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KRISS USA Licensed Kriss Vector Airsoft AEG SMG Rifle by Krytac (Model: Black / Essential Pack)

39 Customer Reviews

by Jabon H. on 12/12/2017
"great gun has a good heft to it. Recommend this gun to all
by Tyler M. on 10/30/2017
"I got mine about 2 weeks after release and I can now say it's a true workhorse. I have shoved it in mud dropped it smashed it into walls fired thousands and thousands of rounds played an entire day in a downpour all without issue. It handles incredibly well and transitions to an off hand grip super smooth.

If I had any complaints they would be more like little nit picks. It over cycles into 3rouND burst on 11.1 lipo, the trigger response is super snappy but I find that when I try to fire fast in semi it doesn't fully cycle on some pulls of the trigger.
by Kevin B. on 09/15/2017
"Amazing gun, that is really all there is to say about it.

It is polymer mostly, however, the gun is hefty, so don't be fooled. It feels very robust though.

Trigger is very snappy.

Note: YOU CAN USE THE ODEN SPEED LOADER WITH THE MAGAZINES. You just need to push them in so the nozzle of the loader meets the hole of the magazine. Tight fit, but it works.

My biggest complaint is the battery compartment in the grip. It is tiny! You need to get a batter that is about 20mm long, 10mm wide, and 90mm high. The connector will eat up the rest of the space and you have to force the cap closed.

Another complaint is, in order to change the barrel/hop-up, you basically have to strip down the hole gun, just shy of opening the gear box. You have to separate the receivers, unscrew the gearbox from the lower receiver shell, remove the outer barrel before you can finally pull out the barrel and hop-up assembly.

If you are looking to remove the lower rail by chance (For the Helix Axum) you just need to get some leverage and hammer it out. It is on there pretty damn tight.
by Spencer F. on 09/05/2017
"So I preordered mine wayy back in January and recieved it the end of August, so Im presuming I got a 2nd batch release. This is important as they will probably be fixing issues from batch to batch, the more you hold off on buying one, the less likely you'll receive a lemon.

Im fortunate in the sense that I didn't receive a lemon. I've seen and heard stories of these breaking under low amounts of stress or under light use with a 11.1v lipo, fortunately with a 7.4 1000mah battery, I can say I've experienced nothing of the sort. Just took it up to a field this sunday and kicked ass with it, not a single problem. Even ran into another Vector user who has successfully upgraded his to have 3rd burst and higher trigger response with a 40k motor. My Vector chrono'd in at 307 with .25s

The majority of the gun body is real steel (or close to it) grade polymer, and all of the bits are metal and feel super sturdy. The trademarks are definitely a nice touch.

Basically, at this point I feel most of the issues have been fixed in the 2nd batch release that I got, so if you're not buying one because the horror stories, those are all first batch Vectors. Theoretically, ALL problems should be fixed in the upcoming batches.

Overall, a solid gun, perfectly replicating a Gen2 Kriss Vector (Albeit a bit pricy, the quality definitely shows)

Also. Mags are $24.99 and hold 90-105rounds, as opposed to the old KWA Gen1 GBB mags, $53 for a 40rder. This may not have recoil, bit its definitely the more logical route when it comes to getting and running a Kriss Vector on the field
by Blake L. on 09/01/2017
"The gun is super fun, personally took the stock off added a vert grip and it is just a blast to play with. Do not use 11.1 20c batteries as you will experience a large variation in fps, 3 shots on burst of which will have a bad grouping, also occasionally having a bb roll out of the barrel. I switched over to a 7.4v and it functioned perfectly. I believe you can use a 11.1v 15c 1200mah battery at max before you will experience issues. Also I noticed the mags are under a lot more pressure than other mags, I pushed the bb release tab to empty a mag and they flew across the room as opposed to the usual 3ft launch I get out of my others. Also when loading the mag with speed loader go into it at 45 degree angle to dis engage the bb release tab and load much easier.

The good
- Great accuracy up to 200ft.
- Trigger pull is short and snappy.
- Decock spring and cut power from battery in safety.
- Extremly compact with stock removed.
- Sturdy and well built, feels and looks high quality.
- Quick switch spring is a breeze.

The middle of the road.
- A bit heavy for cqb with stock on.
- Cannot exceed 11.1v 15c 1200mah battery.
- Aesthetics, its a love or hate kind of thing.
- Short battery cable will make switching to deans harder.
- Price

The ugly
- Void warranty by switching spring, even with the quick switch.
by Andrew C. on 08/30/2017
"Insanely good gun.

-Feels good to hold and shoot
-Burst fire (Though it supposed to be 2 round burst, fires three for me)
-No wobbly parts, feels very sturdy
-Very close weight to the real steel
-Insanely accurate
-Iron sights that come with it are not bad at all
-Small travel in trigger pull
-Gun decompresses spring electronically when you put on safety
-Mags feel sturdy and feed well (3 BBs at end don't feed but that's expected)

-Battery compartment is a little small but manageable with a small amount of stuffing. No real way around this while staying true to the design of the vector.

As soon as I got it, I threw a red dot on it and a vertical grip. Will be my new primary CQB weapon from now on. Cannot be more satisfied. Great job, Krytac!
by Ricci M. on 08/18/2017
"How did we go from August ETA to October...I preordered this thing in June and it still hasn't shown up...
by Andrew V. on 08/18/2017
"Ordered this gun back in February and finally got it in yesterday. Hype for the gun aside, the Vector performed beautifully right out of the box.

-Polymer build is very high quality, built to take a hit while still being lightweight
-Insanely accurate, even under its very high rate of fire
-Two round burst makes follow-up shots easy
-Light trigger pull
-Hop-up wheel has numbers and notches for easy adjustment

This was well worth the wait. Krytac made sure that this gun not only met expectations, but surpassed it with quality and performance. My only potential gripe with this gun is that it only came with one side rail and that putting in the battery can be kind of janky, but there's no drawback to its build and performance. If you airsoft frequently enough to justify purchasing a gun this expensive, it's worth every penny.
by Alan P. on 08/09/2017
If you are to buy only ONE AEG in your Airsoft hobby or keep only one AEG in your aresenal, this gun should be it! One drawback is that the magazine should have been designed with an extended follower to feed all bbs. Hopefully, Krytac is listening. Other than that, this thing is close to perfection! It's made with high grade polymer and MAGIC!
by Ricci M. on 08/08/2017
"Whoever keeps saying it was pushed back due to more changes, it wasn't. It's pushed back because there are so many preordered they have to wait for multiple shipments. Literally, you're gunna be waiting in line for these to get shipped to their warehouse and then shipped out, in order, to customers. Once they run out of units, they have to wait for more and that date will likely go back another month until they fill them all. It's all worth it, though.
by YEUNG KI K. on 08/07/2017
"I actually played with this gun, after making fun of the delay date, I finally realized what is holding them up.

1. It i super god damn accurate using a trident MK2 gearbox, so it's super accurate like the negav in csgo.

2. With all the essentials with the whole "lazer accurate" gun, Krytac tried better and better by trying to mimic the krytac's leaning back bolt. This means the piston is tilted, which is a nice comparison to the real vector.

all to me, i got alot of things unexpeted. One of my friends hooked me up with this gun for a while, and I really have got to say, This gun is a supper accurate, low profile, good build, krytac, vecotr, and a cqb approved gun.

I rate it infinitly out of 10, because there is no better gun then this krytac. Must buy for professioals who really want a masterpeice of your favorite hobby.
by Brandon H. on 07/16/2017
"Will be the first time I use an AEG... HPA for days... not surprised it was pushed back to next month... the amount of work out into this one will be worth it instead of a copy & paste like other airsoft guns are. My only question... Will Hi-caps be released?
by ian b. on 07/15/2017
"To be released august thirty first
by Ty L. on 06/07/2017
"I'll get the spray paint ready, Galaxy seems like it would be good.
by YEUNG KI K. on 06/03/2017
"Seen this in the shot show. Will buy it no matter what. I hope theirs a reserve system on evike system.