Equipment Checklist

We’ve compiled this list to help attendees. Please note some items are optional, but the more you are ready the more comfortable your experience will be.

#1: Be ready to have fun. Rest well the night before. BE ON TIME! Show up in the correct uniform.
#2: Bring your waiver. If you are under 18, make sure to bring your Guardian to sign the waiver. You will be treated just like as anyone else, like an adult.

Clothing Checklist:
0 Squad uniform
0 Hat/Cover
0 Combat boots  
0 Belt
0 Gloves (Recommended)
0 Knee and elbow pads (Recommended)
0 Neck scarves/protectors

Morning Assembly Checklist (Mandatory - staff will check at inspection):
0 ANSI-rated or better Eye Protection/Paintball Mask (Full face cover recommended)
0 Red rag
0 Rules compliant magazines for AEGs (Box Magazines for SAWs only)

Field Gear Checklist:
0 Watch (IMPORTANT!)
0 Web Gear / Tac Vest
0 Camelback hydration system (preferred), or water.
0 FRS/GMRS radios with fresh batteries (if your unit is using radios)
0 Spare batteries for all electronics (radios, flashlights, red dots, etc)
0 1st Aid kit
0 Compass
0 Snack / Food / MRE

Weapons & Ammo:
0 Primary AEG
0 Secondary AEG (Recommended) 
0 Sidearm
0 Magazines for sidearm
0 Scopes, red dots, etc.
0 Weapon Sling
0 Holster for sidearm
0 BB's of your desired weight
0 BB loader(s)
0 Batteries for all guns
0 Spare Batteries for all guns
0 Battery connector adaptors
0 Gas for guns
0 Gun maintenance kit (tools, silicone spray, cleaning rod, etc)