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Pre-Order ETA August 2020 KRISS USA Licensed Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle by Krytac (Model: Black / Essential Pack)

39 Customer Reviews

by Corey S. on 05/31/2017
"I don't care what anyone else thinks about this an the krytac company I can't wait to get mine I've been waiting for something like this
by Marcello M. on 02/09/2017
"I'm from 2018 an have traveled back in time to give you an early review. It is a great gun. It feed very well and was consistent. The stock inner barrel is great, but I swapped it out with a 6.01 tighbore. The build construction is amazing, and feels very sturdy. I ran it with a 7.4 li-po no problem. Even though the price is a bit high at release, it is worth every nickel.
by Claudia C. on 02/08/2017
"this looks cool five out of three stars for awesomeness! yaaaaaay!
by Andew T. on 01/26/2017
"Great gun! Everything You'd ever want in a vector Aeg, accurate, and runs amazing with a 11.1 lipo.... I'm ordering a F1 for it now.... rip 12 year olds
by Mark M. on 11/19/2017
"Great gun, price is steep but hey it's a Vector.

Pros. Most everything about it.

Cons. 20 amp fuse pops after changing to DEANS plugs with 11.1 1300 mah battery. (fixed with a 25 amp fuse), easy removal and install from upper receiver.
by Brandon W. on 08/26/2017
"So I bought my vector back in April and waited for 4 months for it to arrive at my doorstep. I still waited excitedly and received my vector after the long weight. Here are my pros for the gun:

- Full lightweight polymer build of the body.
- Ergonomic feel that allows you to easily manipulate the gun.
- small size allows for easy maneuvering in CQB arenas.
- The acuracy is INCREDIBLE and will easily shine in CQB..
- It's a Vector...nuff said.

Now to the cons, which unfortunately....really hold the guns shining performance back. This one the Magazines....
Going into my first match with the gun, I found out I was dry firing 90% of the time. Apparently what the problem was, was that the Magazine had jammed. Now I had loaded the magazines before to test fire the gun. but not up to full capacity...
The magazine jammed due to using a speed loader, which the manual said was the proper way to load it, other than by hand. It's hard to admire this gun's performance when the magazines don't feed the gun BB's. The repair man at the arena said Krytac must have some stupid guys when it comes to making the magazine for this gun.

Personally I think I might have just got unlucky with BOTH of my magazines, but still, it's a problem worth looking into. All in all, I still say it's a stellar gun that was worth the wait. maybe not the money....But definitely worth the wait
by Christina L. on 07/09/2017
"backed up to august now? Is krytac torturing us now?
by Joel H. on 05/02/2018
"Your buying this gun strictly for cosmetics tbh and to scare new players lol, I have an evo and an arp9 and I can tell you that they both have a far grater trigger response and cost less, the vector does have the weight and beefyness that we all crave and that unique look but if you got an ichy trigger finger then don't buy it because you are probably gunna break it somehow, it does however have a safety switch to unjam the gearbox but that was probably a last ditch effort so they could hurry up and release this gun, now the things I am impressed with the gun for "stock" version it shoots at 275😐 But it has some pretty ridiculous Range for an smg and the rate of fire is at 18 ras
But for its last good thing is the cosmetics it resembles the real kriss vector almost identically with slight deviations but I don't think the gun is worth 449$ that's som bs tbh even the arp9 did just as good as a job than this thing for half the price so it makes you wonder where krytac took its time 😂 Purely cosmetics..... not impressed with my first krytac product
by Justin V. on 03/02/2018
"welp. not to be super critical here.

Bought one thinking Krytac stepped up its internals to the point where they can outgun G&P/Dytac/VFC out of the box.


Fps is everywhere on my sample of the 350 fps model. from 240-330 fps on .2s. Didn't think i had to void the warrenttee this soon. The range on mine due to the low fps was on par with most gen 2 combat machines. slinging .25s just out to about 170 feet. While some people will enjoy that. other people (myself) not so much.

BARRING that. the stock latch broke day 2 of owning. it. Warrentte covered that.

TLDR version. Its like a PTS masada. buying some nice externals, but average internals.... if you want a vector cool, if you want something amazing ootb. this isn't for you.