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Matrix 110rd Waffle Type Polymer Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG Rifles - Black

9 Customer Reviews

by Aaron P. on 01/11/2014
"Recently bought these, and used them yesterday in a game. And they feed great, hold 110, and will be purchasing more, as only 5 is not enough in 1 hour games.
by William T. on 01/11/2014
"I bought a set of 5 and these are great, I have a JG Brand AK and they are LOOSE in the mag well, but they dont misfeed and asmall strip of Electrical tape makes them fit snug in the well.

Overall though great look and great buy! I want more!
by Kasey C. on 01/11/2014
"These mags are 5 star. I owned king arm mags in the past and have had problems with misfeeds and jamming problems. These mags are great. Worth the price. Super thick abs plastic with a metal bottom plate. Have had no problems with these at all. I bought 3 sets of 5 mags and every single one has worked flawlessly.
by Jim R. on 01/11/2014
"It took a few trys to get this mag to work, but as soon as it did this mag worked great. It looks great, isn't too shiny, feels very strong, and feeds amazingly.
by Gabriel P. on 12/27/2013
"Great Mag, I have 6 of them for my Echo 1 CPW and they fit in great as if they were made for the gun. Didn't need to break these in and they always feed flawlessly. If your thinking if the quality of these mags are good they're great mags and the polymer they're made out of feels nice. I recommend these mags for any AK user looking for good lightweight mags that can take a beating. Been using them for more than 8 months and they still feel like they're brand new.
by Ross C. on 03/19/2017
"There is a textual difference between these mags and the one that came with a G&P AK I bought, they are a tad more flexible, have injection points showing along the spines, and use two springs instead of one. Besides that, the four I bought feed well and hold the same amount of rounds as the factory mag. The differences are small enough to go unnoticed if you're not actively looking for them.
by Tjay M. on 12/11/2015
"Decent mags. They fit Echo1/RifleDynamics Ak 700 very well.

Resistant to dropping even though they are made of a light weight plastic.

A little dab of Silicone oil inside each one provides flawless feeding.

Silent like all mid caps.

Easy cleaning, especially if you go the lazy route and just use a pipe cleaner.

Only Con would be the durability of the latch that locks into the mag release. It's sectioned into two halves and one or the other may break fairly easy, making the mag pretty useless. So on that note, be a little more gentle when loading a new one into your gun.
by Chad L. on 02/12/2016
"Unfortunately for this magazine, which may just be a lemon of the bunch; will not fill more than 70 to 72 bbs in the mag.

I've put some silicone oil in it to see if it's just getting caught up or something of that nature, but no luck.

I've also noticed that the magazine has low tension in the spring which leads to a slow feeding..

Other than that major complaint, the magazine looks cosmetically pleasing and sturdy.

While I may have issues with capacity and slow feeding, the mag does work with the bbs it can hold and with a standard build; full auto works as well. I couldn't see my magazine doing any moderate speed build though.
by Jacob R. on 05/18/2016
"I just picked up one for my team's AKs, when I tried to test it, it would not feed any bbs. When I opened it up to see if there was a jam, I noticed that there are actually two springs in the magazine, this caused the spring tension to be extremely low, making it unable to feed. Hopefully I got some strange magazine, and the others aren't like this.