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by Tim H. on 2016-02-09 16:28:37
"Love this pistol, the only bad thing is, be prepared to spend alot on c02, im only gettin a mag and half outa one cartridge, and if you dont load the mag just right (because it is a double stack mag) it will miss fire and you will have to cock it back to fire again, but other than that i havent had a pistol that is this accurate, or balanced, its pretty sick, i would recommend this gun to any body who has a savings account just for c02 lol
by Bruce M. on 2016-02-06 09:38:37
"Great gun. Works flawlessly and is accurate. Functions smoothly and never malfunctions for me, and feels great to shoot. I would resdefinitely recommend this gun to anyone because of its quality.

The only downside is the mags. To be completely honest, the mags are crap. It comes with two mags and a spare seal but after about 200 shots through each of them both of their seals broke and leak like crazy. If the manufacturer is reading this, please just add another 10 or 20 bucks to the price and make some quality mags so people don't have to keep buying spares
by Scott G. on 2016-01-17 23:26:57
"i had mind for 2 years now it never let me down shot faster then most Green gas pistol cant do for this type of pistol your getting the power and range then most pistol that are green gass cant get love this and easy to take care of put one drop of oil inside where you put your co2 once your set for the whole day then
by Antoine P. on 2015-12-17 12:00:41
"This is a really great gbb (you got all the pros from the other reviews), but the only con I have is that the plastic gas nozzle will break.

At some point after some kinda heavy use the gun stopped feeding, and I thought it was a problem with the magazine for a long time and I have wasted several CO2 cartridges testing it over and over, until I decided to try cleaning out every nook and cranny of the gun (I thought maybe it was just dirty). That is when I took out the plastic gas nozzle and noticed a long crack going around almost the whole circumference of the cylinder with only a few millimeters to go, allowing me to easily split the thing open.

Word oughta get to APS that they need to make a better nozzle for this and stress-test it to make sure it can take heavy use such as rapid fire. In the battlefield, I don't have time to wait between shots to go easy on my gun. Getting rounds down range are my priority and the only thing I should have to worry about happening to my gun is running out of bbs.

In short: Awesome gun, but the gas nozzle is a weak piece of crap that just isn't tough enough for CO2.
by Jordan S. on 2015-12-05 18:55:12
"This gun is amazing. Works like a charm. But, the reason i gave it a 4 is because of the free mag. I shot a few loads through it and then it just quit working, but i still have another that works. I definitely recommend this pistol to anyone.

-range (just as far as my aeg)
-feel (heavy)
-hard kick for an airsoft gun


That is about it in the cons. Overall, i recommend to anyone looking to buy a good gbb pistol. But do yourself a favor and buy another mag.
by Joseph T. on 2015-11-27 19:55:04
"I got this gun and already it needs to be repaired. My firing pin (the metal that engages the co2 valve on the magazine) was made of aluminum and broke into three pieces. I only blame APS for this fault, I recommend buying a WE-Tech firing pin that one is steel $11. Note I haven't upgraded it yet but the pins look identical.

The gun itself is pretty amazing both looks and performance (before the pin broke), it has great accuracy, came with two mags, under $100, unbelievable distance for a handgun at around 330 FPS.

Co2 powered so its easy to find gas for a lot of people.
Blowback, nuff said.
Quite sturdy, doesn't wobble too much.
Has a great feel to it, very realistic feeling.
Has great range.
Came with two mags.
Barrel has inner threads to mount and adapter for a mock silencer.
Its $100 (when i got it).

Aluminum firing pin broke on me, I recommend replacing it with a steel one.
The wheel located in the firing pin assembly can catch the upper receiver, but was never a problem when shooting it.
Co2 is put in a different way than normal co2 pistols (upside down) and the screw will take getting use to.

Closing Thoughts: Its a very lovely gun, but I am a bit annoyed i have to replace something that shouldn't need to be replaced.
by matthew L. on 2015-11-19 19:10:08
"THIS GUN IS AMAZING!!!!!! The blow back is smooth, the material is sturdy, and I love it. Mine came with a tight bore barrel in it. How cool is that.

the co2 is a bit tricky to get in but you will get used to it.
by Ethan P. on 2015-10-24 08:34:27
"Amazing gun, for the single magazine that it shot properly. After firing 1 mag in my backyard, when I pUT in the second mag and fired, the blowback slide goes all the way back, then stops about 1/2 way when going forward. I then have to push the slide back forward the rest of the way. Makes it like using a spring pistol. Would not recommend buying it.
by Victor S. on 2015-10-16 16:50:31
"First off this pistol feels AMAZING. Looks great too, sights work out nice in dark indoor games. Co2 system takes some getting used to but whatever aps is doing with it makes the kick on this gun feel great. Don't do what I did and try to take out co2 when it still has some in it you will crack your o-rings. Use the co2 release button on the back of the mag to make sure its empty then remove the co2. Gas consumption is pretty good too, you get about 2 mags from one cartridge so about 50 rounds. Give it a good cleaning when you receive it! Take the acp down and wipe off all the grease, lubricate with silicone oil after, put it together and you're good to go!

Looks and Feel
Hard Kick
Co2 System
Comes with 2 mags + Extra O-Ring

Wobbles when no mag is inserted (not that big of a deal)
Sticky grease inside
by Kyle W. on 2015-10-15 21:16:43
"This gun does NOT shoot 330 fps.(shoots about 380-350 thru first two magazines full of bbs.) The magazines leak very easily, also the mag gets extremely cold very fast. I would not recommend this gun to any cqb players as you will not be able to use it at most fields. However if you play milsim this is a good gun because it shoots hard and has great kick.
by Joshua R. on 2015-10-06 15:46:31
"This gun is AMAZING!!! Because this gun is a generation 2 ACP, APS has fixed some bugs from the ACP Gen 1. This gun is gas efficient, I don't see any bleeding from the slide or open breech!!!! The package comes with 2 mags each worth 25$ so technically this gun itself is only 50$. (Or 80$ Without the sale.) This was my first co2 pistol and it outperformed all of my AEGs in range!!! For those of you who are complaining about faulty mags or hard screws remember you can google the problems. I researched extensively and knew this gun inside and out even before it came to my door. It does indeed come with instructions. 10/10 would buy again.
by Khryztien C. on 2015-06-12 21:26:13
"Don't really know what the fuss is about with the gun/mags for the gun everything works for me.
+Solid pistol
+Crisp metal slide
+$99.99 is pretty nice with the extra mag
+glow in the dark sights
+metal(con for some?)

Just remember to lube the mags frequently and the gun when it needs it.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 33 reviews)

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