APS Advanced AK209 Tactical AK74 Airsoft AEG Electric Blowback Rifle

APS / Hakkotsu44272
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ID: 44272 (AEG-APS-ASK209)
This gun has a muzzle velocity rating (FPS) between 366 and 500, and is compliant for export to Canada.

5 Customer Reviews

by Connor W. on 08/08/2015

Got this gun back in the fall of 2014 as an intermediate AEG rifle, the only thing that impressed me the most...would be the tactical look and power behind it. I won't lie, this gun is powerful. Shoots around 425 with the strongest spring included (.20g). HOWEVER...I find the unreliability of mine to be outstanding. Granted, I may have just gotten a lemon of a gun, but it still makes me wonder if the 209 itself is just bad. I digress. Before I go into pro/con, keep in mind that it may not accurately reflect on the other AK209's that other people have and that mine may have been just plain bad.

-hits hard
-dual battery capability
-sufficient rail system
-high ROF
-detachable single point sling mount included
-grip included

-gearbox reliability is finicky (may need to upgrade gears)
-electric blowback tends to get stuck at half-cock
-for some reason my m4 stock tube wanted to rotate freely
-having two batteries connected at the same time may blow a fuse
-hop up is kind of difficult to move if you have bigger fingers (located inside the chamber)

Overall, it was good while it lasted. It fell short of it's true potential and would think twice if you are looking at this gun. Looks are not everything.
by shulianne t. on 12/11/2014
"this is a fantastic ak i run an 11.1 15c lipo from matrix it used to be around 15 rps @ 400 fps now i made it into a DMR with semi-auto only i installed a matrix magnum torque motor and i have a lonex piston and a m130. the trigger response on this is awesome when i used the chrono before disabeling full-auto it was 22rps @ 490-500 fps the stock bucking is really nice and it also has a nearly perfect airseal.

i recomend this ak to anyone beginer or advanced player, even when this rifle was stock i hit 4 out of 5 quartars from 20 yards away, this thing is dead accurate, with the 6.04 stock barrel it is really nice you could get a 6.01 but you really don't need to. its just awesome, get this and thank me later.
by Lance C. on 09/28/2014
"Having had this for just under a month and having gone through it inside out, I think I can give some pre-skirmish impressions. Overall I'm very pleased, especially as someone who likes to take my guns apart, but the devil's in the details.

Meh. Receiver appears to be steel, everything else is pot metal (magnet test). Came initially with wobble in the lower handguard and the stock. Front/back and side/side wobble was eliminated by just tightening up a screw on the front lower handguard ring, and the remaining wobble was easily eliminated by padding with tape/velcro. Upper handguard actually had no wobble because it is held in with an extra thin metal ring, which is a bit unsightly but effective in ensuring there was no wobble on this piece. One thing to note is the upper handguard cannot be replaced with the ring (you can put it on without, but there may then be wobble, again, velcro/tape) without unscrewing the handguard fixer, which is no big deal really. The magwel is pretty loose. You'll likely get wobble on most standard AK mags, though less so on pts/bulgarian style mags. I addressed this, again, with some velcro padding inside the magwell. Doesn't eliminate all wobble, but reduces most of it. Note that even with wobble, I haven't had feeding issues. The extra magwell lip is a nice touch and easily removable. Some people may also be fans of the modified mag release, but I found it pretty pointless personally and replaced it with an old standard trigger guard I had lying around. One last nitpick that shows in the pics as well, this does not come with a fake cleaning rod and the front side/gas block are not sufficiently ridged to hold one, so there's just a lonely hole on the front grip.

Probably a point of concern, but the electric blowback is actually very simply implemented and can be completely disabled without even getting out the gearbox. The hybrid gearbox has a slit in the spring well that a blowback plate screwed to the charging handle fits into so that when the piston flies back, it will push the plate back as well. Disabling the blowback is just a matter of unscrewing the the plate from the handle and sliding it out like a dust cover button. I didn't bother, since it's already pretty unobtrusive and actually helps reinforce proper thumb placement when shooting off-hang holding the mag. Note that if you bunch up your wiring and don't push your stick battery all the way into the upper handguard, the charging handle can get caught and not return to closed position after a blowback, which is annoying but doesn't impact operation.

Takedown and Internals
This imo is a big strength of this gun over a lot of other BLOODYSCREENSOREAL metal AKs out there, but it could be seen as a downside for realism or people who want a gun they can play catch with without damaging (not me). The trunnions are kept in by hex screws instead of rivets. Again, a plus for me but probably not for most people in the market for an AK. I like being able to break the whole thing down like an old marui AK, which is a sharp contrast to, say, my E&L, which is pretty much unassailable without risking some serious damage. Online shop pics for the gun depict it with rivets, so maybe I got a special snowflake, but placement of the grub screws on the rear sight block suggests they expect you to be able to remove the entire front assembly to get out the gearbox (second grub screw on the bottom without room for even horizontal access).
Actual internals are surprisingly good. A big draw for this gun is the hybrid gearbox with the quick-change spring. It's pretty sturdy, and if it weren't for the awkward way they shaped it for EBB (basically, there's two dust cover button slits, and the actual dust cover button is non-standard and goes on a non-standard slit) I'd be getting these to drop into everything since the quick-change not only makes it easy to adjust for power, but it's one less pain point for putting the box back together. Quick note on the spring guide, the bearing's metal but the guide itself is a tough plastic so that's something worth replacing, regular spring guides should work with this just fine though this one has more teeth. Again, YMMV but when I cracked it open, other than greasing that made it look like it was assembled in a KFC, everything checked out for being able to run at least an m120. Gears were beefy steel and shimmed well. AOE was good too. I did not check airseal. Wiring was un-soldered type. I didn't address the hopup/inner barrel, since I plan on replacing those anyway, they look bog-standard stock, however. Overall, it seems pretty solid.

So overall impressions: solid for the value, but not for everyone. All the bells and whistles like the quick-change spring (comes with a spare M120 and M110, or at least mine did), magwell guide, etc. etc., makes it worthwhile. Though, at the same price point, if you're just looking to get a first gun or something you can shoot stock for cheap, a CYMA or JG would probably be a better proposition as you can probably get something equivalent of this in the quality spectrum for cheaper, just lacking the APS perks like the hybrid gearbox and whatnot. For me though, this is about as close to an ideal cheapie to tinker with and turn into a monster as I can get, only personal downfall is externals could have been better quality. Everything else is great.
APS Advanced AK209 Tactical AK74 Airsoft AEG Electric Blowback Rifle

APS Advanced AK209 Tactical AK74 Airsoft AEG Electric Blowback Rifle

The AK74, Russia’s answer for a rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge similar to that of the NATO 5.56x45 cartridge. Developed in 1974 by Mikhail Kalashnikov; the new modernized rifle chambered in the 5.45x39 offered better accuracy and improved reliability over the already successful and very reliable AK47/AKM rifles.

APS brings us an airsoft adaptation of the AK74 rifle with even more modernized features such as an integrated top rail for mounting optics, an M4 style crane stock and buffer tube to allow the operator to adjust the length of pull of the rifle, an improved mag release for faster reloading, and a light weight polymer railed hand guard to attach additional accessories while at the same time cutting down the weight from the traditional wooden hand guards.

The all new APS Silver Edge Gearbox utilizes a unique polishing technique to remove burrs and surface imperfections from the gearbox shell. This polishing leads to an incredibly smooth and even finish that will reduce friction and lower the gearbox load. These improvements lead to a more efficient gearbox that will use less power, generate less wear, and allow for the smoothest cycle possible for enhanced performance as well as greatly extending the life of your gearbox.

The APS ASK209 is equipped with G130 spring resulting a 430 FPS (measured with 0.20g BB) right out of the box. The rifle is equipped with both front and rear wiring for front or rear battery options which is innovative, convenient, and powerful!


  • Aggressive Styling
  • Dual Battery Wiring System Allows the Use of 2x Batteries at the Same Time!
  • Full Metal Receiver
  • Integrated Metal Top Rail for Optics
  • Low Profile Front and Rear Sights
  • Polymer RIS Front End
  • Tactical Foregrip included
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Built-in Tactical Magwell for Fast Reloads
  • Retractable Crane Stock with QD Sling Swivel
  • Redesigned Mag Release for Faster Reloads
  • Ergonomic Selector Switch; Change Firing Modes with Trigger Finger
  • Full Metal Silveredge Gearbox with 8mm Bearings
  • Low Resistance Nickel Trigger Switch
Length: 860mm-950mm, Adjustable
Weight: 3900g
Inner Barrel: 410mm
Magazine Capacity: 500rd Hi-Capacity. Works with Matrix, G&P, Tokyo Marui and other compatible AK Series Airsoft AEG Magazines
Muzzle Velocity: 390~430 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
Gearbox: Ver 3 Full Metal, Fully Upgradeable
Motor: Short Type
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Vertical Grip
Battery: Small Butterfly Type recommended for Stock Tube / Stick Type recommended for Receiver (Wired to Upper Receiver and Stock Tube with Small Tamiya Connectors. Battery not included)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable

Manufacturer: APS

Note: When using dual battery wiring it is recommended that both batteries have the same voltage and chemistry (ie. two 9.6v NiMH, or two 7.4v LiPo, etc)

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