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Prometheus 6.03 EG Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 455mm)

59 Customer Reviews

by Taylor J B. on 04/18/2018
"Great Barrel. As a machinist i must say this is a very nice bore and very nice finishes. Will buy again
by Cyrus M. on 12/11/2017
"This will fit exactly on a G&P MP5 . Awesome upgrade!
by Daniel P. on 11/23/2017
"This is a very high quality barrel. Paired mine up with a Matrix CNC hop up unit and the accuracy has improved a lot. Certainly worth the price! I will be buying this barrel again for future builds.
by Edney H. on 11/02/2017
"Very good inner barrel, increase the shot precision, even for a 9" AEG like the G&G CM 16 SRL, which fits perfectly.
Good choice for upgrade!
by Luigi M. on 10/01/2017
"My bolt br47 hop up chamber is a little bit open after the change. But shoots straight, much better than the original 6.0 bolt barrel.
by Jon T. on 05/08/2017
"Relatively easy installation. Along with a new bucking made my Krytac shoot further and have tighter groupings.
by Jack M. on 03/02/2017
"As of right now, the current whether has been crazy and I've only tested this inner barrel a few times, but I've got a good sense on how it performs.

This inner barrel is precisely machined and is very good quality. I accidentally bent my stock Krytac barrel and wanted a replacement that would work with my mock suppressor I had bought with an inner barrel in it. I shot it with the mock suppressor and without it and I was very happy with my results. My stock barrel was getting groupings up to about a foot or a foot in a half stock at about 150 feet or so, which is decent. With this new barrel I am getting groupings 6 inches at 150 feet, which I thought was pretty great. The mock supressor helped a tiny bit when put on with this. This is on my MK2 SPR.

If you're in need of a replacement inner barrel and you want to keep your stock barrel length, this option is fantastic. Only wish they offered a pre rhopped option for this, so you could squeeze a few more feet out of the range.
by fred b. on 01/30/2017
"major improvement over stock. the pdw is a great little gun for cqb. but it can be improved on. that's where this barrel comes in to play. bought 2 of these barrels. 1 for my sons pdw and one for mine. accuracy was increased dramatically and there was a small bump in fps. can shoot a dime size target 25 feet away. I saw 25 because that is avg feet at nearest cqb field. fps for my son's and mine pdw before avg 320/335 with .2's with new barrels 348/353. buying next a barrel for our spr's.
by Louis M. on 01/08/2016
"Running this through a VFC HK417 with a flat hop and m140. I'm hitting a torso sized target at 300ft 3/5 times. Absolutely recommend this to anyone trying to get the most out of their dmr. While the hop up is more important for long range shooting, a great barrel like this provides even more consistency to the system as a whole.
by Austin L. on 08/26/2014
"These are definitely fantastic barrels; they have an impressive polish and are very stable. They are fairly heavy, so if you want your gun to have more weight in the front, here's part of your solution.

But never again will I buy them. The grouping difference between this and a Modify hybrid 6.03mm is not noticeable until you shoot at 250+ feet, and the difference is hardly noticeable. Of course, that doesn't mean that this barrel is bad at all, it just means that the Modify hybrid is completely underrated. If you play field (like me) and want your gun to shoot the best it possibly can, then get this. If you're one of those guys who has three or more guns that you constantly use and want to upgrade their inner barrels without breaking your bank, get Modify hybrid barrel.s
by David D. on 07/03/2014
"Installed in VFC HK 416 CQB. Increased length of stock by approx 107mm, WOW what an amazing upgrade for relatively little money. The BB's rocket from the barrel like a lazer beam. Haven't chrono'd but dont expect any gains/losses of FPS but overall range and groupings increased a LOT. Just a heads up to any 416 owners running stock VFC hop up.....also purchased purple Prometheus bucking and the bucking will NOT fit. It's too thick. Confirmed with tech this is not a good matchup (prometheus bucking and VFC hop up.) Keep the stock VFC hop up which is good quality and fits perfect. Couldn't be happier with purchase of barrel. HIGHLY recommended. Best $50ish you can spend.
by Alec P. on 09/05/2013
"Tried over 6 kinds of barrels so far. This is the most accurate and requires the least cleaning.

Worth the money twice over.
by Grant L. on 02/18/2013
"I love Prometheus and Angel Custom barrels! It's a standard to have them in all my guns.
by Logan P. on 04/08/2012
"Very, very consistent barrel.I'm running this on a mostly stock CA M15a4, with a Guarder Clean Bucking and a Systema 120 spring.Accuracy is excellent.
by Jonathan w. on 05/21/2009

Tight bore barrels ARE NOT and I repeat ARE NOT guaranteed to make you gun shoot with a higher FPS.
In order to do so the barrel will have to be perfect without ANY slight circumference changes within any part of the inner barren!
I personally own this barrel.
I like it, and still do!
It has given my gun up to 180ft accurate range (I own echo1 aug)

BUT OVERALL considering the fact that he is not nationwide yet...this is an EXCELLENT BARREL for sure!!!!