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CAA Licensed M4-S1 Carbine CQB Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

9 Customer Reviews

by Adam G. on 09/29/2013
"Hello airsoft community. I have written a review on this gun before, but that was when it was brand new out of the box. Here's an update to my opinion on this m4:


*90% metal; the rest is very durable polymer
*Has a functioning bolt-catch system, which must be used to access the hop-up.
*Super-realistic feel and look
*Descent fps of around 390
*Has a comfortable range and a nice spread---
^accuracy note^ - It isn't straight-line one-hole-on-the-target accurate, but shoots
well enough to get around a half-meter spread at 200ft.

*Has a very comfortable, ergonomic hand grip
*The stock is adjustable, rather comfy, has an adjustable cheek rest (which is removable), and also features a compartment for batteries (that you could also use for anything you want, like cigarettes if you smoke or something) The stock also has a rail on the side for whatever it may be that you'd like to put there.
*Includes removable flip-up sights (front is not removable)
*Features a customizable rail system that allows you to take off certain rails and put them somewhere else.
*The selector switch is easy to move (a con if you want something a little more tough to feel sturdy).
*It has licensed trademarks on it, making it look even more "official" and threatening. (On the 'threatening' note, don't brandish this thing in public.)
*The magazine is extremely sturdy and holds a fair amount of bbs (about 350 rounds), while looking really cool.
*Flash guard is removable (It's a 14mm negative thread. For those of you who don't know, it means "righty-loosey, lefty-tighty"). *REMOVE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION*
*Eligible for discounts (I got mine for $220 instead of $260).
*It has a shorter barrel, making it more compatible for CQB.
*This is the sickest-looking gun I own.

Now for the bad stuff...


*Doesn't some with a battery (requires a 9.6v small type, butterfly type. The correct recommended battery is in the description).
*The battery compartment is the most difficult thing on this gun - you gotta have some wicked finger- muscle to get it off, and put it on.
*The magazine misfeeds sometimes, but it won't strip your gears if you're using the appropriate bbs. However, your gears WILL strip if you dry-fire it excessively. That's a no-brainer for all AEG's.
*The magazine also has an annoyingly tight fit in the chamber. You kinda have to have a little muscle to switch mags.
*If you don't like a heavy gun, then that will be a con for you.
*The stock fell off after some time, but that was just a loose screw. To fix it, I took the stock off by pulling the lever DOWN ALL THE WAY instead of up, and I just pulled it right off, leaving a pole for a stock. After that, I took a standard screw-driver, and screwed in that loose screw, put the stock on, and it was good to go. And if you want, you can take the rubber butt-pad off to get to a screw that holds in the strap-hook.

Over all, this is a pretty decent gun. I would cry if anything happened to it, just as I said in my previous review. The only bad thing is that the compartment is hard to handle and the mag has a tight fit in the chamber. But those are just little things that can easily be adapted to. It's worth the money I spent. Highly recommended.
by Adam G. on 08/09/2013
"I just got this gun about a week ago, and I already love it. It has a really awesome look and feel when you hold it.


*Very realistic feel and look
*Removable back sight
*Full Metal Gearbox
*Functioning bolt-catch system W/ hop up (I really love that)
*Great quality high-cap high strength mag
*Adjustable stock and cheek rest (cheek rest is also removable)
*Removable flash guard (It's a 14mm negative)
*Eligible for discounts


*Doesn't come with the battery (It needs a 9.6v)
*The magazine has a very tight fit in the chamber (It's not that bad, though)

I would cry if anything happened to it. It's downright amazing, pros heavily outweigh the cons. Highly recommended.
by Eric W. on 06/22/2013
"I got this gun about 3 months ago and it is by far my favorite aeg that I have ever shot. It shoots 380+ out of the box with .20 gram bbs. It has a good solid build and almost no wobble whatsoever. The one thing that happened with my gun is that the cut off lever did not function properly and so I had to get a new one. The gun is pretty light which is good for CQB so you can move around faster. It is extremely acurate out of the box with a CQB length barrel. I was shooting a foot tall and 6 inch wide target at 75 yards every time. Overall a greatgun
by darion w. on 11/27/2013
"I have to say, I love this gun...

I got this monster about 7-8 months ago and I'll say I'm impressed.

-Metal body and gear box (not hand guard, grip, or stock)
-sturdy overall, stock wobble was fixed with a screw driver and a little electrical tape around the buffer tube
-awesome precision; little spread, especially compared to JG and CYMA builds
-Bolt catch: makes hop up adjustment so easy
-stock, period; it makes the gun -=feel=- heavy but the battery compartment and cheek riser are pretty handy
-the RIS is nice, has the option to have long rails, short rails, or no rails

although I love (_3) this gun, there are some cons (and this isn't necessarily a pro or con but the gearbox has king arms branded into it...)

-stock came off, but only needed to be screwed back in by removing the buffer tube cap
-chamber was a pretty tight fit for the stock high cap, although this is not the same for after market mags (with my experience)
-piston broke after 12000 rounds, tooth broke off and I guess disintegrated
-after some time the trigger response was off/delayed

That's what I can think of for now, hope my review was helpful. Most of the cons listed are fixable, you don't really have to hesitate on buying it.

(P.S: your gonna need some finger muscles to put the battery in)
by Peter O. on 05/02/2013
"Overall, this gun is OKAY. It does shoot about 360 fps with 0.20g out of the box. It has a good rate of fire and the overall feel of the gun is solid.

Nice look and solid metal
Good fps
Good rate of fire

Selector switch is plastic and NOT metal. It feels weak compared to my Classic Army and KWA guns
Battery is in the forward area and hard to get to when you attach the bottom rail
Magizine fits tight into the chamber

Overall, for the price I paid ($220), it is a good gun. Durability will be the next test.
by Eric A. on 08/19/2015
"I bought this Gun about 2 years ago, I have not have any internal problems. The only problems were really cosmetic. The Stock came off, I had to screw it in twice, There is no room what's so ever to fit a battery since it is in the Hand Guard. You Have to Buy Li-Po... Not included in the Box.

Looks good
FPS is balanced so you can Play Indoors and Outdoors
It is Full Metal, At least most of the Gun
Polymer feels great

No Battery Room
Stock fell off... Twice
Gun becomes Front heavy if you use Flash Light, PEQ Box
by Ryan K. on 10/21/2014
"I bought this gun awhile back and at first i was in love with it! I went to my first outdoor game with it and it was doing a great job great rpm great distance then after my 3rd or 4th time reloading something went terribly wrong inside every 10th bb would just fall out of my gun and the rpm went wayyyy down. so i called up evike and they told me a few things to try none of those worked. then to ruin that day on the field the screw that connects the buffer tube snapped in half and messed up most of the stuff inside the gun. when the stock hit the ground that also broke.

super cool gun
best for indoor use
looks good
a little heavy
comes with a cool mag and a cool stock

cheap screws something was wrong with my internals hopefully it was only my gun
it was just kind of cheaply put together
by Patrik L. on 11/04/2014
"I got mine yesterday and i was very exited to test it out but when i was about to shoot, it didn't worked. it was something wrong whit the hop-up and more. Im sending it back and have to wait 2 weeks more to get it back again ;( I hope it works then.
by Kathy P. on 01/19/2014
"BUYER BEWARE: My friend and I both bought this exact same gun, and both had problems with our pistons being stripped. Mine will shoot one BB for each five pulls of the trigger. Currently sending it back, and will give an update as to how it turned out. As for my friend's gun, it shoots beautifully (after being sent in for repairs twice). It looks great, feels great, and performs better than many "name-brand" AEGs that I've shot. Here's a quick list of pros and cons of this gun:

Mostly metal- the parts that HAVE to be metal are.
Adjustable cheek rest and six-position adjustable stock.
Pretty good rate of fire and is accurate at about 120 feet.
Very solid gun as of yet (I abuse my guns pretty badly during games).
Flip-up iron sight. NOTE: The part you aim through can be spun around. DO IT.
Nice weight, not too heavy, but not in the least bit light.
Dust cover will stay closed on this AEG. Many fling open, this does not.
Auto-winding mags fit in this gun.
Side and top rails!!!

Huge orange flash hider on the gun that doesn't want to come off. Reverse-thread.
The battery is put inside of the front hand guard and is a very tight fit.
Only the $30 Matrix battery for hand guards will fit. Nothing else will fit.
You have to unscrew the bottom rail to remove the battery (don't put it on).
Sensitive selector switch- will move ever so slightly when running.
Storage compartment in stock is very difficult to open. Breaking it in takes forever.
My stock fell off after about a week. Easy fix for anyone who knows airsoft guns well.
Had to send my gun in twice in order for it to be as awesome as it is.
The mag that comes with the gun broke on both my friend's and my gun. Oh well.
I don't like the one-point sling, I need both.
Tight fit for the magazines- recommend the G&P High RPS 130rd Mid-Cap Mags.
The handle on the box is very weak- mine broke off (not with my gun in it though).
The battery is exposed to the elements, small openings on the rail it's in.
Hand grip finger slots don't really line up with my fingers at all.
Very sensitive hop-up. Spend a long time getting it in the right position.
Not enough pros.


Pro tip: Shave off the front of the bottom rail where it hooks to the gun- you can use it then. Not recommended unless you plan on keeping the gun. Have someone who knows how to use a saw to cut it off, and a carpenter's knife to smooth off the edges.