03/17/2016
"THIS IS THE BEST GUN EVER. It is FULL metal, pumps out 9 RPS with the battery it came with, gives you 360-370 at the chrono, and is perfect for cover fire. This gun will improve your body strength by a crap-load. Its so heavy. You just needa stay behind your squad, and fire at all of dem otha biches. Youl be raping with this mofo. The mag is SICK-NASTY good, and the regular m4 mag it comes with is good too (50rd, non winding.) The package comes with the gun, box mag, m4 mag, trickle charger, 8.4v battery and a 100 rd speedloader.
by Johnny L. on 03/17/2016
"The other sites that sells this rifle is the old version. And they most likely don't have a the nice gun case that you can't buy anywhere else. If you are thinking about a A&K M249, make sure you get the new version here!
by Zane P. on 03/17/2016
"very nice gun to own but the fps seems off to me but still nice gun to own
by David N. on 03/16/2016
"The A&K M249 SAW blows the expensive CA out of the water. I have put mine through hours and hours of hard use and it still performs like the day I first got it. Very, very reliable and worth every penny. Keep it clean and it will last forever!
by Yanni R. on 03/16/2016
"First, off this is an amazing gun. I've just recently bought the 9.6v nun-chuck battery and it increases the rate of fire by a boatload. Definitely buy it. The first point I want to make is how this gun is only meant for certain people. If you are the person that likes to sit in the back and lay down massive support fire, then this gun is for you. On the other hand if you are the person that likes to move up the field then think twice about this gun. This gun comes with the 2500 round auto-winding box magazine. With this you can basically SH$%T on your opponents. My over all statement is that you really need to think about how you are going to play before you by this gun or any other gun for that matter.

by Davis B. on 03/16/2016
"Why would anyone use a standard 30 or 68 round magazine on a SAW anyways....never tested, but even if thats true, it shouldn't effect rating on this gun simply because even a real SAW holds more rounds than that!

If you are seriously thinking about carrying one hundred 30 round standard magazine for this monster, I recommend not getting it at all.

The box magazine works great on this gun and I carry two A&K M4 hicap as back up or pouch filler (which I never ended up using because 2400 round generally last me all day and its very easy to refill the box magazine).

The sound control box magazine is crazy! It is simply amazing! Use it!
by Junro C. on 03/16/2016
"The new version by A&K have reinforced drum magazine, I believe that drum magazine issue was resolved a few months ago...
by Mike K. on 03/16/2016
"this gun rules, the fps right outta the box is very good, and the included battery is very good. the stock only fits a small battery, one of my leats fav parts about the gun, because my 11v 3300mAh battery is waay too big to fit in the stock so it's attached to the side with a battery pouch, which i feel is ugly... but the metal is VERY nice, as the only External plastic is the frond handguard/heat sink the stock, the grip part of the carry handle and the pistol grip. and all these parts are made of VERy sturdy high quality plastic. the box mag is great, and it weighs almost nothing when empty due to the all plastic build. it's over twice as heavy when filled up though, but it still only weighs a pound or so. the box mag clearly could have held much more, but for some reason only the top half of the box was made to hold bbs :\. also, the fill hatch on the mag is soo small, it's just easier to take off the side of the mag and dump in a bag of bbs. the sound control on my mag is screwed up tho, because i think one of it's wires came partway loose after the feeding part was jerked out when i dropped the box off of the gun. i have yet to run out of batt power on the box, and it only uses 2 aa batts, so no complaints there. sry the whole second half of my review was on the mag, but i could not fit my words for how much i love this gun into a small enough area. if you need a SAW or want a new toy to intimidate the neighbors, this is the perfect candidate 4 you
by Montana S. on 03/16/2016
"its awsom the olny prolblm i have see with it is that when you lift up the top to agust the hop up then the charging handle goes up a bit farther so then u cant close the gun then just pull the charging handle back and then close then let go then u are ready to rock and roll
by Brandi L. on 03/16/2016
"the guns is awesome, came with a chrome case, and awesome velocity. My friends all got jealous because they have M4's, and I dominated in ROF and accuracy. The box magazine works great, I had no feeding issues, and didn't have to reload. If yo uare a true support gunner using the motto we used in the Army ( Accuracy by volume) then I would suggest a second box magazine. I keep one on the gun, and one in a mag dump pouch I got from Evike.
by Dylan C. on 03/16/2016
"Geat gun A+++, the only thing that u need is hop up bucking and a strong sling,and maby a tight bore barrel.
by Joshua L. on 03/16/2016
"for one the m249 is not supposed to be accurate, in real life or airsoft. its only for surpession. This is a great gun for those who are trigger happy and dont mind buying bbs in 20,000 bulks. ive probably spent over 2k $ on airsoft in my life, and this is the best gun ive bought as far as durability goes. The bipod leaves alot to be desired seeing that it doesnt swivel left or right, i recomend just taking it off. The mag is great if you take care of it. Over all this gun is great, i recommend not upgrading this gun at all except the hop-up bucking. Thank you for reading.