Reviews: WE-Tech Full Metal "Big Bird" Airsoft GBB Pistol - Black

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Model: GP-WE-BB-BK
Location: U13-021 L8-T11 WSO8-L06

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by Max B. on 2014-06-13 15:38:32
"Overview: Overall a good GBB pistol by WE Tech. It has a nice kick to it, the accuracy is great, gas efficiency is nice, realism is amazing, the price is right, and it is very comfortable to hold and shoot. The downsides are the pot metal screws for the inner barrel and hop up assembly, and the sights, which are fine, but nothing special.

Pros: kick, realism, accuracy, comfort, gas efficiency, price

Cons: pot metal screws, sights

A great buy, and in my book, better than a Marui or KWA. I have NOT had any issues with full auto or trigger lock up.
by gabe s. on 2014-06-03 14:42:10
"I don't know what everyone else is talking about. I've had this pistol for about 4 months and not a single thing is broken or failing. The accuracy is fairly good and can easily hit a man sized target at 75ft, but is capable of hitting man sized targets at 100ft.(Keep in mind this is a pistol we are talking about not a rifle) The pistol looks and feels great, it if very solid metal and very solid plastic. The magazine hasn't leaked so far and even after dropping it on concrete from waist height.
by sam r. on 2014-04-17 10:38:53
"I can't honestly recommend this gun to anyone. Our airsoft group had 3 (one of which was mine). Quick breakdown of how they performed last season:

Gun #1 (Dark Earth Version): Preformed flawlessly with frequent use.

Gun #2 (mine, Dark Earth): Multiple failure to loads right out of the box. Bought a new nozzle for it and it worked for roughly 10 magazines before starting to burst fire. Despite multiple attempts to fix it never worked properly and was sold for half what I had into it.

Gun #3 (Black Version): Was firing 2 round bursts. Got sent back and the new one was fine for a little while. It would burst fire but my buddy counted that as a bonus. The slide got clanked on a door and the slide CRACKED IN HALF. The gun was sold for parts and the owner of gun #1 bought the magazine and a few parts from it.

There seem to be a lot of reviews posted by people who have just got the gun about how "awesome and 1337" it is, but this gun simply does not stand the test of time, and there are much, much better offerings on evike then this gun. WE simply did not come thru with a serviceable pistol, which is a shame because the real gun is fantastic.
by Jacob B. on 2013-09-22 00:53:41
"I bought two of these bad boys since I'm a real big fan of the Smith&Wesson M&P Series. Overall the gun has a solid feel and represents its real steal counterpart very well. (I own the .40 caliber variant) There are no trades on the slide. The ejection port has 9mm engraved into it. The grip also has WE trades as well.

- Great Feel and Functionality

- Same Take down as real steal

- Very Hard Kick and Extremely LOUD!

- Glow in the Dark Sights, lasts a bit

- "Tight-Bore" 6.03mm Barrel pre-installed out of the box (Not the TIGHTEST tight-bore on the market)

- Hop-up is easy to adjust and doesn't require an allen key

- Runs pretty dang hot on green gas, probably not legal on most fields, Would Recommend Duster or HFC-134a instead

- May double fire due to the high pressure of the gas

P.S. - Throw on Talon Gun Grips and it will take your Piece to the NEXT L E V E L!
by Christina M. on 2013-09-04 17:33:04
"This gun is made out of some of the worst pot metal I've seen. A piece from the outer barrel broke off and it happens to be a high stress area. also the slide release got stuck after I took off the slide to adjust the hop up. The piston head shredded and now the whole thing doesn't work worth a damn. Bad build IMHO! Don't buy this gun! Also the hop up arm that activates the hop up was bent making the bbs pull to the left :/ Very disappointed with WE TECHS quality one this particular GBB. *SIGH*
by Mitchell G. on 2013-05-24 14:10:59
"This gun is very cool. It's my first pistol that I've bought and I am happy with it.

Starting from the top of the gun; it has 3-dot, green dot, combat sights. They are better than white dot or no dot sights in my opinion. The slide is a nice metal but I think with more use it will chip, but it will give it a weathered and used look. Next are the internal parts of the slide. The outer barrel is metal and seems to have little to no wobble. The inner barrel is a WETech ultra precision 6.03mm tight bore barrel. I think its cool that they added something more to it and didn't leave it bone stock. Overall, the upper half of the gun is solid and near perfect. I will admit though, that the hop up is in a weird spot. In order to adjust it, you have to remove the slide from the lower half and then put it back. I only had to do it once but some others might have to do it more.

The lower half is mostly polymer. It has a solid build and no parts to make it wobbly. The only worry I have for it is that the trigger seems like it might break. Its a two piece trigger with a small rod to connect the two pieces. Other than that, no worries.

The magazine is 95% metal with the only pieces being plastic are the lip where the BBs get shot out of and the plate at the bottom.
by Jeremiah S. on 2013-04-11 21:25:55
"This is an amazing gun. If you are looking for a realistic training pistol, this is the one! The interchangeable grips are nice to have. Also the underside rail is great for a flashlight or laser. Overall a great gun! I totally recommend it!

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